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G.O.S.S Chapter 332: Fujitora!

Huala la!

As the two waves got closer, Marines were getting scared and other were still in shock.

The one standing on Roja’s side moved.


Aokiji’s figure flashed and arrived at the water, his palms touched it, and suddenly the two waves that were falling on the turned into Ice.

“Ice Age!”

The Waves turned to Ice, and cold air broke out into the battlefield.

All witnesses were shocked.

Just a move from Aokiji solved the crisis and made the scared Marines regain their calm.

“Oh, we’re saved!”

“It’s Admiral Aokiji’s power!”

Numerous Marines looked at Aokiji with Awe and warship.

Whitebeard looked up straight ahead and said: “Aokiji… you little brat!”

Aokiji looked at Whitebeard directly without fear. His hands waved, and a few Ice spears suddenly appeared in the air and rushed toward Whitebeard.

Whitebeard snorted and punched on the side.

He hit the air like it was an invisible mirror which caused it to break and a horrible shock suddenly spread.


The spears of Aokiji broke directly, and the cracks seemed to reach his body.


Aokiji quickly turned into ice, and his body broke then turned into ice and fell on the sea.

The pieces gathered, and Aokiji reappeared again. He directly pressed his hand on the sea and froze it.


“Destroy the Moby Dick!”

The Marines in charge of the heavy artillery saw Aokiji and Whitebeard move, so they directly shot at the Moby dick!

Such heavy artilleries were too strong, and even Whitebeard won’t underestimate them.

“The sea is frozen!”

“Let’s go down and fight!”

Whitebeard’s crews weren’t scared at all. Instead, they were somewhat excited and grinning.

“Let them see our powers!”

The flower sword Vista smiled. He waved his sword and let a group of captains and pirates and launched an attack on the Marines.

The Marines readied their weapons and rushed together toward Whitebeard’s pirates. Among them were Tashigi, Smoker and the others.

The war finally started.

On the forefront of the harbor, Fujitora dressed in his Marine uniform saw the war start, and his face sank. He took two steps and placed his sword in front of him.

“Since it’s started, this old man will make his move…”

After saying this, Fujitora turned toward Akainu and said: “I will make a move first, Sakazuki-san.”

Akainu folded his arm and responded indifferently: “You alone?”

Fujitora did not pay attention to Akainu’s response. He took his sword out and waved it toward the sky. Suddenly a purple spiral light shot toward the sky and disappeared.

Both Akainu and Fujitora could be said to stand on the highest position. So Fujitora’s move was seen by most people.

“What happened?”

“What did he do?”

Many pirates were puzzled by this mysterious man and couldn’t help but look toward the sky with uncertainty.

And at this moment, the expressions on their faces changed.


“Is this a joke?”

They saw a large meteor coming down from the sky wrapped in flames.


“This is… Fujitora-san’s ability…”

Not only the pirates but even most Marines only saw this for the first time. Their faces were full of shock.

Although Fujitora wasn’t an admiral, he was standing in the same place and had some prestige in the Marine!

“What a fancy attack!”

Whitebeard looked up and saw the falling Meteor. His face sand slightly. He licked his lips and punched directly toward the sky.


Under this punch, the air cracked, and the sky seemed to shatter.

At the next moment, The shock and the meteor collided.


An earth-shattering sound made everyone’s ears humming. Deafening wasn’t enough to describe that sound. Whitebeard destroyed the falling meteor.

“Even if you can make some fancy moves several people could obtain that kind of strength…”

Although Whitebeard destroyed the Meteor, Fujitora’s power was remembered by countless people.

Akainu’s arms were still folded as he said indifferently: “It seems that your attack is useless.”


Fujitora wasn’t angry. Instead, he smiled and touched his head and said: “I’m still not powerful enough and still need to work hard. It was just a small test, and the good fight should start now.”

This attack made Whitebeard’s pirates shocked. Marco, Jozu who were by Whitebeard’s sides looked at each other seriously and were ready to go down.

This unprecedented power of the Marine was too shocking. Even if Roja doesn’t exist and Garp doesn’t move, counting only Fujitora, Akainu, Aokiji, Kisaru and Sengoku, they have five people with the power of an Admiral.

Roja was still sitting without moving.

He just sat there, and only that made the Pirates face a huge pressure!