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G.O.S.S Chapter 333: The War Is Heating Up!

The situation seemed extremely bad as the war finally started and the Whitebeard pirates seemed in great disadvantages.

Roja sat down and didn’t look up from beginning to end.

Whitebeard’s pirates didn’t know what to do, only Aokiji, Fujitora, Kisaru, and Akainu were ready to fight.

But at this moment, Roja looked up, and his eyes flashed slightly as he said.

“Coming out yet?”

Almost as he said this, a group of soldiers broke into the battlefield. They were rushing toward the Execution stand.

They weren’t pirates under Whitebeard.

They were the revolutionary army!

Sabo was leading them and officially joined the war.

The atmosphere in the battlefield suddenly changed.

“These are… The revolutionary army?”

Whitebeard stood on the deck and looked at Sabo with a strange expression.

Marco also looked at Sabo with some doubt. “This guy should be the second in command of the revolutionary army. Why did he come here? But his goal seems to be rescuing Ace.”

“Ace’s friend… Gurararara, Good.”

Whitebeard grinned, to have the courage to join this war to rescue Ace made him look at Sabo in appreciation. But the most important thing now is to rescue Ace.

On the battlefield, there are two groups, the ones that want to rescue Ace and the ones that want to stop the rescue.

The sudden appearance of the revolutionary army made the situation change again. Countless Marines shook, and even Sengoku’s face sank.

“The revolutionary army is coming? Why?”

Ace, next to Sengoku looked as if he saw something incredible.

“Impossible, This is impossible… You…”

Sabo looked at Ace and smiled at him. Although he didn’t speak, his expression was better than any words.

Ace, I am here to save you!

“Revolutionary Army…”

Fujitora who originally intended to suppress Whitebeard moved forward and arrived in front of Sabo’s group to block their path.

Sabo who investigated the power of the Marines before knew who was in front of him.

“The admiral adviser of the headquarters, Issho…”

“Do you understand what you are currently doing?”

Fujitora held his sword and looked at Sabo as he said: “Helping the pirates attack the Marine Headquarters, is this the intention of the revolutionary army?”

“Sorry, this has nothing to do with the Revolutionary Army. I just came to save someone…” Sabo took out his weapon and confronted Fujitora without fear.

“Can you let me pass?”

“That can’t be done.”

Fujitora’s face sank as he no longer spoke. He directly swung his sword at Sabo.

At this time, Sabo’s had a Quasi Admiral’s strength, and even if he isn’t Fujitora’s opponent, he could barely fight with him.

Boom! Boom!

Fujitora and Sabo started their fight.

On the other side, Akainu looked coldly at Fujitora that was fighting with Sabo then shook his head and looked at Whitebeard indifferently. Terrible heat covered his body and Magma flowed as he attacked the Whitebeard’s pirates.

“Ryusei Kazan!”

The attack spread widely. It wasn’t going toward Whitebeard but for his pirates. Suddenly the entire harbor was in Chaos.

After that, Akainu jumped, and his hand transformed into magma as he joined the battlefield.

“Akainu is coming!!”

Many people seeing Akainu join the battle were scared.

Akainu was guarding a base in the new world which was constantly attacked by pirates who were defeated by him. He was famous in the new world, and many pirates feared him.

Just when Akainu was rushing toward the pirates, one person suddenly rushed toward him and hit him. Akainu flew back directly.

“Diamond Jozu…”

Many Marine saw Akainu getting hit, and all of them were shocked and stunned.

Jozu had the Diamond fruit. His defenses were the highest, even getting hit by Akainu’s magma won’t cause him any damage.

“Diamond Jozu… Die!”

Akainu wasn’t hurt. He rushed again and started fighting with Jozu.

Jozu’s attacks weren’t that powerful, but his defenses were enough to fight against Akainu. He could drag the battle longer.

Fujitora against Sabo and Akainu against Jozu, the war is finally heating up.

Below the stand, Roja sat there with his eyes slightly closed, but he could see everything with Haki.

Fujitora and Sabo’s fight, Akainu and Jozu’s fight, even Ain, Smoker, Tashigi and the others.

He sat there without the slightest movement.


Kisaru looked at Roja and knew that as long as he is here, there won’t be any problem.

Kisaru stood up and looked at Whitebeard. A wretched expression appeared on his face.

“I want to minimize the casualties, so I will attack the leader directly.”


At the next moment, Kisaru’s figure flashed and appeared mid-air above the battlefield. Golden light shined, and it was difficult to look at it directly.

“Ki… Kisaru is here!”

Some people were terrified, and they feared Kisaru.

Kisaru overlooked everyone and looked directly at Whitebeard with his hands in front of him.

“Yata no Kagami!”

Biu! Biu! Biu!

Golden laze fell from the sky and directly reached Whitebeard.

After Fujitora, Akainu, and Aokiji, Kisaru joined the fight.