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G.O.S.S Chapter 344: Kaido Arrives!

“Sennen Hyoro!”

Many huge Ice pillars appeared and moved toward Whitebeard freezing him.

Whitebeard used his Fruit ability to break the Ice Around him and got out.


Under his punch, the Ice pillars cracked and then shattered together with the earth below in an instant. And the power behind the punch continued forward toward Roja.

“Ittoryu… Frozen world!”

Roja moved on the ice while holding his sword and condensed Ice power around it then waved it at Whitebeard in the distance.

This attack seemed to freeze the void causing ripples in the air, and even if it was Akainu facing this, he wouldn’t be able to resist.

“Take this!”

Facing Roja’s attack, Whitebeard didn’t dodge as it was impossible to dodge. The attack wasn’t just a line attack, but it seemed as if it could envelop the entire world.

He directly punched using Haki and his fruit ability.


The sword strike and shock collided which seemed to divide the entire headquarters into two.

Under this power, the Marines couldn’t stand up as they were continually retreating and grabbing things around them so they won’t fall.

Only the two powers could be seen in the field with each occupying a half.


Under countless people’s eyes, Roja’s ice finally broke through Whitebeard’s attack and spread all the way toward Whitebeard, freezing everything in its way.

“Everything was frozen… Including Whitebeard.”

“Is this the power of the strongest Marine?!”

While looking at this scene, everyone felt shocked.

At this moment, people felt that Roja was stronger than Whitebeard.

The Whitebeard at this moment had the power of his peak, or even stronger as he took the thing in that bottle.

But even so, it wasn’t enough to face Roja using double Bankai.


Whitebeard was frozen while a crack appeared in the middle of the ice around him. As the crack spread, the ice shattered and whitebeard came out.

If he wasn’t stronger now, he wouldn’t have been able to shatter the Ice.

But even if he broke out, the cold already invaded his body, and large parts of his muscles were frozen, even his blood almost froze. If this was an ordinary person, he wouldn’t have the ability to move even a little bit.


Whitebeard knew better than anyone his current strength. He was stronger than his peak. He was already the strongest man alive when he was in his peak and only Garp, Sengoku, Roger could fight him, and they won’t be his opponents even then.

But now he was stronger than his peak, and Roja still could suppress him. Encountering an opponent like Roja made his fighting spirit ignite. He didn’t feel this kind of excitement in a long time.

Whitebeard rushed at Roja again.


Another confrontation between the two caused the earth that regenerated using Roja’s power collapse again.

The whole headquarters was shaking, and finally, it couldn’t bear this kind of strength any longer and started to break down.

In addition to Roja and Whitebeard’s fight, Sengoku, Aokiji, and the others were chasing after the pirates that were retreating. Although Sengoku and the others were chasing them, they could escape without much difficulty.

The war already changed from a rescue operation to annihilation pursuit on the Marine’s side.

Aokiji froze the sea so that pirates won’t be able to leave using boats.

Under the pursuit of the Marines, the pirates continued to fall.

This war was full of wins and losses.

But suddenly, the Marines looking at the frozen sea froze as they saw something and their faces changed.

Aokiji face seriously looked at the sea and said: “Ararara, he is here?”

“Weren’t they blocked by Akagami’s pirates? Why are they here?!” Akainu’s face was a bit ugly as he couldn’t help stop his attack for a short while.

At this moment, through the broadcast, people started looking at the distance.

They saw a black figure stepping on the ice made by Aokiji and moving all the way toward the headquarters.

A reporter watching this was constantly writing but suddenly seeing this, the pen fell down to the ground, and cold sweat covered his forehead while his hand shook.

“That is… The beast pirates?!”

The beast pirates appeared on the battlefield. A huge figure was moving on the Ice toward Roja and punched at him.


Roja who was blocking Whitebeard attack saw this and blocked Kaido’s punch as well, but he stepped back a few steps before landing smoothly.

“Kaido is here!”

Whitebeard looked angry when Kaido attacked Roja. His face sank slightly, and he looked at Kaido: “ What are you doing, interfering with My battle?!”

He was no match for Roja, but it was his business. He was enjoying his last fight, but Kaido came to spoil it. He couldn’t stand that.

Facing Whitebeard’s angry shout, Kaido didn’t answer and attacked Whitebeard as well.

Whitebeard face sank even more as he punched at Kaido as well.

“This isn’t a choice you can make, Whitebeard!”

After Kaido was sent back by Whitebeard’s punch, he showed a smirk and said: “I don’t want to fight you. I just come here to destroy the strongest!”

After his voice fell, Kaido stepped on the ground that cracked under his feet and punched Whitebeard.

No one knew what Kaido was thinking. He went alone to fight with the Yonko and also went alone against the entire Marines. So it’s not unusual for him to do something crazy. He just wanted to fight.

This is what makes him fearful. He was an existence that should never be provoked…

At the time where the war was about to end, Kaido’s appearance changed the flow again.