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G.O.S.S Chapter 334: Kisaru! Ghost Sword!

“This is too dazzling…”

Whitebeard slightly narrowed his eyes and said without emotions!

In the next moment, a figure flashed behind Whitebeard, that figure was wrapped in blue flames as he intercepted Kisaru’s attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The laser-like rain hit his body, but they were all blocked. Nothing could pass through and reach Whitebeard.

On the battlefield below, countless Marines and Pirates stopped fighting and looked at the air above.


When the last laser exploded, that blue fire spread its wings and waved them which brought a wind like a storm to the Marines below.

The Marines looking at this were shocked.

“Who is that?”

“He could block an Admiral’s attack!”

Under the looks of the Marines, Marco who was surrounded by blue flames showed an evil face as he said.

“Like I will…”

“Let you…”

“Attack Oyaji!”

Marco at this moment gave out great Momentum!

Kisaru looked at Marco in an exaggerated expression as he said: “The Whitebeard’s pirates are terrifying.”

Surrounded by the blue flames, Marco was rapidly recovering from the injury he suffered by blocking the last attack.

“Incredible, Facing Kisaru-san’s attack, he still hasn’t fallen.”

“It’s really a legendary ability.”

Many marines couldn’t suppress their shock as they looked at Marco in the sky.

Kisaru slightly narrowed his eyes as he said: “It’s the rare Mythical Zoan type fruit…”

“It hurts…”

Marco looked at Kisaru and his mouth slightly curved into a smile.

Kisaru’s eyebrows shook a little as he said: “Let’s fight.”

“Take this!!”

Marco smiled loudly and then screamed as the flames on his body thrived and wrapped his whole body, and then flew toward Kisaru.

“That is the captain of the Whitebeard’s divisions… Marco, the Phoenix.”

“I have never seen such a bird before.”

Kisaru’s face didn’t change. Instead, he was relaxed as he raised his foot to attack Marco.

Under the watchful eyes of countless Marines and Pirates, Kisaru appeared in front of Marco and attacked. Marco blocked and kicked at Kisaru.

Kisaru raised his hand and blocked.


Kisaru looked at Marco’s eyes and said: “This is very painful.”

“Stop talking nonsense.”

Marco screamed and slammed his leg at Kisaru making it hard for him to stay in the air. Kisaru directly fell toward a building and crashed into it.

Below the stand, Roja sat while looking at Kisaru’s fight with Haki. His expression was calm as he thought.

“If it were Aokiji or Akainu, they wouldn’t have crushed into the ground with such attack. It’s just like Z-sensei said: you rely too much on your fruit ability, Kisaru.”

Kisaru’s figure emerged again, and he wasn’t hurt at all. He looked at Marco in the sky and said: “It seems like you’re not so simple, let’s smash you then.”


After saying this, Kisaru looked at the Giants in the rear and said: “Giants force, pay attention to the sky.”


The Giants responded to Kisaru in an imposing voice.

These giants were several times bigger than ordinary people. Each time they drop their weapons, the earth would shake.

At this time


Jozu’s figure fell in an embarrassing state on the ice. The melting point was higher than iron, so it was difficult for Akainu to damage him using Lava.

And just as Akainu was chasing after Jozu, a fist suddenly slammed him from the side.

“Gosenmaigawara Seiken!”

Jinbei hit Akainu from the side stopping his attack.

After Jozu stood up, he glanced at Akainu and then looked at the giants in the distance. His face showed a sneer as he punched the ice under his feet. At the same time, he looked at the pirates and said.

“All of you fall back!!”

“Captain Jozu!!”

Seeing Jozu punching the ground, the pirates fled back as the ice started cracking.

Jozu’s punch was powerful and clever. He made the Marines go to one side then held a huge piece of Ice in his hands. It looked as if he held a hill.

“Take this!”

Jozu used every bit of strength on his body while screaming wildly as he threw the Ice at the Giants and the other marines.

“There is this kind of strategy as well!!”


The Ice piece was too big as if a hill was coming down on them. Although he threw it at the giants, it almost covered half of the Headquarters, and the Execution stand was included.

After getting entangled in a fight with Jinbei, Akainu looked at the giant piece of Ice and his brows wrinkled.

“it’s too late…”

Under the gaze of countless Marines the huge ice hill was coming down on them, and they couldn’t do anything about it.

Almost as the fear in their hearts grew,


Golden flames suddenly appeared out of nowhere and with a simple sweep, the huge Iceberg disappeared without a trace.

It seemed like a hole in the space appeared and swallowed it completely without a trace.

There was no great momentum with this attack, but countless people looked at it as if they were dreaming while they screamed in their minds.

“This is…”

Whether it was the marines or the Pirates, they couldn’t help look at the direction the flames came from. They saw Roja who was still on his chair, while a sword appeared in his hand. That sword was red and seemed filled with flames.

Silence fell into the battlefield.

The flame slowly disappeared, and the sword in his hands returned to its originally crystal clear state. Roja raised his hand and released it into the ground.

Everything was still silent.

Roja was still sitting on his chair without getting up at all.