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G.O.S.S Chapter 320: Roja and Law!

Although Roja and Sentomaru weren’t friends, they knew each other due to some missions.

“Really… How come you are so slow?”

Sentomaru blamed Roja for arriving late. Even if his boss was here he would say the same thing.

Roja shrugged and said: “What are you talking about while you only have these two in front of you.”

Sentomaru looked at Roja with a little surprise as he said: “Are you saying you already solved the others?”


Roja answered lazily.


Sentomaru almost vomited blood. He couldn’t help say in madness: “Then how come are you saying that there is only these two left?”

“That’s because…”

Roja stopped a little and said: “I made the straw hat escape and caught the others.”

This sentence made Sentomaru stiffen. He shook his head helplessly and said: “It seems like the Rumors are true… But anyway, you take care of these people.”

Sentomaru didn’t have a good impression on the Celestial Dragon, it can be said that no Marine has a good impression on them, because they treat the Marines as their watchdogs.

Roja turned his head and looked at the distance of Kid. Kid looked at him anxiously.

“With a bounty of 315 million, the captain of Kid pirates… I heard that you killed a lot of civilians and slaughtered an island.”


Kid calmed his face and looked at Roja coldly. There is cold sweat on his forehead but his tone was cold as he said: “What about it?”

However, as his voice fell, Roja grabbed his sword and swept it toward Kid.


The air suddenly swayed as if the void itself was moved.

The sword seemed extremely slow but no one could speak the careful before it reached Kid.


From Roja to a thousand meter ahead, a deep gully appeared.

All the pirates including Kid couldn’t really react and were directly crushed.

The gap between them was too big. There is no resistance at all.

Roja looked in front of him and said indifferently: “It’s not good… Killing innocent people.”

Silence fell on the field.

It can be that Roja was half serious when he came here. But just that half serious attack cut the island number 13 in two.

Sentomaru’s mouth twitched while he felt a headache before saying: “No matter how energetic you are, cutting an island in two is really too much. It seems like the rumors are true. You like to mess things up…”

Roja ignored Sentomaru and continued glancing at Kid’s pirates.

The pirates were scattered, so they weren’t affected by this attack, but their expressions were filled with horror.

“One hit…”

“Cut… Is this a joke!”

“Captain Kid…”

The pirates were stiff as they couldn’t express the fear they were feeling. They didn’t have the courage to escape.

Seeing this, Roja was too lazy to catch them. He used the Haoshoku to make them faint directly.

Then he turned toward Trafalgar.


Law saw Roja turning toward him and felt a great weight crush on him. He screamed as he was about to faint.

Law’s crew was filled with cold sweat. It was as if they were going to the toilet in the middle of the night and suddenly they saw a ghost, that same feeling.

It was extremely difficult for them to move a finger.

“The Death Surgeon, Trafalgar… How should I deal with you?”

Law looked at Roja since Roja appeared Law didn’t speak. He was silent and no one knew what he was thinking.

Roja didn’t care about Law’s reaction. Instead, he stood there and said: “Your fruit ability is really good, it would be really a waste if you were killed, what do you say?”

Upon hearing this, law who had been silent finally spoke: “Do you… Want to have eternal life?”

“Eternal life…”

Standing in front of Roja, Sentomaru’s eyes changed slightly. Apparently, he had heard of this ability before.

Under everyone’s gaze, Roja shook is head.

“No, I don’t need it.”

It was amazing to hear about immortality, and Roja just said he didn’t need it.

Even Law was stunned.

Roja’s eyes were dull, it didn’t seem like he was joking.

In Roja’s view, the Ope Ope No Mi ability to grant Immortality was after all a devil fruit’s ability, so it has some defects. Whether it was sea water or Kairoseki, there should be something that will make it stop.

It would be unstable to gain the power of eternal life through a devil fruit. If the devil fruit disappears, what will happen to him then?

Roja didn’t want to rely on the devil fruits to get stronger or live longer. He only believes in himself.

That’s the reason why he didn’t eat a devil fruit until now. Otherwise, with his ability, he could choose any devil fruit he wants.

Even though Sen Maboroshi had absorbed a devil fruit, it won’t really bound him to this world’s rules, and through it, Roja gained basic control over the space power and also the power of illusion.

“What you are saying is that… I owe you a favor right?”

Roja looked at Law faintly and said: “I have never seen Rosinante, but I heard about him. The only time he lied to Sengoku, he lost his life to save you.”

Law was silent.

Roja continued: “Rosinante is Doflamingo’s younger brother, but he was working undercover for the Marine in order to stop his brother. But he didn’t hesitate to reveal himself and betray the Marine to save you…”

Law bit his teeth and clenched his fist, his nails penetrated his palm but he didn’t feel it.

Roja looked at Law and continued: “Since then, you wanted to use you Ope Ope No Mi for revenge against Doflamingo. But one day, you go the news about Doflamingo’s death.”

Law took a deep breath and his expression calmed down.

He replied to Roja: “It’s exactly as you said.”

Roja looked at him and said: “But there is no direct connection between the two. I didn’t do it for you or Rosinante. He was just my enemy.”

“So you don’t owe me anything, and you don’t have to talk about what you should pay me. If you want to pay me, then do what Rosinante wanted to do.”

Roja leisurely said the secrets of many years before and no one interrupted him. Even Sentomaru was quietly listening to him.

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