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G.O.S.S Chapter 343: The War Is Not Over!

Going back a little, three days before the war, In a quiet and concealed room inside the Headquarters Roja stood beside a window, looking at the Execution Stand in the distance.

“When it’s time for the execution, replace Ace with your ability. This is your mission.”

Trafalgar stood behind Roja as his eyes flashed. He looked at the prisoner in front of him that looked like Ace then looked at Roja, took a deep breath and said: “Doing this to deceive the whole World? This is just like you… But my ability may deceive everyone watching but what about Sengoku? It will be difficult to deceive him.”

“Sengoku… Huh!”

Roja chuckled and said mockingly: “Why do I need to fool him? Let him know.”

“Fire Fist Ace… Is he dead?!”

“Even Whitebeard wasn’t able to save Ace. The evil pirates should perish.”

“The Marine will win! Justice will win!”

Many people watching the execution were filled with joy as they cheered. They seemed to see the day when the pirates would get completely destroyed.

The light will shatter the darkness.

Of course, the war still didn’t end.


The sound shook the entire battlefield, as countless pirates were stunned and looked at this with wide eyes.

Marco was frozen barely recovered to see Ace get executed. He was stunned in his place while his eyes were wide open.

In the original story, Law could change places with another one under Doflamingo’s eyes without him noticing. Whitebeard’s captains weren’t better at using Kenbunshoku Haki than Doflamingo. Very few could see through this.

As Law expected, his ability deceived most people, but Sengoku and Garp weren’t fooled.


Sengoku looked at the Stand and ‘Ace’ on top of it and yelled. He knew what just happened. Although he seemed just like Ace, it was another person.

If this weren’t a public execution, he would cut Roja’s head and kick it.

Sengoku gnashed his teeth, and a blue vain appeared on his forehead.

However, Roja looked at him plainly. His eyes were leisurely saying: “Fire Fist Ace is Death? Is he not?”

Sengoku clenched his fists and loosened them a few time. He took a deep breath and shouted.

“Fire Fist Ace is Dead! Destroy the Whitebeard’s pirates.”

Sengoku knew that that Ace was only a substitute, but in the eyes of the public, he can’t say that. So he could just say that he is dead.

It didn’t matter whether this was true or not.

Whitebeard’s pirates couldn’t rush toward the Stand while Roja was guarding it, from the very beginning. The execution ended, and Fire Fist Ace is dead, this is enough.

With Sengoku’s roar, all the Marines cheered and their momentum surged as they began madly killing pirates.


On the other side, Whitebeard hand slightly loosened as he looked Roja in front of him and said while his eyes flashed: “Roja… You little…”

Roja faintly looked at him and gently raised his Sen Maboroshi and said: “The war isn’t over yet.”

“Yes, the war isn’t over…”

Whitebeard’s eyes flashed as he looked behind and said: “Marco! Jozu! Take everyone and retreat!”

Whitebeard didn’t say that Ace wasn’t dead. This is Roja’s way to do things, and he couldn’t say anything about it.

The entire Whitebeard pirates were sorrowful as they could do nothing.

When Whitebeard roared, the pirates pulled themselves up again and directly yelled in anger.


“Nasty Marines, I want you to die without a burial place!”

“Destroy the Marines! Avenge Ace!”

Countless angry voices sounded, even Marco and Jozu were yelling.

Whitebeard narrowed his eyes and shouted: “All of you! Do you want to disobey the orders of your captain?!”

As the voice fell, Whitebeard slammed his foot on the ground and shock broke out. The entire Headquarters shook and cracked from the middle.

“I’m from the old generation. I won’t be able to go along with you in this new generation so GO now, sons.”

Whitebeard released his Haoshoku, and the earth surged beneath him. His current appearance was that of a real King!


“Don’t hinder my fight! You stupid sons!”

Whitebeard was full of fighting spirit as he looked at Roja in front of him. Just because Ace was on the Stand, he didn’t go all out previously. But now there is nothing to hinder him.

Like Whitebeard, Roja was also suppressing his power because of the Marines around them.

“All retreat, the further the better.”

Roja shouted at the Marines who were already far away. He held his sword and faced Whitebeard.

“Such arrogance! Do you think that you could beat me?!”

Whitebeard Roared and moved. This time, he directly used the fruit ability to the limit and punched toward Roja.

This is a full power punch from Whitebeard. The power contained in that punch could easily destroy the entire headquarters if it touched the ground!

The final battle starts now!