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G.O.S.S Chapter 326: Transfer In Advance!

Magellan took the elevator toward the sixth floor directly. When he reached the entrance of the sixth floor, the cold air coming out of that place was frightening.

After a while, a black shadow while covered in snow was rushing toward the entrance of the sixth floor.

It was Luffy rushing toward Ace. When he suddenly saw Magellan blocking the entrance of the sixth floor, Luffy was amazed.

“How come this guy is so fast?”

“Stupid! He used the elevator.”

“Then we can only fight him again!”

Luffy clenched his fist and looked at Magellan without fear.

Magellan was Magellan after all after Luffy passed him the first time, he was furious and determined not to let him through.

“I won’t let you pass this time!”

Magellan’s face was terrifying, and his tone was cold. After a few shouts, he directly used his poison.

He suddenly transformed into a massive giant of Poison. The poison transformed dramatically and was much stronger than before.

“Gomu Gomu No… Rifle!”

Luffy knew the trick to passing Magellan, so with the help of the wax on his hands, he attacks Magellan.

But this time, something completely different from last time happened. Not only did Luffy fail to destroy the poison Giant, but even the wax on his hand was also eroded.

If not for the wax, Luffy would’ve been poisoned beyond repair.


The Venom spread all over the place and everything, be it stones or ice, all thing were eroded.

“My wax can’t stop him!”

Mr. 3 screamed in horror and fled no longer trying to resist.

Luffy was still fighting Magellan, but he was forcefully thrown away by Sanji.

“Luffy, let’s retreat for now and think of a way to deal with him again!”

While he is using Poison like that, it would be tough for Luffy to fight and they won’t be able to reach the sixth floor.

But Magellan didn’t let them retreat.


At this time, people came out came out of the ground.

They were led by Ivankov!

Ivankov was staying in the middle of the sixth and fifth floor. Unfortunately for him, Magellan used his poison giant, and the poison penetrated the ground and reached him.

“Emporio Ivankov… Weren’t you missing?”

Magellan didn’t expect his poison would make Ivankov show himself.

Ivankov and Luffy introduced themselves, and Invankov learned about Luffy being Dragon’s son. He gave up the idea of escaping the prison and went along to save Ace.

With Ivankov participation, the situation in the field changed.

The fifth floor joined the chaos of the other floors and some pirates were released and joined the battle. Some other pirates rushed directly toward the fourth floor trying to escape.

And at this time, Magellan received the order from the Headquarters to hand over Ace to the Marines situated outside Impel Down.

Apparently, Sengoku felt that the situation wasn’t looking good and planned to transfer Ace in advance.

Although Roja set out toward Impel Down, Sengoku couldn’t guess what he will do at all. Moreover, if Luffy and his crew could make such a mess inside Impel Down, what will happen if Whitebeard arrived? They wouldn’t be able to do anything at all.

Sengoku couldn’t trust Impel Down’s defenses with this task anymore.

Magellan examined the situation in the fifth floor. At this time, he was blocking the way to the sixth floor, and it’s challenging to shake them off right now.

So Magellan started preparing to transfer Ace as Sengoku said. He first retreated and used Venom to block the passage, and even though he couldn’t stop the fight for a long time, he could gain some time.

He went straight to the sixth floor and took Ace out. He entered the elevator toward the first floor and handed him over to the Marines.

There was a Vice Admiral on the Warship.

“Magellan-san, do you want assistance with the suppression of the Riot inside?” He sent Ace to the prison on the Warship and asked Magellan.

“No, I already told Sengoku, with me here, no one will able to escape.”

“Good then.”

Seeing Magellan’s confidence, The Vice Admiral looked at the Marines beside him and nodded. They knew Magellan’s strength and naturally trusted his ability.

Just as Magellan was returning inside, the Vice Admiral who was preparing to depart saw a figure heading their way on top of the sea.



Roja stepped out and fell into the Warship.

Seeing Roja, the Vice Admiral and the marines were stunned at first, then immediately saluted.

“How is the situation inside?”

Roja glanced at the Impel Down and asked.

“It’s a mess, but Ace has been handed over to us, and I think Magellan will be able to suppress the riot by himself.”

“Oh? Ace was handed over to you?”

Roja looked at him with amazement. Sengoku requested that ace should move to the headquarters in advance.

The Vice Admiral who was stationed here was just following orders, so he explained to Roja.

“So it turned out like that…”

Roja listened to the Vice Admiral’s explanation, and his eyes flashed slightly. Then looked at him and walked toward the prison on the warship, toward Ace.

After a while, Roja walked out looking indifferent. He stepped down and said: “You can leave.”


The two of them responded and started to leave.

After watching them leave, Roja glanced at Impel Down while he could feel the riot inside. His face turned cold as he stepped inside.


3 Days Until The Special Offer Ends!!

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