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G.O.S.S Chapter 325: Venom!

Right now, Impel Down was chaotic as Luffy and his crew were now all the way down in the fourth floor.

Magellan was on this floor and was furious as the battle started against Luffy and the others.

“Step aside!”

Luffy opened his second gear and yelled at Magellan who blocked the path toward the Fifth Floor with venom who looked at Luffy and said: “Don’t even think about it!”

“You dare to come here, the place is known as the unbreakable prison and you came all the way here… Do you think that I will let you go toward Portgas. D. Ace that easily?”

Zoro and Sanji were behind Luffy fighting with the Guards.

“Luffy, be careful, he is the Chief Warden of the Impel Down. Magellan ate the Venom fruit, you can’t touch him easily due to that.”

Far away, Robin warned said toward Luffy.

“I know, Robin!”

Luffy’s eyes flashed and although he didn’t have any plan on how to fight, he didn’t want to retreat here.

At this time, Magellan attacked.

“Poison Dragon!”


The venom turned into a dragon and Rushed toward Luffy. Luffy evaded with the speed of his second gear and immediately as the venom touched the ground, it melted.

Magellan didn’t wait for Luffy to attack as another Dragon rushed toward him.


Seeing that it was somewhat hard for Luffy to evade this second attack, a Blue sword energy intercepted the Dragon and cut it.

“Luffy! Don’t fight with that guy on your own.” Zoro saw that Luffy couldn’t deal with Magellan alone and decided to help.

Sanji kicked a Guard and arrived beside Usopp and said: “Hey, Usopp, you have to help here!”

Usopp nodded and although sweat covered him, he still turned around to help Luffy fight Magellan.

“Coming here like this was too rush…”

Nami held her Clima-tact and looked at the battlefield anxiously. If it wasn’t for Luffy, they wouldn’t have come, the situation was getting worse.

Under Luffy and the others constant attacks, Magellan finally revealed his power. Venom came out of his body like there is no tomorrow and Luffy and the others couldn’t parry the attacks.

Seeing this, Franky who was fighting with a guard in a distance pulled out a person from the crowd.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going?”

The person who was pulled was the wax man, Mister 3 of the baroque’s works. He is Galdino.

“This… This place is too hot and my ability is useless here!”

Mister 3 looked a bit flustered. He made sure to hid well so they won’t find him. Also on this floor, his ability is really useless.

Franky squinted and said: “Then, why are you running away?”

As he spoke, Franky brought his arms together and grabbed on Mister 3 and directly thrown him.

“Franky… Super Canon Ball!”


Mister 3 was scared to death as he was about to touch Magellan’s venom. He quickly made a wax shield in mid-air and after a short while, he arrived beside Luffy and the others.

Seeing this, Luffy who was pondering on how to deal with Magellan, suddenly had an idea and his eyes flashed: “can your wax resist that bastard’s venom?”

“It’s too hot in here, it will last for a few seconds only.”

Mr.3 said weakly.

“That would be enough!”

Luffy took a deep breath and regained his fighting spirit.

After Luffy went to the fourth floor, the prisoners of the higher floors rioted. They didn’t want to go further down, they wanted to go out.

On the highest floor, the Vice-warden Hannyabal led a group of guards went toward the exit.

“Don’t let anyone take go further in!”


In the distance, groups of pirates were fearfully looked at Hannyabal. Maybe his strength was nothing in Luffy and the others eyes, but for these pirates, he was enough to crush them.

The people from the first and second floor can’t hope to escape while he stood there. Only these from the third floor and higher had hope while fighting Hannyabal.

The rioted pirates were armed. Some of them stole weapons from the guard. In no time they clashed with Hannyabal.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The gunshots fire toward Hannyabal who uses his long blade and defended himself while looking angry.

He tried to rush at them, but they kept firing at him which forced him to stop and defend.

“Don’t be afraid! Hannyabal isn’t a big deal!”

“Yes! We can be free if we pass through here!”

A large number of pirates were trying to escape while they laughed wildly as hope was in front of them.

Throughout Impel Down, only the Fifth and Sixth floors were silent, the other places were chaotic.

At the fourth floor, Venom was still surging out of Magellan while he looked somewhat miserable and an angry look was over his face.


“Damn it!”

He was careless as he was actually sent flying by Luffy.

Chief! Chief!

The few guard remaining looked at Magellan with cold sweat.

“They went into the fifth Floor, Right?”

Magellan’s face was gloomy as the Venom was constantly overflowing from his body. He suddenly ordered: “Go! Go to the fifth Floor, after them!”


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