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G.O.S.S Chapter 345: Akagami Arrives!

Just as Kaido joined the fight, without waiting much, another group of pirates arrived. Many people looked at this, especially Whitebeard’s pirates. The one moving toward them was Blackbeard, Teach.


“Hello, Zihahaha, interesting, very interesting, I will have fun today!”

Blackbeard took his group and moved forward while opening his hands and laughing. After Kaido joined the battle, he finally decided to take his chance.


Whitebeard turned around looking at Blackbeard in the distance. His anger flared even more than the time Kaido interfered in his fight.

If he was fighting Roja and Kaido, Whitebeard would only reveal his fighting spirit, but facing Blackbeard, he was full of killing intent.

The killing intent reached the sky!

“Zihahahaha, Oyaji, how long can that state you’re in last? You have so much power suddenly, there is no chance that this doesn’t have a side effect.”

“I have sincerely respected and worshipped you, but you are old, and today you no longer have the chance to leave alive! How about I give you the last strike?”

Blackbeard looked at Whitebeard while laughing.


Whitebeard glared at him and suddenly clenched his fist and punched toward him. Roja didn’t stop him, neither did Kaido.

The thing about Blackbeard, Kaido heard about it, but it seemed ridiculous to him because if this happened to him, and Blackbeard escaped to the end of the world, he would still kill him.

“Even your subordinates aren’t disciplined, it really isn’t like you, Whitebeard old-man.” Kaido Snorted!


Whitebeard punch directly created a shockwave that moved toward Blackbeard without stopping by anything in front of it.

“Not good!”


The crew members of Blackbeard pirates looked at this in horror, and their faces changed. Blackbeard’s eyes flashed as he didn’t hesitate to retreat.

But this time, Whitebeard’s power exceeded his peak power. This punch hit the Blackbeard’s crew, and every one of them spat blood from their mouths.

Even Blackbeard himself who tried to resist with everything he got using the darkness fruit had a trace of blood on his mouth.

Under this punch, even while they were some distance away from Whitebeard, every one of the Blackbeard crew including the captain were injured.

When Whitebeard and Roja fought, they couldn’t judge how strong they were, but as he attacked Blackbeard, in just one blow, his strength was revealed.

Even Blackbeard was shocked because from far away, he could see that Roja blocked all the strikes from Whitebeard, he had the illusion that Whitebeard wasn’t strong.

Now that he tried his power, he realized how outrageous he was. Roja blocking Whitebeard’s strikes wasn’t because Whitebeard was weak. Instead, it was because Roja was strong.


“Only you, I won’t call son… You killed your comrade. You killed Thatch, and for that, I will kill you!”

Whitebeard glared at Blackbeard and rushed toward him.

But Kaido was a little impatient. He moved toward Whitebeard and roared: “This is too slow! Whitebeard, you are going to die!”

“Move away!”

Whitebeard angry punch blasted, and Kaido used his Busoshoku to the limit and punched back.

This time, Kaido was forced ten steps back, but Whitebeard was stopped.

“Hey, I say you lots… Do you think that I’m invisible or something?”

Roja held Sen Maboroshi in his hand and stood in his place casually. His expression changed to a plain one as he looked at Whitebeard, Kaido, and Teach.

“This is the Marine’s headquarters. Do you really think you can do as you like here?”

Roja’s words moved across the battlefield, causing countless people to tremble as they felt something inexplicable in their hearts.

Let the pirates fight in the Headquarters? Even if in the end they won, it would be still a failure, they couldn’t stop the pirates from fighting in their base in front of the whole world. The Marines can’t stop Pirates, how can they defend justice?

With the pirates here, without mentioning Blackbeard, Kaido and Whitebeard were absolutely terrible opponents that can’t be stopped easily.

If there was someone who could actually stop them, then it should be Roja!

“Whitebeard… Kaido… Blackbeard…”

Countless Marines were nervous, Roja dealt with Whitebeard before, and everyone was convinced that Roja was the strongest as he completely suppressed him.

But now, Kaido joined in as well as Blackbeard.

The Marine gathering all of its powers could only suppress Whitebeard and his crew. But dealing with Whitebeard, Kaido, and Blackbeard would be too hard.

Countless people were anxious and worried.

The battlefield was once again ignited.

Everyone once again saw people on the Ice moving toward the battlefield, and this person was Akagami, Shanks!

Akagami’s pirates arrived!

At this point, the three left Yonko’s as well as Blackbeard appeared here.

The Marine headquarters, Marineford was about to be destroyed completely, or so though most people.

At this time, Sengoku, Akainu, and the others stopped their movement, and their faces turned ugly.

If Kaido’s coming was expected and they could cope with it, Shanks’ appearance completely made them lose control over the war.

Not Counting the four people, Shanks, Whitebeard, Blackbeard, and Kaido, the people coming with them would make it somewhat difficult for the Marines to confront!

Even if Roja is there, It seems like the situation was out of control. Even Though Roja’s ability was the strongest in the world currently, and also if he can stop two of the Yonko, can he fight three?

It is simply impossible!