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G.O.S.S Chapter 324: That’s Just Luffy!

Inside the Marine Headquarters, light shone into the Roja’s office. Garp and Roja were sitting there.

“It seems like you already decided…”

Garp smiled as he said.

Luffy punched a Celestial Dragon. He hated them just like Dragon.

This seems to run in their blood.


Roja nodded while his face didn’t seem that serious. He was even relaxed as he said: “This world needs order, The Marine and world government are needed… But there is no need for the nobles.”

If the world heard what he just said, the shock would spread through the seas.

With his position saying something like this is really serious.

Garp wasn’t shocked by Roja’s words, he just said: “It seems like the next war is only the beginning.”

“Once the war is over, even if you don’t attack them, they will. You and Dragon have your own ways, I can only watch from here.”

Garp sighed a little.

Roja held the teacup and took a sip slowly then said: “Well, that’s for later… After Luffy learns about Ace’s execution, he would probably head toward Impel Down…”

After saying this, Roja shrugged and said: “I may have to go out again. Luffy is a good kid but he always does things that he won’t be able to handle.”

“That brat!”

When Garp head Roja’s words, he suddenly stiffened and immediately thought about it. What Roja said is completely true. With Luffy’s character, he would go to rescue Ace as soon as he hears about it.

 He even dared to punch a Celestial Dragon, there is nothing he won’t dare to do.

“He’s totally disregarding the consequences…” Garp was annoyed as he clenched his fist and revealed a helpless expression.

Roja glanced at Garp and smiled: “You are the last one who can blame him. As far as I know, you don’t care about the consequences at all, you even disregard Sengoku’s words at times.”

Garp blinked and said: “And you can talk about it, you stinky brat?!”

“Hi Hi Hi!”

Roja smiled as he said: “Who would like to be ordered?”

Roja stood up and arrived by the window. He looked through at the boundless sea and a deep look appeared in his eyes. No one knew what he was thinking about.

After a while, Roja turned toward Garp and said: “If you don’t feel at ease, go see Ace, you don’t have to wait for a month to see him.”

Garp was silent for a bit, then nodded and said: “I should.”

Although he will definitively see Ace after a month, he still wanted to say some things to him alone.

Roja turned his head again and looked out the window. He didn’t see Garp leave the room as he continued glancing at the sea.

It is up to him now. He will do what he wants without any regard for his position. These things are meaningless now.

After some time, Roja walked to the elite camp.

The training field was empty.

The recruits won’t be participating in the upcoming war, so Z took them and left to another place along with the Families of the Marines.

Z will be the one protecting them for the time being.

The field wasn’t completely empty, there was still someone here. The person who stayed behind is Tashigi. She was practicing her swordsmanship alone.


At this moment, Tashigi felt Roja and turned toward him with a touch of joy on her face. She walked toward him hurriedly.

Roja looked at her strangely and said: “Why didn’t you leave with Z? Why are you still here, Z didn’t want to bring you along?”

“No, no!”

Tashigi shook her head as she said: “I asked for permission to stay here. I want to participate in the upcoming war.”

When he heard her words, Roja looked seriously at her and said: “What did Z say?”

Tashigi looked at Roja and said: “Z-sensei said… As long as you agree, I can participate…”


Roja sank a bit.

The battlefield in that war is very dangerous. Although Tashigi was strong today, she would be only at the level of a cannon fodder in that war.

Z made him decide which could be said that he had hope that Tashigi could survive the war.

Thinking about this, Roja shook his head and helplessly looked at her then said: “If you want to participate in the war, you should be ready for death, do you have that kind of determination?”

Tashigi looked into Roja’s eyes, she was full of determination.

Roja looked at her and finally nodded: “Okay, you can participate.”

After accepting her request, Roja gave her some guidance so she could become more powerful.

At this time, Garp met Ace in Impel Down and then returned to the Headquarters. He didn’t encounter Luffy on his way.

It would be extremely difficult to go there as it was on the calm belt. Luffy originally went inside a Marine warship sneakily with Hancock. But now, there is no such thing so it will be quiet difficult for him to get in.

After a few days, Luffy gave up the idea of sneaking there and decided to attack directly.

Inside the headquarters, Sengoku was holding Garp by his collar and his spit was flying at his face like shooting stars.

“Garp, It’s you Grandson Again, this is really maddening.”

First, he punched a Celestial Dragon, and now he dared to attack Impel Down. The surprising thing is that Luffy was really pushing his way into Impel Down.

It is said that because of the Chaos inside Impel Down, Magellan made an inexplicable mistake which led Luffy and his crew to directly enter Impel Down.

“Bwahaha ha, that’s my grandson!”

Garp’s tears were coming out.

Knowing how strong the defenses of Impel Down which only Shiki managed to escape and only Kaido managed to infiltrate it, was now infiltrated by his grandson made him proud.

“You are still laughing, Garp!”

Sengoku couldn’t take it anymore as he roared at Garp: “Do you know that Impel Down will be completely destroyed because of your grandson!”

Garp didn’t pay attention to Sengoku as he laughed.

“Yes, that’s indeed so like Luffy.”

Roja who was informed of this news could only say this sentence.

However, Roja still left the headquarters personally toward Impel Down. Roja didn’t intend to let Luffy continue on his rampage and he also didn’t intend to let Black beard invade Impel Down and release the prisoners.

He must kill him now!


8 Days Until The Special Offer Ends!!

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