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G.O.S.S Chapter 327: Magellan’s defeat!

Ivankov, Luffy and the other finally found a way to break through the poison and rushed into the sixth floor, but they discovered that Ace disappeared.

The Level six that once had a large number of pirates in it was now empty, except for a few prisoners.

They didn’t care about them, even though some of them were monsters that challenged Whitebeard and Garp before.

“No wonder Magellan didn’t come after us, he went to transfer Ace away!” Ivankov’s face was a little ugly as he said: “Let’s hurry, maybe we can catch up to them!”

With Ivankov leading the way, Luffy and the others hurried up.

At this time

Wouch! Wouch!

The exit was sealed.

When Roja suppressed the riot in the sixth level before, the door wasn’t set up like this, but after that accident, they rebuilt the door so that it contains the prisoners.

“Not good, it’s made of Kairoseki…”

Ivankov saw the blocked exit and felt panic. Even the elevator Magellan took was sealed shut.

If it were a typical wall, this wouldn’t be a big deal.

Even Doflamingo would be able to infiltrate Impel Down easily. But with this, only the Yonko could have a hope of escaping from this place.

“Poisonous gas!”

After the exit was blocked, poisonous gas started spreading through the air which made Chopper scream.

However, with Ivankov and his people here, blocking the poison wasn’t a big deal, the problem was escaping from this place.

The most urgent one was Luffy.

“It’s useless now.” Robin was calm as she whispered: “Since they transferred Ace urgently, then Marines from the headquarters were sent. Ace should be on the ship right now.”

“Yes, even if we chase them now, we won’t be able to make it.” Ivankov took a deep breath and sighed.

Luffy’s expression was calm, he looked serious as he said: “Then we shall go to the Marine Headquarters.”

Ivankov looked at him and said: “Don’t be stupid! Do you know what that place is? Even Whitebeard won’t go there easily! Even if you insist on going what about your crew, do you want all of them to die?”

Upon hearing this, Luffy turned his head toward Zoro behind him.

Zoro’s face sunk and then he smiled and said.

“Marineford, it seems like Whitebeard and other pirates will have a big battle there… This seems interesting.”

Sanji took out a cigarette without speaking, but his calm eyes represented his decision. Luffy was going. They were willing to follow him. He was the captain they recognized.


At this time, no one said anything else, Luffy simply said this and turned toward the blocked exit.

At this time, the prisoners at the side said with an evil Smile: “Straw hat… Robin… It’s been a long time.”

“If you want to leave, then release me, and I will use my sand to find a way out.”

The person that just spoke was Crocodile.

Even though they were inside the sixth level of Impel Down, Ivankov was calm and rational. He didn’t release the prisoners in this place.

After all, the prisoners in this place are monsters, if someone as strong as Shiki were here, then it would be a disaster.

But Invankov also knew that Crocodile would be a lot of help against Magellan. So they released him and went directly to the fifth level.

When they reached the third level, Magellan finally came back and started suppressing prisoners.

“It’s the poisonous giant!”

“Damn it! You dare release so many prisoners. I will bet on my name that no one will escape from here.”

Magellan was like a demon God, he was terrifying. In the eyes of the guards, Magellan was a hero that saved them from the pirates right now.


Crocodile launched an attack with a cold face. The third floor was the best place for him to fight as it was desert like place.

As Crocodile attacked, Ivankov, Luffy, and the other attacked as well.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Zoro yelled and smashed his sword out, a blue tornado was made and headed toward Magellan. Luffy clenched his fist and attack as well while his fists were covered in wax.

Magellan tried to mobilize his Venom to defend himself but was stopped by Magellan and the others. The full blow from Luffy collided with him, that blow was strong. It was close to the strength of an Admiral. Magellan finally couldn’t resist anymore.

“Go down, Magellan!!”

Numerous shouts were heard as the prisoners saw this scene. They were no longer in fear. They were wildly laughing as they looked at the guard in front of them.

The Guard were stunned as they looked at the defeated Magellan.


Many were bathed in blood as they looked at Magellan in horror.

Magellan fell like a mountain!

Just as the pirates cheered crazily and the guards were in despair, a sigh was suddenly heard.

This sigh wasn’t heavy, but it came from the soul, which made everyone hear it. They not only heard it, but they also felt the power of the one that sighed.

In this floor, almost at the same time, all the people that were fighting stopped all movements.

Luffy looked forward as he stopped.

At the passage between this level and the next one, a man wearing the Marine’s coat slowly walked out. His appearance made the entire floor cold.

Many people felt cold.

Ivankov, who was remarkably calm, finally panicked at this moment. His forehead was full of cold sweat as he spoke with a shaky voice.

“Ghost Sword… Monkey. D. Roja!”


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