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G.O.S.S Chapter 336: Trap!

“Scientific Unit, it’s time for You to enter the battlefield.“

After attacking a few time, Kisaru who was fighting Marco, he said in a wretched tone.

No one knew whether this happened because of Kisaru’s command or just by chance, but the moment he spoke, Pacifistas started appearing from behind and shooting lasers at the Pirates.

Every Pacifista was extremely strong. Even Luffy and the others could defeat one with difficulty. And not everyone here is as powerful as Whitebeard and his captains.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ordinary pirates were defeated one after the other.

Whitebeard glanced coldly at the execution stand while pointing at it with his Bisento.

“Rush toward the square!”


Immediately, pirates followed Whitebeard toward the stand while ignoring everything around them.

The Marines, under Fujitora and Aokiji, retreated to the square when the Pacifistas started attacking.

After Whitebeard rushed in, the previous formation would be problematic, so they re-adjusted their formation beforehand.

Wouch! Wouch!

Finally, walls from all sides broke through the Ice and trapped Whitebeard and his pirates inside.

The walls were extremely tough, Only Kairoseki should be tougher. Ordinary pirates won’t be able to break through.

“Ryusei Kazan!”

After Akainu howled, a large number of volcanic meteors melted the Ice under their feet and turned it into sea water again.

Then countless Pacifistas’ attacks went toward Whitebeard’s pirates. They wanted to annihilate them directly.

Blackbeard’s ship was beside the Headquarters.

Unlike the original story, Blackbeard was extremely Jealous of Roja, so he didn’t sneak in but watched the battle from there.

“Hey… Are they going to defeat them?”

“No, even if he looks old, Whitebeard won’t fall that easily!”

Blackbeard looked at the live video and showed an evil smile. He turned to look at the person next to him and said: “How is the battle, Enel?”

“They are alright.”

The man next to Blackbeard replied.

If Luffy and his Crew or Roja was here, he would immediately recognize this person. He was Enel, the one Luffy defeated in the Sky islands.

After Enel was defeated by Luffy, he didn’t go to the Moon like in the original Story, but he was picked up by Blackbeard.

“Only alright? Hahaha, then how about you see whether you could defeat this guy or not, What do you think?”

Blackbeard grinned evilly and laughed. He pointed at Roja as he said.

Enel wasn’t that easily manipulated, even though Blackbeard was trying, it was difficult also though Enel was on his ship, Blackbeard could only ask like this.

He tried to make Enel fight with Roja.

“Ho! A swordsman.”

Enel glanced at Roja indifferently. Although he saw the power of Roja’s sword, he was the one who ate the thunder Fruit. Swords were conductive. In his opinion, no swordsman could win against him.

Blackbeard whispered: “So do you dare fight against him?”

Enel snorted and said arrogantly: “I will see what these guys are made of.”

When his voice fell, he already transformed into lightning as he ran across the sea toward the Headquarters.

“Oh… I’m afraid he won’t be able to touch the Ghost sword, but it’s good to let him join the war, it will make captain’s plan easier.”

Laffitte said as he shook his cane.

After Blackbeard saw Enel leave, he calmed down and said: “Thunder fruit… Although it’s one of the invincible fruits, it’s not the one I want the most.”

Not far from Blackbeard’s ship, another pirates’ ship was there.

It belonged to one of the former Shichibukai, Gecko Moria who was defeated by Luffy.

He manipulates zombies, on the battlefield, he would be really strong. He hates the Marine far more than he hates Luffy currently.

Luffy just defeated him, but the Marines let him down.

“Hey, that huge figure… Is he a descendant of Oz? I want his body… I’m not finished with the Marines yet.”

Moria was examining the situation. If whitebeard’s pirates were easily defeated, he would run away, but if both sides fight fiercely, he will join in and smash the Marine.

On the execution stand, a Marine came to report.

“Fleet Admiral! The strategy is going smoothly!”


Sengoku overlooked the battlefield as he listened to the report. Then he coldly gave an order: “Blast them, completely annihilate Whitebeard’s pirates without a trace.”


The harbor was surrounded by the huge walls and numerous canons fire at the ones trapped inside. Even the captains of the Whitebeard’s pirates seemed to struggle. After all, they didn’t have a foothold.

But at this time, Whitebeard looked at the walls, then looked at Sengoku and said.

“Gurarara… What an old trick, Sengoku.”

Whitebeard suddenly turned around, looked at Jozu and said: “Do it, Jozu!”

Under the command of Whitebeard, a ship hidden in the sea finally rose up and carried the people of the Whitebeard’s pirates onboard.

Whitebeard then jumped up and slammed his Bisento using his Shock fruit to the extreme.

In the face of this attack, Even Akainu, Fujitora, and the others couldn’t help but retreat without trying to resist.


With this attack, one wall finally crumbled down, and a path finally opened!

The situation suddenly changed. Sengoku was unprepared for this and could only feel shocked.


“Gurarara, I didn’t say that I only brought these ships.”

Whitebeard sneered at Sengoku, and his expression became serious as he said: “Charge up!”

With Whitebeard in the lead, the Pirates crossed the wall and rushed into the Square!

The final battle has begun!