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G.O.S.S Chapter 342: Executed!

Whitebeard already pushed his Busoshoku to the limit, but even with that, his body was still covered with a layer of frost as if he was a snowman.

The cold was infiltrating his body while ignoring his defenses. If it weren’t his peak power, he wouldn’t have been able to resist this kind of power.

You should know that even Marco in his Phoenix form turned into Ice just entering this area.

The whole place was frozen, and no ordinary life form could live in this kind of environment. The entire area was covered in Ice as if it was an Ice age.

“7 minutes…”

Whitebeard’s face sank, after a sigh, he threw away the remaining half of his Bisento and grabbed the air with his hands.


The void cracked, and the entire headquarters seemed to shake. Countless people couldn’t even stand up.

“Take this!”

Whitebeard slammed his fist directly at Roja.

Wouch! Wouch!

The frozen earth broke and turned into a bottomless abyss spreading all the way toward Roja.

Roja’s eyes were indifferent, he waved his sword backhandedly and suddenly Ice Rose up and blocked the attack.


Despite Whitebeard’s power, the Ice shattered while blocking his strike.

As they shattered, they turned into countless white thorns moving toward Whitebeard. This wasn’t Aokiji’s Ice, but it was the Ice with an absolute Zero temperature.

Even if Akainu was here, he would be seriously injured if he was attacked like this.

Whitebeard tried to go directly to the Stand, however, being blocked by Roja, he could only stay and fight. He knew the power of Roja’s ice wasn’t comparable to Aokiji’s.

7 minutes…

6 minutes…

5 minutes…

Whitebeard continued to attack but was stopped by Roja and couldn’t move even a step toward the Stand.

In addition to him, the pirates and Sabo with his squad also tried to rush in, but they were stopped by the cold and could only retreat.

Vista seized the opportunity and sent a sword attack toward Roja, but it was blocked by the Ice wall Roja made.

No one could pass by Roja and reach the Stand.

The atmosphere in the battlefield became deathly… If you try to hear sounds, you could only hear desperate howls.


On the execution Stand, Garp who was staying with Ace looked at his own power and Roja’s power with complex emotions.

Ace was desperate while watching Whitebeard attacking under the Stand again and again, but he was blocked again and again by Roja.

“I didn’t expect you to be more determined than Garp…”

Sengoku was suppressing the pirates as he turned toward Roja and couldn’t help but sigh.

Roja said before that he would guard the stand and no one could pass through him. Sengoku was worried that Roja would do something against the Marines for the sake of Garp.

If that happened, not only would the Marines position in people’s view get damaged, but the world government and the five elders would have an excuse to get rid of Roja.

“That guy… can make such a decision for Justice?”

Akainu who was always suspicious of Roja looked at him.

No one knows what will happen at the last moment.

3 minutes…


In the end, only one minute remains.

The two executioners were already on the Stand ready to execute Ace. Everyone, even Garp who was beside Roja looked at this, he wanted to shout several times, but he gritted his teeth and endured.

“It’s useless, it’s just a Stand, do you think I can’t do anything to stop this from happening?”

Whitebeard gazed at Roja and then at the Stand. He took a deep breath and roared as he stepped on the ground.

The power of earthquake erupted. He no longer aimed at Roja but he tried to destroy the Stand directly.

At this moment, Roja walked toward the stand and froze it from below. The Ice nullified Whitebeard’s attack.

“This execution, you can’t stop it.”


Whitebeard released his Haoshoku trying to make the two executioners faint, but Roja released his Reiatsu and forced Whitebeard’s Haoshoku back.


The two Haoshokus collided, making the sky slip in two separate parts, but the executioners behind Roja weren’t affected.

“A full ten minutes… no one could reach the Stand!”

“Is Fire Fist Ace gonna die?!”

Whether it was pirates, Marines, or people watching the broadcast, all of them were looking at what will happen. They weren’t exactly looking at the Stand but at Whitebeard.

Whitebeard roared crazily and rushed forward, while all the pirates did the same thing. They weren’t even paying attention to Aokiji and the others.

But Roja waved his sword, and from the earth, a thick ice wall emerged in front of them.

At this moment, countless eyes gathered on the execution Stand.

The executioners’ foreheads were filled with cold sweat, but they took a deep breath and readied the spears in their hands.

Ace closed his eyes, and Garp also closed his eyes.

After blocking everyone, Roja also looked at the Stand while muttering something, and a look of relief appeared in his eyes.

“It’s time.”


Under the watchful eyes of countless people, the two spears moved toward Ace.

Almost at this moment, something like a bubble appeared around the stand for a short moment.



Roja looked at the Stand, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth as if he got everything in his hands.

This was being watched by people all around the world, Marines must win to show their power.

To do this, “Ace must die”!

But in this case, he can make it, so he seemed to die!

On the Stand, Garp suddenly opened his eyes, and a faint light flashed in them.

It turned out to be so!

Almost no one cared that Ace moved a little when he was being executed.

No one cared about the thing that appeared suddenly for a moment.

Other than Whitebeard, Garp, Sengoku and so on, all the other only saw that the two spears made their way to Ace’s chest.

The execution is over!