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G.O.S.S Chapter 339: Why not die!

Boom! Boom!

The entire headquarters was filled with roars as the war was at its height.

Whitebeard’s pirates, under Whitebeard’s lead, were moving forward slowly.

Marco and the others knew that it will be hard to reach Ace, after all, they were in stalemate now even though Roja didn’t make a move.

Even if they rush toward the Stand, they will still have to face Roja, and it would be hard to win.

The battle’s situation was constantly changing.

“Sky island’s people are so terrifying…”

Kisaru stretched a finger and fire a laser at Enel, while Enel could dodge without a problem. The two started fighting.

Enel was fighting with Sengoku, but the latter found it hard to hit Enel with his thunder fruit, so gave up on Enel and handed him to Kisaru while he went directly toward Whitebeard.

Kisaru is light while Enel is thunder, it was hard to tell who would win, but Kisaru’s Busoshoku and physical ability were higher than Enel’s, only his Kenbunshoku was lower than him, so the two were entangled together.

Enel was doing great against Kisaru, while Kisaru’s face was full of laziness.

Kisaru’s thoughts were like this, Roja was guarding the Stand, so no one could reach that place, so he just had to fight without any thought of defeating his opponent.

At the center of the battlefield

“Take this!”

Whitebeard roared and clenched his fist, then slammed it in the air. The air shattered like a mirror.

Sengoku facing Whitebeard made a palm strike toward Whitebeard’s attack which created a huge explosion.


After this explosion, Sengoku retreated two steps while Whitebeard stood in his place.

“Sengoku, it seems like you’re really too old, is this it?” Whitebeard looked at Sengoku and laughed loudly.

Sengoku snorted and looked at him without fear. The golden Buddha was like a sun.

“Is that so? Whitebeard, your strength isn’t comparable to a few decades ago!”


Whitebeard laughed and looked at Sengoku: “But it’s enough to defeat you! Do you think you can stop me?!”

Whitebeard held his bisento in both hands and smashed it in front of Sengoku.

Sengoku didn’t give in, he roared, and two golden palms held the bisento.


The force of the collision made a huge explosion again.

Sengoku was weaker than Whitebeard. Under this attack, his feet were embedded in the ground.

Whitebeard put down his Bisento and punched at Sengoku. Sengoku faced this with a palm and was pushed back again.

“Fleet Admiral Sengoku…”

Many people looked at this scene and couldn’t help swallow. They were terrified by Whitebeard’s power.

Other than Whitebeard, the Marines held the advantage in most of the fights.

His power was something else.

“This is… The Whitebeard, Edward Newgate, who occupied the world’s strongest man position before the rise of the Ghost Sword!”

Sengoku continued resisting Whitebeard’s attacks. Although he wasn’t easily defeated by Whitebeard, you could see complex emotions in his eyes.

Because, a decade ago, Garp was fighting alongside him.

But today, there is no Garp around him.

“Garp, you can’t escape you Grandson’s love after all.”

Sengoku sighed in his heart. He was actually worried what Garp would do in this war, and he was also worried about Roja.

So far, Roja seemed unshakable. He stood on the side of the Justice, which made Sengoku reassured.

Because of this, he chose to join the battle personally.

In this war, the Marines will win and must win.

It was necessary to prove to the world, that the Marines represent justice and even strong pirates can be suppressed by the justice.

“Come back!”

Sengoku resolutely continued to rush at Whitebeard without fear.

“There is still half an hour, after that everything will be over. You want to save Fire Fist Ace, in your dreams.”

Sengoku didn’t say this to Whitebeard alone, he said it so everyone on the battlefield could hear it.

This sentence made the situation in the battlefield pause a little, and suddenly, the Marines momentum rose while the Pirates were even more desperate.

“Not good.”

Marco and the others screamed in their hearts. Sengoku was still Sengoku, even if he is inferior to Whitebeard when it comes to rising morals, no one was better them him.

Whitebeard’s heart sunk, the pirates began to fall even faster.

“It seems like your brain is still working fine, Sengoku…”


Sengoku snorted and looked at Whitebeard.

Whitebeard took a deep breath and glanced over the battlefield. He looked at Roja on the Stand and suddenly stopped attacking. He took a bottle from his pocket and started drinking from it.

Inside the bottle was a crystal clear strange substance.

“After all…”

Jozu who was still fighting with Akainu saw this and couldn’t help reveal a pained face.

This is the solution he found. In this kind of situation, he could only do this.

This wasn’t a cure, it was like Ivankov’s healing hormones, maybe even more intense, which allows people who are seriously injured to return to their peak.

But after using it, the side effect was bigger than Ivankov’s, if whitebeard uses it in his current state, he would definitively…


“What is that!”

Sengoku saw the moment of Whitebeard, and a feeling of danger appeared in his heart. He rushed up and tried to stop him.

But Whitebeard smiled.

From the time he was heading to the Headquarters, he didn’t intend to leave alive. He was already 4 years old, and he didn’t belong to the next era.

He was willing to die in the battlefield rather than on his sick bed.

Why not die!


Under Sengoku’s eyes, Whitebeard crushed the bottle, and the liquid flew into his mouth.


Although Sengoku didn’t know what Whitebeard took, he knew that it was no good.

“Take this!”

Whitebeard’s power recovered to its peak as he slammed toward Sengoku.


The power of this attack overshadowed the power of Kisaru, Akainu, and Enel, it became the most powerful attack in this war.

Sengoku felt that the power has dramatically changed. But behind were Marines who couldn’t retreat. He could only face this attack while gritting his teeth.


Roars suddenly broke out in the square in front of the headquarters’ fortress. Countless people could only hold their ears and scream.

At this moment, the sky, earth, everything seemed to be shacking, whether it was Akainu or Akiji, both of their faces changed color.

Under this attack, the earth in front of Whitebeard shattered in every direction. The power of this attack defeated Sengoku and made him fly back at high speed.

The youngsters such as Akainu, Fujitora, Aokiji, were shocked beyond belief. They tried to resist this attack.

But, their combined power couldn’t help but collapse in front of Whitebeard’s power.

With one punch, Whitebeard swept everything in his way.

This is Whitebeard’s peak power.

The situation changed, their enemy seemed invincible.