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G.O.S.S Chapter 328: Suppression!

At this time, even the prisoners that were locked here before Roja’s existence knew his name.

The Strongest Admiral in the History of the Marine!

He destroyed a Yonko alone!

He fought against Shanks and Kaido with their crews and still won.

The happiness brought by Magellan’s defeat disappeared with Roja’s entrance.

The Guards were the one being Joyful now. Shiliew saw Roja after so many years and felt Sorrow and joy at the same time.

The temperature in the third level seemed to drop at an alarming level.

Roja first glanced at the fallen Magellan, then at the Prisoners, and finally, his gaze fell on Luffy and the others.

Roja didn’t look at Luffy first, he looked at Robin behind him and said: “Why are you doing this with them?”

Robin stayed silent.

Roja looked at Luffy and said indifferently: “Do you have any idea what you’re currently doing?”

Under Roja’s gaze, Luffy hesitated for a bit, but he still gritted his teeth and said: “I am here to save Ace.”

“Save Ace…”

Roja snorted and glanced coldly at the prisoners, which made them overflow with cold sweat. They couldn’t help but shudder and step back.

Roja grabbed the air and took out Sen Maboroshi as he looked at Luffy and the others indifferently: “You don’t have to worry about Ace. Now… I want you to reflect on what you did.”


Roja took a step and the Venom on the ground Froze.


Crocodile’s eyes were cold. He knew that he had to defeat Roja to leave this place. A sandstorm filled with Venom attacked Roja.

Ivankov did the same and launched an attack on Roja. With this, everyone there seemed to attack.


Roja waved his sword, and a thick Ice Wall appeared in front of him, blocking all of the attacks coming toward him. Even the sandstorm was frozen which formed a huge chunk of Ice.


Roja swung his sword out, and the just formed Ice was split in half. The attack continued toward Crocodile who was amazed and directly used his Fruit and scattered with the Sand.

Daz Bones who was defeated by Zoro before crossed his arms and tried to resist Roja’s attack, but he was directly sent flying and crashed in the distance.

The attack created a massive crack in the ground of the Third floor.

“Gomu Gomu No…”

Luffy took a deep breath and firmly attacked Roja. But at the same time Shouted at Roja: “Let me Go! I don’t want to fight you!”

However, this time, Roja looked at him calmly. He reached out his hand and caught Luffy’s fist. The latter’s attack couldn’t even make Roja’s hands shake.

“Go and reflect on your actions.”

Roja swung Luffy’s arm and threw him far away.

At this time, Ivankov and Crocodile attacked at the same time. Roja with an indifferent look in his eyes swept his sword at them. Whenever the attack went, everyone turned to Ice.

Crocodile’s sand directly turned to ice and Ivankov retreated without taking any risk.


Roja looked at Crocodile with cold eyes and stepped out. He suddenly appeared in front of him and hit him.


Crocodile was caught off guard, but he transformed into sand and seeped into the earth.

Ice started condensing under Roja’s feet, and it spread all over the place.

Crocodile was frozen underground.

He struggled to get out, but this time, Roja directly swung his sword at him.

He couldn’t resist, and blood splashed all over the place.

And just like this, one of the Shichibukai, Crocodile, died!


Ivankov was stunned!

Roja turned his head toward him indifferently and said: “Is it your idea to release the prisoners? Ivankov, are you really one of the Revolutionary army under Dragon?”


Ivankov was speechless. If the prisoners weren’t released, then the probability of them escaping will become too low. Releasing the prisoners was their only Choice, but this time, it was meaningless.

Roja waved with the back of his hand, and Ice Dragon rushed Toward Ivankov. The latter tried to resist but failed as Roja used Busoshoku along with this attack.


Ivankov flew straightly and fell far away.

He was defeated with just one attack!


Roja stepped forward, he countered Zoro who attacked him and turned him into ice. Then he touched the ground.

This time, Luffy and his crew finally realized Roja’s power. He was merely playing with them last time. He didn’t plan to catch them from the start. If he were earnest, they wouldn’t last even one attack.

Roja froze everything.

Usopp, Chopper, Franky, and the others tried to resist but were frozen. Only Robin stayed in her place without resisting at all. He didn’t move at all from the moment Roja arrived. Finally, Roja walked toward her.

He looked at her and shook his head slightly and walked past her.

“I will deal with you later.”

Before he said this, Robin was really nervous, but after she heard this, she finally breathed a sigh in relief as she knew that he wasn’t that angry.


Roja passed Luffy and the others and came in front of the prisoners.

In the beginning, they tried to assist Crocodile and Ivankov to attack Roja, but Roja smashed them, he killed Crocodile, sent Ivankov flying, and Froze the Straw hat pirates.

They were too scared right now.

Seeing Roja come over, they almost couldn’t breathe. Some people stepped back and started Running toward the Fifth Level.

“Fast Run!”

“Where do we run?”

“Let’s go to the sixth level and release the monsters there! Only they could fight with this guy!”

A large number of prisoners ran away.

Everything was a mess, But Roja who heard their words held Sen Mabroshi and pushed the Bankai’s power to the extreme.


In an instant, most of the third level directly changed from a desert to a cold and place full of Ice. It became just like the Fifth level.

All the prisoners were frozen in place at that moment, all sounds disappeared.

“I don’t want to see a second Riot in the sixth floor.”

Roja stood there and looked at the prisoners before turning away and saying these words.

Even the riot that Magellan and all the guards failed to suppress was suppressed in a moment by Roja alone.

The riot that was ignited inside Impel Down was suppressed in a moment by Roja, while Magellan was defeated by the prisoners.

It took him only a moment!