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G.O.S.S Chapter 330: The strongest are gathered!

In the new world, several warships were ruined. Some of them were burning, and other ones were sinking into the sea. On the other side, several Pirates ships led by the Moby Dick were moving forward.

“The last ship was brought down.”

The fifth commander of Whitebeards division, Vista jumped into the Moby Dick as he returned his two swords back into their sheaths.

Marko, the second division commander, crossed his hands on his chest and stood on the deck while nodding toward Vista.

The one that stood out the most on the ship was Edward Newgate, The Whitebeard.

Even though he knew that nothing good will come from this war, but he didn’t intend to avoid it as one of the Yonko.

Their momentum was linked as no one was afraid or had a thought of retreating.

They had to attack the Marineford!

When Roger died, Shiki almost destroyed all of the headquarters as he didn’t approve the way Roger was killed. Now it was their turn to attack the headquarters.

And just as the Moby dick moved forward, sea kings appeared in front of it.

“Are they big sized See kings? No, they are a little bit small.”

While observing the Sea-kings, the prates didn’t care about them at all.

They were Whitebeard’s crew, would they care about these little sea kings. If it’s not a colossal Sea king, then they won’t be qualified to stop them.

But as they were getting closer toward the sea kings, they saw someone on top of one of the Sea Kings. It was Jimbei, the former Shichibukai.

Whitebeard looked at Jimbei, and his eyes flashed, and Marco said indifferently: “Are you here to stop us?”


He took a deep breath and responded with a deep voice. He knew Whitebeard’s temperament, if he were here to stop Whitebeard from going to Marineford, he would be dreaming.

The sea Kings splashed, and Jimbei jumped on the Moby Dick in front of Marco and Whitebeard.

“If you have no business here, you can go back.”

Whitebeard looked at Jinbei and snorted.

Looking at Whitebeard, he showed his determination as he said: “Your business in my business! I am sorry about before but today if you want me dead, at least I will die on the Moby Dick.”

He couldn’t order the Fishman and other people to join the Whitebeard in this war, but he could go himself. The Marine and World government are always hurting the fish-men so he will fight without fear in this war.

Whitebeard sheltered the Fishman’s island, so even if he were to lose his life in this war, he was willing to do so.

Whitebeard looked at Jimbei and grinned: “Gurararara… Jimbei, you bastard, we haven’t started the war yet, and you already speak about dying?”

When he heard Whitebeard, Jimbei sighed in relief and said: “I didn’t mean that.”

“Jimbei you bastard, know your place! I will have you be punished by drinking ten wine jugs.”

Marco smiled at Jimbei, and the others also did the same.

After all of them calmed down, they started drinking wine like nothing is happening at all.

Five days later, over 120,000 Marine was gathered inside the Headquarters, and all of them are elites. This didn’t happen since the establishment of the Marine.

In the battle against Kaido, the Marine didn’t gather these much elites.

This place was now gathering most of the Marines elite. Many warships were ready on the shore for any conflict.

There are only three hours until the execution time.

“Don’t relax! No matter what happens, everything will end in three hours.”

A giant Vice admiral was standing in front of the execution stand as he yelled.


Countless sounds were heard as all the Marines yelled and raised their weapons.

Tashigi was within the crowd, and along with her, there was Smoker, Ain, Hina… Many familiar figures were standing in the crowd. All of them were ready for the upcoming war.

At this moment, the momentum inside the headquarters was several times stronger than that time with the rebel’s army in Alabasta. Even though they were less in number, their power was much higher than the rebels

Shouts of countless Marines were heard as two figures appeared this time.

Fujitora and Akainu.

Both of them were Admiral’s advisors, they both had the same status as an Admiral.

After these two, another three figures appeared slowly, all of the Marines gazed at them with worship and admiration.

Their identities are as you suspected, the current three Admirals, all of them were wearing their uniforms as they moved forward with dignity.

They finally reached three chairs prepared especially for them.

Aokiji sat on the left and Kisaru on the right while Roja sat on the middle.

Half of Roja’s face was covered by the cap of the Marine.

He leaned back on the chair casually, and only he could act this casual as Kisaru and Aokiji couldn’t.

But at this moment, all of the Marines, from high ranks to the lowest rank present all looked at Roja with awe and inspiration.

Aokiji, Kisaru and Ghost sword!

The three made the Marines formation complete, they made the hearts of all the marine calmer.

Everyone was full of fighting spirit.

Like this, the strongest are finally gathered!