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G.O.S.S Chapter 331: Whitebeard Is Coming!

On the execution stand, Ace was handcuffed with Kairoseki.

At the rear, Garp was walking alongside Sengoku. He looked at Ace silently and glanced back at Roja then sighed.

Sengoku and Garp walked all the way toward the stand. Sengoku suddenly looked at Garp and said: “Garp, I want to announce everything!”

“You do whatever you want.”

Garp said with a blank expression but didn’t go with Sengoku. He stood at the bottom of the stand along with the staff.

Tsuru, the crane, glanced at Garp and said: “This isn’t your fault.”

Garp pretended to laugh and said: “Hahaha… You are still as soft as a woman, Tsuru-chan.”

The crane shook her head and glanced at Ace. Her eyes took another glance at Garp them she looked toward Roja deeply.

On the stand, Sengoku came beside Ace and took a loudspeaker and said.

“Ace, tell us your father’s name!”

Ace looked at Sengoku then turned his head and closed his eyes and responded in a deep voice: “My father is Whitebeard.”


Sengoku yelled.

Ace’s emotions were unstable as he shook the handcuffs as he shouted angrily: “There is nothing wrong with what I said, my father is Whitebeard and no one else.”

Roja glanced at Garp who was under the stand. Garp was closing his eyes while his fists were clenched. It was difficult for him to keep calm.

“It’s really hard for you. Saving the blood of Roger and turning him into your grandson… I can’t judge whether this was the right decision or not, but I will give you a perfect ending.”

Roja closed his eyes without moving.

On the stage, under the eyes of all Marines, Sengoku announced Ace’s true identity.

Countless people couldn’t help but yell. Roger’s blood still exists.

At this moment, Roja knew this kind of situation as before they criticized him for having the same blood as Dragon.

Whether there is a sin in the blood or not, that is a difficult question, but in this world in most people’s eyes, it was a sin, and Ace being born was a sin.

Just when this commotion started, a Marine rushed toward Sengoku and reported urgently: “Fleet admiral! We lost contact with the nearby warship!”


Sengoku looked at the sea in the distance with a change in his expression.

At this time, countless people felt the movement and turned around to look at the sea.

Suddenly a large number of pirates’ ships rushed toward the headquarters.

Whitebeard is coming!

“Bohemian Knight Doma, Decalvan Brothers, Thunder Lord McGuy… These guys are the pirates allied with Whitebeard!”

“A total of forty-eight pirates’ ships, but Whitebeard and his captains didn’t appear.”

The arrival of this fleet made the entire Headquarters enter a state of war. Everyone clenched their weapons nervously.

Ace who was on the stand looked at the pirates that arrived and couldn’t help grit his teeth.


On the execution stand, Sengoku’s brows were locked as he stared at the distance.

At this moment, sitting under the Stand, Roja finally opened his eyes slightly and said.

“Under the water.”

Roja’s voice was very light, but Kisaru next to him and Sengoku on the stand could clearly hear him, and their faces changed.

At this time, A sudden bulge appeared on the water and waves splashed with the appearance of the Moby dick!

“Whitebeard’s divisions’ captain Marco is there, all the captains are also there!” A marine officer looked at them and said with a nervous tone.

Although no one attacked yet, everyone was waiting for that person to start the war.

The atmosphere between the heaven and earth seemed to solidify which was suffocating for most people.

Everyone became serious, be it Akainu, Fujitora, Kisaru or Aokiji.

Sitting in the middle, Roja stood up and raised his hat slightly.

Whitebeard carrying his Bisneto walked step by step to the deck. He looked at the Marines without any fear.

“Gurararara, we haven’t seen each other in decades, Sengoku.”

His gaze skipped the Marine and fell on Sengoku.


Sengoku looked at Whitebeard sullenly.

Facing the entire force of the Marine headquarters, he had no fear. Whitebeard was such a man.

“My beloved Son, are you okay?”

Whitebeard put his bisento to the side and crossed his arms, and then he suddenly knocked on both sides. The air cracked like a mirror as it hummed.

With this earthquake, countless people were unstable and almost fell. Many who witnessed Whitebeards ability for the first time were in horror.

“What is this? The air is cracking?!”

“What’s wrong? The water level seems a little bit abnormal!”

The water level around the Headquarters was getting lower and lower.

Ace bit his teeth. He couldn’t suppress his emotion any more as he said: “Oyaji… Everyone… I ignored your advice and ran after Teach, why don’t you let me die? Why did you come to rescue me!!”

Thatch got the darkness fruit he dreamed about, but teach killed him and stole the fruit, so Ace wanted to kill Teach in revenge and got captured, just in the original story.

Roja listened to Ace then closed his eyes again and leaned back on the chair.

Ace was as impulsive as Luffy, Roja already taught him a lesson, so he gets rid of this attitude, but it was of no use.

Compared to Ace, Roja wasn’t that much difference, well it’s just that he didn’t want to think about things in a complicated way, and he could also solve the problems himself even if it gets chaotic.

Having the power to deal with the consequences of one’s action, this is the difference between the two.

“No! I won’t let you go!”

Everything was going according to the original story.

Whitebeard took the blame of Ace’s fault, no matter what, he recognized Ace as his son, his family. As long as he didn’t do anything like hurting his comrades, Whitebeard won’t care.

The captains under Whitebeard had the same thought. Although Ace’s impulse caused this situation, they won’t abandon him.

“Ace, wait there, we will save you!”

“Get ready to die, Marines!”

The captains shouted loudly, and finally, it seems like the war is starting.

Just in a moment, the entire headquarters trembled and countless people were in terror. When they looked around, they almost threw the weapons in their hands.

In the distance, two huge waves, one on the right and the other on the left, were heading toward them. The whole headquarters was sandwiched between them.

At this moment, countless people were at a loss.

The war of the best started.