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G.O.S.S Chapter 340: The Last Guardian!

The dust dissipated revealing the broken ground in front of Whitebeard.

Sengoku retracted his fruit ability, in his mouth, blood overflowed.

If he was at his peak, he could still fight with Whitebeard. But this time, Whitebeard exchanged his vitality with power, which was no longer comparable with his current state.

The Gap between the Yonko and the Admirals wasn’t that large, but this is only while whitebeard wasn’t in his peak.

At his peak, Shiki could fight with Garp for three days and three nights while also destroying half of the Headquarters. So what could Whitebeard do?

“How could this be… What was in that bottle exactly?”

Sengoku stood up while looking at Whitebeard with an ugly face.

Whitebeard looked at Sengoku, lifted his Bisento and Roared.

“Destroy the Marine! Save Ace!!”


Whitebeard’s power along with his roar made the pirates morals go up to the roof.

At this moment, Whitebeard’s pirates regained their power. Whether it’s Marco, Jozu or the Others, all of them burst out with incredible fighting power.

Whitebeard pointed his Bisento and said.


With this, all pirates retreated while Whitebeard smashed down, producing a huge earthquake with opened a huge crack on the ground.

The ground kept moving as if it was water not earth under their feet, which made the Marines terrified and retreated.

Sengoku once again used his fruit and transformed into a Buddha. He tried to resist this attack along with Fujitora who used his Sword to the extreme.

Under Whitebeard’s attack, even Fujitora and Sengoku together couldn’t help but step back, they couldn’t win against Whitebeard in this state.

Sengoku could tell that Whitebeard’s state won’t last long. Otherwise, he would drag the fight.

But he already set his life on the line which made him unstoppable.

Aokiji tried to resist, but he couldn’t stop him. If he is careless, he will regret it.

Enel didn’t fight with Kisaru again. Instead, he looked at Whitebeard who burst out with mighty power. His heart and soul shook as he didn’t expect this old man to be so strong.

Without his ship to create thunderclouds, it would be impossible for him to fight with this monster.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Whitebeard continued his violent attacks, and many Marines were defeated.

At last, Whitebeard rushed toward the execution Stand.

There was no pirate or marine in front of the Stand.

Only the last Guardian was there… Roja!

“We can only rely on Roja.”

When Sengoku saw this, he stopped. The situation would be wrong. He took a breath, gave up on blocking Whitebeard, and he turned toward Marco and Jozu.

At this time, Whitebeard was problematic, his power was something else, even if Sengoku were at his peak, it would be hard to fight with him now.

At this moment, no one focused on the fight between Aokiji and the others. Whether they were pirates, Marines, or the people watching the broadcast, all of them focused on Whitebeard and Roja.

The strongest Marine and the strongest Pirate!

“You finally arrived here.”

Roja looked down and said faintly. He wasn’t tall, but he stood on the stand which was higher than Whitebeard.

Whitebeard smiled awkwardly, his eyes flashed with sharpness and said: “Let me ask you, are you guarding the Stand or will you keep watching?”

“That… You can figure it out!”

Roja’s tone was light, he stretched his hand and grabbed Sen Maboroshi, then the black and White Shinigami’s outfit covered his Marine uniform.

At this moment, Roja’s temperament was different than before. Before he seemed to represent Justice, but now he seemed to have stepped into the darkness.

“Bankai, Daiguren Hyorinmaru!”

“Hyoten Hyakkaso!”

The sound came from the depth of his soul, without any emotion at all. The sound creepily and gently reached all ears in the battlefield.

Roja held his sword in front of him, and suddenly a cold force shot into the sky forming dark clouds, then a white hole appeared in the clouds. Dazzling snowflakes came down from that hole toward Whitebeard.

Whitebeard felt the threat. He didn’t know the power of the snowflakes that were falling on him, but he knew how to deal with them.

He punched at them directly.


This one punch seemed to overthrow the entire sky.

The Snowflakes scattered on the battlefield, and as they landed, beautiful Ice flowers instantly took place all over the place.

The Ice flowers avoided the Marines completely, but they fell on the pirates who were directly frozen into Ice.

“The power of this little kid is so much stronger than that Aokiji…”

After looked at the battlefield, Whitebeard looked at Roja again. He didn’t directly attack Roja because he was beside Ace.

“Ghost Sword… Do you dare come down?”

“Because I’m standing here, you’re not using your full power, so you want me to come down right? Whitebeard.”

Roja looked at Whitebeard in front of him and said with a faint voice: “Well I can… But even if I did come down, what will you do?!”

“Well, since you could get here, I will give you a chance…”

After saying this, Roja swept the audience calmly, he looked at the pirates then at Sabo and the squad behind him.

“There are still ten minutes from the Execution time, whoever can get here I won’t interfere with you saving Ace today!”


Countless people widened their eyes as they looked at Roja. Even though he was the most powerful Admiral in history, facing whitebeard in his peak was an arrogant thing to do.

“Damn Roja, What are you doing?!”

Sengoku clenched his fist and sharply shouted at Roja. He was worried that he will let the pirates rescue Ace which would cause the Marine to lose face.

“They won’t be able to reach him. In this place, even birds won’t be able to fly.”

After saying this toward Sengoku, he took a step and came down from the Stand.

Daiguren Hyorinmari, the strongest Ice power on the surrounding, if it’s not enough, then he will control everything.

“Bakai, Hakka no Togami!”

Daiguren Hyorinmaru, Hakka no Togami, Double Bankai release!