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G.O.S.S Chapter 338: Enel Vs Sengoku!

After Marco was shot down by Roja, he knew he had no chance to get past him, so he could only return to the battlefield and continue to fight with the others.

With Roja defending the Stand, Sengoku didn’t have to join the fight. The Marines and pirates continued to fight.

The destruction caused by Whitebeard was too horrible, even if an Admiral could stand against Whitebeard, it was impossible to prevent his attacks from destroying the headquarters.

The Battlefield was in Chaos.

And at this time, another person was about to appear here.

A few flashed of thunder suddenly burst over the battlefield and a person clad in thunder appeared just like a god descending to the mortal world.

It was Enel who was sent by Blackbeard.


Enel’s appearance made Aokiji and Fujitora pause their actions, both of them looked at him with different expressions.

Bathing in Thunder, just this could make anyone guess that he isn’t a simple guy.

Not only Whitebeard, but even Sengoku also looked at Enel with vigilance. Whitebeard thought that this guy was the hidden card of the Marines, while Sengoku thought it was Whitebeard’s.

At this moment, countless people looked at Enel in the air.

However, Enel said a sentence that caused them to be stunned.

Enel looked at Roja slowly and said: “Hey! Are you the strongest person here? Let this god teach you what strength is!”

When this sentence is said, Roja looked strange, as if he was facing a child.

When he saw that Roja didn’t move, Enel was furious and thought that Roja ignored him, so he immediately stretched his hand and waved it. A thunderbolt headed toward the stand.

Before Roja move, Sengoku couldn’t hold back anymore.

Roja’s only task is to guard the execution stand in this war before the execution begins, he won’t move from his place. Sengoku would not let Roja go face Enel, so he went himself.


In a golden glow, Sengoku transformed into Buddha and attacked with a palm.

The air howled, and a shock waved burst from his palm. It directly went toward the Thunderbolt and made it disappear.

“Where did you come from kid, this battlefield isn’t some playground you could come to as you please.” Sengoku looked coldly at Enel and yelled.


Enel snorted at Sengoku. He became angry. In his opinion, Sengoku insulted him, who was a god, so he coldly said: “Mortals, do you want to stop this god? You can try!”

“200 Million Volt Bari!”

After Sengoku transformed, the momentum he released was horrifying. Although Enel was arrogant, he wasn’t stupid. He knew that Sengoku wasn’t easy to defeat, so he directly used his powers.

Thunder formed around Enel’s body, and it swelled up, he turned into a thunder God. His hands were full of Thunder as he threw an attack at Sengoku.

White light attacked Sengoku, and no one could tell how many volts that attack was.

Sengoku faced this attack without fear directly.


A huge shock waved burst out, and the battlefield became lively.

Even though Enel’s Kenbunshoku Haki reached the peak, his Busoshoku Haki and physical strength weren’t that high, and Sengoku picked that up instantly.

At this moment, Sengoku was beating him up. But fortunately for him, the thunder fruit was one of the invincible fruits, and his usage of this fruit reached its peak, so even though he lacks in Haki and Physical strength, he wasn’t directly defeated by Sengoku.

The Marines still held absolute advantages.

At this moment, Roars from across the battlefield sounded, and the war was reaching the most intense moments.

Roja while standing in front of the Stand seemed to control the overall situation of this war.

Ace looked at the pirates falling one after the other while biting his teeth.

“Do you taste the consequences of your impulsiveness?”

Roja spoke to Ace faintly.

Ace didn’t answer, he didn’t know how to respond, he just clenched his fist while his nails pierced his skin and a slight trace of remorse appeared in his eyes.

“Being young and vigorous is good, but it depends on how powerful you are.”

Roja stood on the execution platform and looked at the battlefield below. He said: “I also like to be impulsive, but I have the strength to bear the consequences of my actions. I can afford it myself.”

“Your life is your own, it’s up to you to do what you like, how can you be so willful. After doing something this impulsive, you can’t deal with the aftermath yourself?”

Ace was silent.

He didn’t say anything back because he couldn’t.

“The pirates have nothing, they don’t even have a…”

At this time, Garp stepped on the execution stand and came next to Ace, looked below and said with a choked tone: “… But a family is different. Ace, you let me down… How is that any good?”

At this time, Garp could no longer laugh as usual.

He didn’t smile.

Roja looked at this calmly. No one knew what Roja was thinking at this moment.

If someone could know what he was thinking just a little bit, it would be Crane who was sitting under the Stand.

At this moment, there is an hour to Ace’s execution.