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G.O.S.S Chapter 335: Whitebeard attacks!

“The Strongest Admiral… Ghost Sword!”

Everyone saw that Roja didn’t even stand up, but he still erased that big iceberg. This drove the moral of the Marines to the peak.

“Kill the pirates!”

“We have the strongest Admiral with us, they aren’t any stronger than us, don’t fear the Whitebeard pirates.”

The marines screamed, and their sounds were connected. Their momentum linked together as they started fighting again.

If it was an army of a country, then under this pressure they would’ve lost before even starting. But they were the Whitebeard pirates.

“Ghost Sword… Roja…”

Whitebeard looked under the Stand at Roja, who was worthy to be called the strongest Admiral.

Only in front of Roja, does he not know the outcome of their fight. Whitebeard jumped down and was going to fight in this war personally.

It was very different from the original story.

The Marines whether the power or momentum was already above the Whitebeard’s pirates.

Only by joining personally can Whitebeard’s pirates have a chance to save Ace, otherwise, they won’t be able to do anything.


Seeing Whitebeard coming into the battlefield, Sengoku became serious and somewhat nervous.

“Whitebeard is coming! Be prepared!”

Sengoku knew that once Whitebeard makes his move, the world will become upside down. Even if they prepare beforehand, they would still be at a disadvantage.

Whitebeard was holding his Bisento, and after coming down from Moby Dick, a loud sound arrived which made the entire battlefield stagnate.

“If you’re not afraid of Death, then you can come here!”

This roar made all the whitebeard’s pirates regain their powers, and suddenly the battlefield was filled with shouts from the pirates.

They raised their weapons as they screamed!

“Follow Oyaji! Kill the Marines!”


A giant raised his weapon and slammed it into Whitebeard’s head, but Whitebeard casually slammed his Bisento back.


The Air shattered, and the weapon in the Giant’s hands was directly destroyed under Whitebeard’s power of Shock.

Then Whitebeard put his Bisento down and grabbed the air with both hands and slammed them. Space seemed to distort.

Under this attack, The whole world seemed upside down.

The Sea, the Headquarters everything seemed wrong. Whitebeard has revealed the power of the strongest man that is said to be able to destroy the world.


Sengoku watched this scene from the execution stand and couldn’t help clench his fist. He took a deep breath, took out his Den Den Mushi, and ordered a full out attack.

This was also different from the original story.

Before there was also the order to speed up Ace’s execution time, but now there wasn’t any such order, and that’s because Roja said one sentence.

I will guard the Execution stand myself.

Sengoku believed that with Roja’s power, there would be no one who could reach the stand. In that case, there won’t be any need to execute Ace in advance. They only needed to destroy Whitebeard’s pirates completely.

What the Marines wanted is to end the Pirates era, Whitebeard was one of the symbols of that era!

“What a smart Move… As expected of you, Sengoku.”

After Whitebeard smashed the giant, he looked at the stand and saw Sengoku taking out his Den Den Mushi and making a call.

He held his bisento with both hands and slammed it directly in the direction of the stand. He was trying to destroy the stand.


Roja who was sitting down the entire time finally stood up and said indifferently: “Today, no one can destroy this stand!”

Roja stretched his hand and grabbed the void, Sen Maboroshi appeared in his hands, and then he waved it.


This attack wasn’t some secret move or skill, it’s just a normal swing of the sword. But it seemed to divide the world itself. He cut Whitebeard’s attack, the ground, and the wall on the side.

Whether it was a pirate or a Marine, watching this kind of power was too shocking.

Through the broadcast, people watching the war were shocked and lost as well. Even if they weren’t there themselves, they were still shocked.

Roja didn’t sit down again.

He stood there and scanned the battlefield.

Every time his eyes pass by a pirate, that pirate would shudder in fear. Looking in Roja’s eyes was difficult.

“Are you going to guard the stand?”

Whitebeard looked at Roja from afar, and although he could feel the power of Roja’s sword, he still didn’t fear him even though he knows that Roja right now was much stronger than last time.

He snorted and said: “Gurararara, do you think that you can guard it!”

Whitebeard held his bisento and wanted to continue attacking in the direction of Roja.

However, at this time, Aokiji launched an attack and froze Whitebeard into Ice.

“Do you think I will let you attack again and again…” Aokiji said coldly as he looked at Whitebeard, then continue: “Arara, your vibrations froze.”

Wouch! Wouch!

The Ice that froze Whitebeard started to crack, and finally, whitebeard broke the Ice and directly slashed with his bisento at Aokiji.

When the pirates saw this scene they were excited as they said: “He was hit by Oyaji, he is dead for sure!”

“No! It won’t be that easy!”

Aokiji’s body was pierced by Whitebeard’s attack, but he wasn’t entirely hit. He trained his fruit ability to the maximum so he won’t die unless Whitebeard attacks his whole body, but whitebeard still poured the power of Shock into his weapon, and it went directly into Aokiji’s body.


Aokiji’s body directly turned into Ice and shattered in all directions.

When it gathered again, Aokiji appeared with blood on his mouth, and his face was slightly pale. It seems like it was difficult for him to block Whitebeard’s attack.

Even though Whitebeard grew old and wasn’t able to use his full strength, he wasn’t as weak as he was in the original story, as he wasn’t stabbed by a sword and he also wasn’t hit by Akainu.