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G.O.S.S Chapter 337: Temperature Fruit?

Whitebeard was in the lead with his Bisento in hands. Even though he was old, he still was the most powerful man in the world.

He shouted wildly, and a white halo covered his Bisento. He slammed it toward Fujitora and Aokiji.

Aokiji and Fujitora couldn’t avoid this attack because the Marines behind them would die if they do. Once they evade, the Marines will suffer countless casualties.

“Ice Saber!”

“Gravity Sword!”

Aokiji created several thick Ice Sabers while Fujitora used Gravity sword which released a crashing gravity at Whitebeard.


The White Halo collided with the Ice, and a force that seemed to bend space was around them.

Whitebeard was facing Aokiji and Fujitora, while Jozu was still fighting Akainu, although he can’t deal with Aokiji, dealing with Akainu isn’t that hard.


Akainu tried to attack Whitebeard, but Jozu didn’t let him, which made him angry. The punch hit Jozu, but the latter’s defense was too tough.

In addition to Jozu, Jinbei was also fighting, he was underwater, and a Fishman underwater was too strong maybe even Garp won’t be able to win easily.


Water was shot at Akainu like a gun and hit his body. This made Akainu stop his movement for an instant.

That’s how Akainu’s attacks were stopped.


Akainu was blue with anger, he was entangled by Jinbei and Jozu.

In this Chaos, Sabo fount the opportunity to head for the stand after defeating the Vice Admiral in front of him, so he directly took the chance.


Kisaru appeared in front of Sabo and kicked at him then said: “I can’t let you pass.”


Sabo’s face sunk. He practiced Haki but not too much as he was still a beginner so he could touch Kisaru, but it was impossible for him to win.

But as Kisaru blocked Sabo, no one was blocking Marco.

Marco directly changed into the form of a Phoenix and went toward the stand.

“Wait for me, Ace!”

Marco’s eyes were sharp, as he looked at Ace on the stand and flew at high speed.

But before he could get closer, Roja waved his sword, red golden flames wrapped around Marco.


Marco was burned by the flames, but he bit his teeth and didn’t retreat.

He used the fruit ability to the extreme and broke through the flames and rushed toward the stand.

Sengoku’s face sand, he clenched his fist and was preparing to attack. Garp bit his teeth and clenched his fist. He didn’t know what he should do.

At this moment, Roja under the stand suddenly extinguished the flames, and Sen Maboroshi turned from red to white.

“You are still too weak If you want to save people from my hands!”

Roja looked at Marco indifferently, and his figured flashed as he appeared in the air and swept his sword.

Marco didn’t think about defeating Roja, he avoided Roja as much as he can and even when he gets hit, it didn’t matter to him as he had the ability to be reborn.

So he directly gnashed his teeth and went straight toward the stand.

But something terrifying happened. As Roja’s sword fell, it wasn’t flames anymore, but white frost!


Under the unbelieving gazes of countless people, Marco was frozen, even his blue flames were extinguished.

Marco directly fell down from the sky.

“Captain Marco… was Frozen!”

“Isn’t the Ghost sword’s power flames? How come he is using Ice?!”

Seeing this, the audience was in awe.

Almost everyone thought that Roja’s ability was a devil fruit, and a devil fruit could only have one ability, but Roja had both Ice and Flames.


Marco fell down, and even the Phoenix flames were broken.

The blue flames reignited and Marco’s figure reappeared. He started at Roja stunned.

“This guy…”

That power was stronger at least ten times from Aokiji.

Although he recovered thanks to his Fruit, he lost too much stamina and his forehead overflowed with cold sweat.

Many pirates looked at Roja who was floating in the air with fear. Their heart trembled as they recalled the power of the last attack.

The most powerful Admiral in the Marine’s history, how many unknown abilities does he have?!

“Can that kind of blue flame freeze?”

Aokiji also saw this and was alarmed. Although Marco’s flames were blue, Roja could freeze it?!

He also felt that Roja’s Ice was much colder than his own.

Or… Maybe Roja’s power was cold not Ice!

Even though the ability is similar, they were fundamentally different.

“Roja, you…”

At this time, Sengoku looked at Roja and couldn’t help revealing his surprise.

Although he received the information that the pirates Roja caught in Shabondy shoto were frozen, but he thought that this ability was of someone else, he didn’t think of it as Roja’s power.

But Roja actually used Ice!

And this ability was even strong enough to freeze Marco’s flames.

“He has both Ice and Fire, does he have the temperature Fruit?”

Sengoku was amazed, there is really a temperature fruit that could change the body into Temperature. It has appeared several times in history, but it was rubbish, no one cared about it at all. It was one of the garbage fruits.

Sengoku found it hard to believe.