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G.O.S.S Chapter 321: Slap!

“Don’t say something that can’t be done.” Law looked at Roja as he snorted and gritted his teeth.

Roja said faintly: “It’s not impossible. Although Rosinate is no longer here, there is still something you could do for him. Defeating the DonQuixote Family is one thing… He loved peace and you can help him do that.”

“You can join the Marine’s medical unit… You will get a position of an Adviser directly.”

Roja said this sentence, and everyone was at loss for words.

Sentomaru widened his eyes and looked at Roja: “Ghost sword-san! Are you kidding! This guy has a 200 million Berry on his head. He is a pirate…”

“I am not kidding.”

Roja looked at Sentomaru seriously.

Law was a bit evil, but he wasn’t bad deep down. Most of his bounty came from helping people, just like Luffy. He was different from Kid who killed innocent civilians.

Roja’s eyes made Sentomaru stiffen. He didn’t dare to speak anymore.

Law was silence for a while then said: “Is this a threat?”

“You can count it as one.”

Roja said calmly: “If you don’t agree, I will have to throw you in the Impel Down.”


No one knew what Law was currently thinking. He had always aimed for his revenge since Rosinante’s death, but before he even starts, Doflamingo died by Roja’s hands.

Law was silent and Roja kept looking at him.

After a while, Law looked back at his companions, took a deep breath and said: “Can you give me some time?”

“I can.”

Roja nodded casually and stopped paying attention to him, he turned around and walked away.

“Sentomaru, let’s go back.”

Sentomaru looked ugly as he could nothing against Roja, finally he just went with Roja.

After a while, he couldn’t help but ask: “Are we really letting them go? How will we explain to the Celestial Dragons about this?”

“Oh, who said that I will explain things to them?”

Roja looked at Sentomaru indifferently as if he was above the world.

Sentomaru didn’t dare speak anymore.

Shabondy Shoto, island number one.

“You haven’t caught them yet?”

A celestial Dragon within his bubble hood with a gloomy face gritted her teeth and looked coldly at the Marines.

Next, to her, a Rear Admiral was full of cold sweat as he said: “The Ghost sword is chasing after them, he will catch them in no time, please wait for a little bit.”

When the Celestial Dragon heard this, she was angry.

“You group of slow dog slaves!”

The Marines’ faces turned ugly, but they bowed their heads and didn’t dare to respond.

Saint Shalulia, the celestial dragon didn’t stop and continued saying: “Not only did they hit one of us, but you dog slaves let them run away. Are you guys looking down at the blood of the world’s creators?”

As she said that, she walked forward which made even cold sweat appear on the Marines.

Looking at the angry celestial Dragon, a Commodore gritted his teeth as he trembled.

“Please… Don’t be angry.”

“You lowly thing!”

She snapped.

Saint Shalulia glared at him and slapped him. The Commodore clenched his fist for an instant, but he loosened up and retreated.

“… I am very sorry!”

The Marine looked at this had their faces down. Some of them bit their teeth and couldn’t do anything.

At this time, two people appeared from afar one of them was Roja and the other was Sentomaru.

“Admiral Ghost Sword!”

Seeing his figure, the Marines were finally relieved and immediately rushed toward Roja.

Saint Shalulia saw Roja and was still angry as she said: “How come the pirates aren’t with you? Where did they go?”

When Roja saw this, he was indifferent. He just responded normally: “I let them away.”

This sentence made the Marines petrified.

“What did you say?”

Saint Shalulia instantly widened her eyes and showed her anger.

“You… You let them ran away?”

She looked angrily at the Marine who spoke earlier as she said: “Is this what you said a while ago? What a bunch of dog slaves, lowly scumbags.”

It seems like Sentomaru expected this result and he didn’t have a choice but to bow his head down without speaking.

At this time, Roja’s face turned colder as he moved forward.

And under countless gazes, Roja smashed the bubble around her head and slapped her.


After being slapped, Saint Shalulia was stupefied. She glared at Roja with her swollen face full of rage.


Roja slapped her again with his backhand, leaving another deep red finger mark of her other cheek.

The two screams filled the ears of all the people present.

Sentomaru was stupefied. He looked at this as if he saw a ghost. He swore that he wasn’t more shocked before in his life.

Saint Shalulia stood there without moving.

She couldn’t get what just happened. Her body trembled as she looked at Roja in front of her and twitched.

“You… You… You dare hit me?!”


Roja slapped her another time. This time she squatted down due to pain and fell to the ground.

Roja looked coldly at her and said: ‘ Try saying it again. Who is your dog slaves?”

“You lowly… You lowly…”


Roja slapped again. He came closer and looked at her coldly: “Say it again.”

“You… You…”

Saint Shalulia was finally scared while looking at Roja’s eyes. She trembled and realized that Roja wasn’t like the other Marines.

Getting hit in front of so many people and also due to fear, she finally fainted.

Roja glanced at her coldly and then turned around.

Behind Roja, the Marines stood there sluggishly.

Roja held his hand in the air and said something that astounded everyone: “Listen to me all of you… The Marines isn’t the dogs of the nobles! We are the guardian of justice in this world!”


Eleven Days before The Special Offer Ends!!!

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