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G.O.S.S Chapter 323: Prologue!

The Straw Hat Pirates were on the edge of Shabondy Shoto. They wanted to leave toward The Fishman Island, but their ship wasn’t coated yet.

After the Chaos, Rayleigh didn’t have time to coat the ship.

“How can we go to the Fishman Island now?”

“Rayleigh-san isn’t here…”

They looked at Sunny Go that had its base coated.

Seeing that Roja really didn’t catch up, and no other Marine came toward them, they finally relaxed.

At this moment, Nami couldn’t help look toward Robin and say: “By the way… Robin, what is your relationship with Roja? Why didn’t you say anything about it before?”

Robin smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter, I just happened to meet him a few times.”

When she heard Robin talking in such a mysterious way, she knew that she didn’t want to talk about it, so she didn’t ask again.

“We need to leave this place. We can’t stay in Shabondy Shoto for the time being. Let’s go to the Fishman Island another time.”

Robin thought for a bit then said.

Luffy nodded and at this time, a news bird dropped the newspaper in front of them. Robin gave it the money and took it.

“You’re wasting money, you don’t have to look at it, it’s definitively talking about us…”

Nami said with a tiny voice.

Robin looked at the newspaper and her eyes suddenly shone, then she smiled and said: “That’s not necessary. There is a big event about to happen.”

“Fire Fist Ace, a pirate under Whitebeard will be publicly executed after one month.”

Robin joined the crew after the others saw Ace, so she didn’t know about him being Luffy’s brother, but when the others heard this, their faces changed.

Especially Luffy’s face, when Robin saw this and felt something was off.

On the other side, Franky couldn’t help ask: “What’s going on?”

Zoro was silent for a bit, then said seriously: “Ace… He’s Luffy’s bother.”

As soon as Robin heard this, her face changed.

She didn’t know about Luffy and Ace but she was clear on Luffy and Roja’s relationship. She thought this was a declaration of war against Whitebeard, but now it’s not as simple as that.

“Ace going to be… Executed?”

Luffy looked at Robin, he was stunned, as this news were really unexpected.
Everyone looked at Luffy.

Zoro couldn’t help but think about what happened before. Roja seemed to mention Ace, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, so this was the cases.

“The place of execution is the Headquarters… After one month.” Robin looked at the newspaper and put it on the table.

“A month from now…”

Luffy said in a low voice: “Where is Ace being held?”

Robin’s eyes were clear as she said: “If nothing unexpected happened, he would be in Impel Down right now.”

Luffy was silent.

Everyone looked at Luffy and no one spoke, they were waiting for Luffy to make his decision.

After a bit, Luffy looked at them and said: “Sorry everyone, before we go to the Fishman Island, I want to go to another place…”

“Okay, let’s go!”

Zoro didn’t wait for Luffy to finish and directly jumped on the ship.

Everyone was calm, Sanji took a cigarette and patted Luffy’s shoulder and didn’t speak, he directly jumped on the ship like Zoro.

Usopp bit his teeth and also got on the ship, Nami and the others didn’t hesitate either including Robin.

Just, Robin was thinking and light shone in her eyes. Her brows were slightly wrinkled as she was trying to analyze what happened. But she found out that Whitebeard and Roja were involved. This is going in an unpredictable direction.

The news about Roja hitting a Celestial Dragon was blocked by the world government.

It was at this time that the news bird was flying all over the world with Ace’s execution news.

These days, the waves were raging on the seas, as a dark tide was sweeping all over the world. People were showing nervous looks all over the world.

“This is going to be a really big fight!”

The Revolutionary army headquarters received this news, Koala rushed into the office.

Inside the Office, Dragon was discussing things with Sabo. When he saw the sweating Koala, he couldn’t help asking with concern: “Koala, what happened?”

“The Marine… They are starting a war with Whitebeard!!” Koala trembled slightly, then looked at Sabo nervously and said: “Fire Fist Ace will be publicly executed a month from now…”


When he heard the first sentence, Sabo was just seriously listening, but when he heard the second one, his face changed.

“What did you say? Ace is going to be executed?”

Because of Roja’s reminder, Sabo regained his memory earlier than the original story. He still didn’t go to Luffy and Ace but when he heard about the execution, he felt really worried.

“Don’t panic, Sabo.”

Dragon was surprised but he still maintained his calmness while his brows wrinkled.

“Ace’s execution… how was this decision made…”

Dragon knew about Luffy, Sabo, and Ace’s relationship, he also knows about Ace being Garp’s grandson.

This chaotic relationship made everything complicated.


Sabo stood there. He clenched his fist as he looked at Dragon. Even if Dragon didn’t support him, he would still go and rescue Ace.

Dragon took a deep breath and looked at Sabo: “Don’t worry, there is still a month until the execution date. This isn’t as simple as it looks. We need to consider things first before we make a move.”

In Kaido’s territory, a pirate rushed into a cave and arrived before Kaido and reported.

“Boss, The captain of the Second Division of the Whitebeard Pirates is going to be executed by the Marine!”


Kaido opened his eyes and put down the jug of beer and said; “Are the Marines preparing to go against Whitebeard in an all-out decisive battle?”

“Boss, what should we do?”

Next to Kaido, another pirate asked.

Kaido picked up the jug again and sighed, he stood up and grinned: “How can we ignore this war?”

The same thing was also happening in Akagami’s territory.

When Whitebeard started acting, Kaido and Shanks also began to move.

Now the three emperors were preparing to make an appearance in the war.

Their preparation was known all over the new world and this intensified the atmosphere. The whole world was turned upside down.

The Marine, World Government, Revolutionary army, the Yonko, and even the abolished Shichibukai… The lost powerful forced in the world were preparing for the next war.

This could be the biggest war that would take place since the Piracy era started.


9 Days Until The Special Offer Ends!!

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