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G.O.S.S Chapter 322: Stunned!

In Mary Geoise, inside the conference room, the five elders, Kong, and Sengoku were talking.

“This matter will be left for Sengoku to handle.” The elders ordered.

Sengoku nodded and said: “Please rest assured!”

Everyone’s expressions loosened and the atmosphere calmed down. One of the Elders picked a cup of tea and suddenly thought about something and said.

“Right what happened in Shabondy Shoto?”

“If the straw hat wasn’t handled properly, he would probably affect the incoming war.”

When they heard the word Shanbondy Shoto, all their faces changed. For them, the Straw hat wasn’t a big deal but he had Roja and Dragon as well as Garp behind him. They can’t be underestimated.

The Admirals of the Marine loved Garp, Roja was even more powerful than Garp and the Admirals. As for Dragon, they are still suffering due to the revolutionary army.

“This… Roja went personally.”

Sengoku showed a smile as he said: “I think this can be handed to him, he could deal with it…”

When they heard Sengoku’s words, the elders were silent.

Kong also shook his head and said: “Forget about it, the worst case he will let the straw hat escape. We don’t have the time to deal with so many things at the same time anyway.”

It’s just a pirate with 300 million on his head. He was just a small character in the world right now.


Just as they finished thinking about this, a report came in.

“The main offender of the previous accident in Shabondy Shoto, The straw hat pirates and Trafalgar all fled Shabondy, no one knows where they went.”


Upon hearing this, the elders snorted. One of them waved his hand.

“We knew that would happen, you can go.”


 The one reporting nodded and went out.

But almost as he was about to leave, another person appeared in a hurry. The Person wasn’t a Marine, he was someone specialized in guarding the Celestial Dragons.

He was sweating as he rushed in and shouted: “Elders, something big happened.”

“What is it?!”

The five elder faces wrinkled.

The person trembled and his face seemed white from fright: “Saint… Saint Shalulia was slapped… Slapped by the Ghost Sword and fell unconscious!”


Almost everyone spat the tea in their mouth after hearing this.

The cup in the hand of one of the elders dropped to the ground and was smashed. Sengoku who was preparing to stand up fell on the chair directly.

The elder with the sword, let it go and the sword penetrated the ground even though the scabbard wasn’t removed.

The person reporting almost fell down.

All of this happened in an instant.

“What did you say?”

All of them almost shouted at the same moment.

The Guardian (Housekeeper) was crushed under the several momentums coming toward him. He almost couldn’t bear it anymore and fainted.

Roja stepped on the sea to return to the headquarters. He was using Sen Maboroshi in one hand and a Den Den Mushi on the other.

“Roja! Do you know what you did?!”

From the other side, Sengoku said angrily.

Roja seemed like nothing happened and said: “What did I do?”

Sengoku Roared as he said: “Don’t pretend to be stupid! You are an Admiral of the Marine. Do you know how serious it is to offend the Celestial Dragons?!”

Roja rubbed his ears and his face was indifferent as he said: “What is the relationship between the Celestial Dragons and the Marines? Do you have to do so well as a Dog Slave of the Celestial Dragons? Sengoku.”

“Shut up!”

Sengoku bit his teeth, although he was unhappy about what the Celestial Dragons did, he was still loyal to the World Government and he mustn’t allow anyone to violate their rules.

Roja said faintly: “There is something in my eyes, Sengoku… And that is the Marine. They are the one maintaining order in the seas, not the dog slaves of the Celestial Dragons!”

When his voice fell, Roja hung up. Sengoku wore an extremely ugly expression. And the Elders and the others were green.

“He confessed!”

“Damn bastard, doesn’t he know who the Celestial Dragons are?”

“Damn! Does Roja even have the world government in his eyes?!”

The elders were roaring.

After a while, they stopped and their faces were ugly.

If it wasn’t an admiral who did this, they would remove him from his position and arrest him. But an Admiral was somewhat special.

And even the current situation is special. An Admiral hitting a Celestial Dragon, only Roja could do this and no other.

This made the elders feeling miserable.

It’s just before the war against Whitebeard.

Roja was enough to deal with a Yonko alone, and his reputation is extremely in the Marine, one he left, most people won’t agree to have Roja as an enemy no matter what.

Moreover, if they fall out with Roja, they would have to consider what will Garp and Dragon do. Not to mention the Marine, even the world government can be completely erased.

After a while, the Elders gnashed their teeth and made a decision.

“First try to persuade the Celestial Dragons.”

“Block all news of this from going out! Anyone who says a world, kill him!”


Ten Days before The Special Offer Ends!!!

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