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G.O.S.S Chapter 341: Even birds can’t fly!

Roja jumped down and as soon as he reached the ground, a faint white light shined from Sen Maboroshi. It wasn’t Ice. It was coldness, pure coldness.

The coldness spread in every direction, and wherever it goes, the earth would freeze. If you break the ground, you could see that it wasn’t just the upper layer of the earth that was frozen, but every piece of sand froze.


Roja looked at Whitebeard and waved his sword, and a wave of Reiatsu burst out from Sen Maboroshi.

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

Under this attack, the earth in front of Roja blasted open and a huge ice flower condensed on the ground moving toward Whitebeard.

Whitebeard already released his Haoshoku when he saw Roja attacks. He couldn’t help move from the ground. He jumped up and punched the ground.

Almost as soon as he jumped, the earth under his feet froze, and a huge flower of ice bloomed transforming the entire area around them into an Ice world.


Whitebeard’s punch hit the ice flower and tried to destroy.

At this time, Roja swept his sword up once again.

“Hyoten Hyakkaso!”

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

A hole once again appeared on the clouds, and many snowflakes fell on Whitebeard directly.

After Whitebeard punched the ground, he held his Bisento and slashed at the sky.


This attack seemed to tear the void, cracks spread in every direction blocking the Snowflakes.

But there were just too many of them. Although Whitebeard crushed one layer, the snowflakes kept on falling down, and Whitebeard could only resist using his Bisento.

What’s even more terrifying is that with the Double Bankai, the Ice wasn’t just control of the surrounding. Daiguren Hyorinmaru controls the Ice around him while Hakka No Togami drops the temperature which made it, so everything turns into Ice, the two abilities complement each other.

If Roja wanted, then he could make the temperature in the Headquarters drop until the Absolute Zero. So in a way, his Ice Ability is far stronger than his Flames.

“It’s so cold!”


The Pirates and Marines which were close to Roja and Whitebeard quickly retreated as they felt the chill.

Negative 10 degrees…

Negative 50 degrees…

Negative 100 Degrees…

The temperature in the place where Whitebeard and Roja were fighting dropped sharply. At first, Whitebeard didn’t notice, but when he did, his body was covered with a layer of frost.

Whitebeard didn’t hesitate to use Busoshoku Haki to resist the coldness, but even with this, his body was being eroded by the cold.

“Gurararara, it’s a bit cold, it was so hot last time, but now it’s so cold… It’s really not fun fighting you, little guy!”

Whitebeard took a deep breath and could feel the coldness in the air as his lungs were about to freeze. He knew that if this continues, he would surely die, so he directly rushed toward Roja.

Before his weapon fell down, it was frozen, but the void seemed to be distorted due to his power.

But facing Whitebeard attack, Roja didn’t retreat. Instead, he attacked back.

“Take this!”

Whitebeard’s attack was covered by his shock powers. He tried to crush Roja directly. Roja’s sword was covered while using the power of the strongest swordsman in this world.


Roja’s sword collided with Whitebeard’s weapon.

At this moment, time seemed to stop for a moment.

Under the gaze of countless people, Roja’s sword broke Whitebeard’s weapon and the shock accompanying it.


Whitebeard held half of his Bisento while the other half fell to the ground. The earth under Roja’s feet distorted and collapsed. Countless rocks spread in the surrounding.

A huge pit appeared where Roja stood. Roja’s sword almost beheaded Whitebeard and Whitebeard’s attack crushed the earth under Roja’s feet.

Silence spread all over the battlefield.

“A good chance!”

Marvo saw this scene and quickly reacted. His eyes flashed, and without evading Aokiji’s attack, he directly transformed into a Phoenix and flew toward the Stand.

Can he succeed?!

Countless people saw this and felt nervous, while Roja and Whitebeard fights, there may be a chance to save Ace.

But, when Marco flew above the area where Roja and Whitebeard fought, something creepy happened.


They Saw Marco in his Phoenix form turned into ice and the blue flames around him extinguished.

Marco was shocked. Although he knew that this place was cold, he didn’t imagine it to be this cold.

At this time, he won’t be able to go back. As he was frozen in his state in the cold place, he won’t have a chance to retreat.

Everyone was silent witnessing this.

Countless people looked at the area covered in ice that even the Phoenix Marco couldn’t cross.

Whether it was pirates or Marines, they couldn’t help remember Roja’s words… even birds won’t be able to fly. Who can actually reach the Stand like this?!

At this time, the ground was once again covered with Ice as if it recovered.

“There are still even minutes.”

Roja stood on top of the Ice while holding his Sword without even a scratch on his body as he said faintly.