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G.O.S.S chapter 329: Before The War!

(T/L: it wasn’t Shiliew in the last chap, it was Hannyabal.)

Inside Impel Down, Luffy was put inside a cell on the sixth level.

The entire cell was made of kairoseki, and unless they have the key, or the ability to crush Kairoseki, then there is no way out.

Puton! Puton! Puton!

The whole place was quiet, and only the sound of footsteps could be heard. Luffy flew straightly toward the cell’s bars and said: “Let me out… Go… heaay…”

Because everything was made of Kairoseki, Luffy couldn’t finish his words as strength left his body.

Roja glanced at him lazily and put Sen Maboroshi on top of Luffy’s head and froze his head.


Zoro and the others were speechless.

After letting Luffy temporarily ‘cool down,’ Roja took back Sen Maboroshi and said: “I originally wanted to let you participate in the war. But you caused so much trouble so you will stay here until the war ends.”

After saying, Roja glanced at Luffy and said faintly: “There are some things you can‘t do… As for Ace, I will handle that, you can stay put here.”

“There is another thing.”

“The straw hat pirate doesn’t exist from today onward… I mean the name can’t be used anymore, you can continue taking risks as always, but you won’t be pirates anymore. You can call yourselves the adventurer’s group for all I care!”

If Roja said some cold and ruthless words, they could take it but what he said left them stunned.

What adventurer’s group… Is this a reason to find a way out for them?

“So are you satisfied?”

Roja looked at Sanji and Zoro and the others, then at Robin as he said casually.

Robin showed a meaningful smile as she said: “This doesn’t seem like a punishment at all.”

Roja shook his head and the anger in his heart almost wholly disappeared. He looked at Luffy who had his hair frozen and said while spreading his hands.

“Who asked me to be his uncle?”

After saying this, Roja turned around and disappeared into the darkness. Robin looked at Roja with a smile hanging on her mouth while the other shook their heads helplessly.

However, for Usopp, Nami and the others, this was the scare of their lives.

Roja left the cage where Luffy and the others were, after walking for a while he stopped in front of another cell.

“Long time no see.”

The prisoner detained there was Shiliew, he was put here after killing too many prisoners.

If he weren’t held here, Luffy and the others wouldn’t have been able to reach the sixth floor.

“Are you looking at me like I am a joke?”

Shiliew looked up at Roja and said.

Roja shook his head and said: “If you are a joke I wouldn’t have came to see you… You killed too many, if it were up to me I would’ve already killed you.”


Shiliew grinned and said: “I’m killing the garbage here. Is that something wrong? The Strongest Admiral, Ghost sword should’ve already killed as many as I have or maybe more.”

Roja was stunned then said: “Yes, but what about it? Can you compare yourself to me?”

The first sentence was said as an admiral. The last one was just him being himself.

Shiliew stayed silent, or more accurately he was speechless.

Roja looked at him and sighed then said: “You should know. After the next war, the Era of the pirates will come to an end.”

As he said this sentence, he released a power that seemed to dominate everything. Not just Shiliew, everyone in the prisoner felt it.

“That guy… He wants to end the era of pirates?”

“Oh, he’s really crazy. The era that Roger started, it isn’t so fragile to end just like that.”

A few eyes revealed themselves in the darkness of some cells.


“I will wait and see, whether you put this era to an end or not,” Shiliew spoke as he lowered his head and stopped talking.

There are only five days until Ace’s execution. The headquarters was in a tense atmosphere as they started preparing for the war.

Marine from all over the world gathered here.

On this day, almost everyone was wearing the Marine’s uniform, from the highest admiral to the lowest soldier.

The Marines involved in the original story are about 100,000. This was a terrifying number, just this could prove the Marine’s power.

And thanks to Roja, Even though there are five days before the Execution, the number of the Marine exceeded 80,000 already.

This war will exceed the previous fight against Kaido.

In the highest conference room in the Headquarters, Sengoku, Aokiji, Kizaru, Fujitora… And Roja, the highest personals of the Marine were gathered here.

Although no matter how you look at it, they are in an advantage in this war, Sengoku didn’t take this lightly, because the Remaining Yonko’s are acting.

When the day arrives, other than Whitebeard, the other two may come as well.

In this meeting, Garp stayed silent, but he didn’t sleep as usual. Roja was carelessly leaning on the chair and didn’t talk as well. He was closing his eyes and concentrating.

Just in the middle of the meeting, a report came in.


A voice from outside the room was heard.

Sengoku stopped the conference and said: “Come in.”

A Rear Admiral walked quickly while looking nervous. He reported urgently: “Reporting, the people we sent to monitor Whitebeard all disappeared, we lost contact with them.”

As this sentence fell, everyone was quiet.

“Did he finally begin to make his move?”

Sengoku was calm at this moment as he asked the officer:” What about Akagami and Kaido?”

“There was a conflict between the two, the specifics are unknown.”

“Okay, you can leave.”

Sengoku waved his hand at the Officer, and the officer left.

After he left, Sengoku awkwardly looked at the people present and said: “Get ready for the fight, even if we have an absolute advantage, don’t be careless, we might face more than just the Whitebeard.”

Whether it is Akainu, Aokiji or the others, all of them were serious about this, they didn’t seem careless at all.

At this time the only ones who were indifferent are Roja and The Crane, Tsuru.

The Crane was indifferent as if she knew everything. She looked at Roja’s eyes as if she wanted to see what he was thinking about at this moment.