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G.O.S.S Chapter 346: 1 Minute!


“Oh, God! The most terrible pirates in the entire world are gathered here. Do they want to destroy the Marine?!”

Numerous civilian saw this and were sorrowful. They felt that the Marine would have a big victory this time, but just one after another terrible pirate kept on coming.

As if when they could see hope, they shattered it.

On the battlefield

“Akagami! What are you doing here?!”

Sengoku bit his teeth and looked at Shanks. In this war, the Marine almost won against Whitebeard, but Kaido and Shanks came to interfere.

The people watching throughout the world felt joy when the Marines were about to win, but the moment the Pirates arrived their dreams shattered.

Shanks moved forward step by step as he emitted horrible Haoshoku Haki all over the place. This made everyone around have cold sweat running on their forehead, and some people couldn’t help but take a few steps back.

“I’m here… to end this war!”

After a few steps, Shanks took a breath and shouted: “If this war continues, the order will collapse and this won’t benefit any of us.”

After saying this, Shanks looked at Kaido and said: “Kaido, I said that if you want to fight, I can accompany you.”


Kaido looked at Shanks with a sly look. He was looked down by Shanks which made him angry as he shouted: “Do you want to die?!”

“You can try!”

Shanks looked at Kaido without fear.

Shanks was facing Kaido while Whitebeard was facing Blackbeard. It seemed like the Marine didn’t exist in their eyes. But none of the people present thought so.

This is the Marine headquarters.

If they let the pirates fight here, then what are they? Where would their prestige go?

“What do you think the Marine headquarter is?”

Garp finally stood up and jumped down from the Stand, he clenched his fists and glared at Kaido and Shanks.


Sengoku saw Garp’s action and finally had a glimmer of gratitude in his eyes as he also resolutely said: “The Marine headquarters isn’t a place for pirates like you to fight!”

Sengoku, Garp, Whitebeard, Shanks, Kaido, Blackbeard… This battlefield held the most powerful figures of this world as a battle between them was about to begin.

The more time passes, the more worried everyone got. What if the marines lost this fight?!

No one dared to think what would happen if the pirates won.

The entire battlefield was silent. Whether it was Whitebeard pirates, Kaido’s crew, or the Marine, all of them stopped their movement and looked at their bosses.

Is it war or peace?

Through the broadcast, the people watching this couldn’t breathe, and each swallowed while waiting for the thing to begin.

And when they were all nervous, they heard laughter from the one who didn’t speak the entire time, Roja.


Both Sengoku and Garp looked at each other than at Roja.

“Ghost sword…”

Whitebeard, Akagami Shanks, Kaido and the others, all of them looked at each other than at Roja, but they couldn’t figure out why Roja laughed.

Is this the place for him to laugh?

In another world, Roja the Marine Admiral, on this occasion, he shouldn’t have laughed because the Marines were in a disadvantage. They were already in a very bad situation.

Under the gaze of countless people, Roja chuckled and lowered his head slightly. His eyes flashed, and he stood up from the place he was squatting in.

“I waited for so long. And finally… All of you gathered here.”


All of them are here? What do you mean?!!

Whether it was Sengoku, Garp or the pirates… They all felt inexplicable and didn’t know what Roja meant.

In the next moment, Roja turned his sword down, and at the same time he faintly said: “I can now annihilate all of you!”

Silence filled the place.

No one knew what to think.

Everyone looked at Roja and when they heard him say that they couldn’t believe what they heard.

What did he just say?!

Annihilate them all?

Is he joking?

In this place gathered three Yonko together with Blackbeard and Roja actually said he will destroy them. Where did his confidence come from?!

“Roja you…”

Sengoku new that Roja won’t give up and at most would choose to fight in this war, but he didn’t expect to hear such words.

Garp seemed amazed as he slammed his fist up and said: “More and more domineering. Boy let this old man help you!”

“No, Uncle Garp, you just look from there.”

Roja smiled and said calmly: “It will only take a minute.”

It was also the time for this world to understand what absolute power meant.

He gently released his hand, and Sen Maboroshi fell to the ground while he closed his eyes and pushing his Reiatsu to the Limit.

“Bankai! Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!”

Daiguren Hyorinmaru, Hakka No Togame, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi… Three bankais simultaneously!

When the tip of the sword touched the ground, it disappeared silently as if it merged with the void and nothing emerged from behind Roja.

There was no abnormality at all. If there was any, it would be the space around Roja that made it hard to breathe.

No sound could be heard.

Roja moved and took a gentle step forward, he appeared in front of Kaido and reached his hand gently and pressed it on Kaido’s body.

Kaido almost couldn’t move, as if his movement were slow due to the slow fruit.

Only Kaido felt this…


It seemed as if the coldness invaded his soul not just his body!


Kaido was stunned as he looked at Roja’s hand. He raised his hand to resist, but it was too slow.

People were sluggish looking at this scene.

Kaido, who was known to be an immortal, who caused countless forces in the world to fear him has suddenly collapsed into tiny ice crystals and scattered around no longer existing in this world.

At the last moment, Kaido was stunned as he didn’t imagine himself dying in Roja’s hands without any power to resist.

Kaido, the beast, has died.

Sengoku and Garp saw this, the entire battlefield saw this and were silent as if their souls were frozen. They couldn’t process what they saw at all.

Hakka No Togami had the power to bring itself close to the absolute zero.

Along with Daiguren Hyorinmaru, they could reach the true absolute zero and made the temperature around them reach close to it.

Adding Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, an extreme cold field would be born, the temperature in that field will reach Absolute Zero.

And this only the passive effect!

Roja could also make it reach beyond the Absolute Zero if he willed it… The power cannot be described as temperature anymore!

Under this power, even the undead body of the beast could not hold for a minute before collapsing.

“The cold field… Or you can say… The field of Silence.”

Roja strolled through the people in the battlefield. The impact of his action was too great.

His power was close to space freeze.

Roja walked all the way toward Whitebeard and with a sigh, he pressed lightly and turned him into an Ice sculpture forever staying like that.

Roja continued to walk toward Blackbeard pirates.

Dark energy emerged from Blackbeard’s body as the force of the darkness fruit tried to resist Roja’s cold field which allowed Teach to barely move.

But that’s all.

His speed dropped to 30% of the original, and in the eye of everyone, he was moving in slow motion.


Blackbeard looked at Roja who pressed his hand on his body and showed fear. After getting the Darkness fruit, he felt he was the strongest, but in front of Roja, his fruit almost couldn’t show any effect.


Teach wanted to ask for mercy but he used all his strength just to say that word.

But Roja just calmly pressed his hand on his body.

“You can join Whitebeard.”

Blackbeard together with his crew turned into Ice and broke down.

Roja continued to move toward Shanks, but he sighed and said: “You saved Luffy, and you dying now would affect Luffy greatly, so I will just let Luffy get stronger than you.”

Roja didn’t reach out to shanks and walked directly past him while his body was covered with frost.

“What the Hell! What kind of power is this?!”

Enel used his Thunder ability to the extreme, and he was able to move just like Whitebeard, but he was slow.

He was scared and wanted to escape from here, but Roja was didn’t let him.

Roja reached him and did the same with the others, Enel turned into Ice and scattered.

Everyone was silent.

The silence broke as Roja formed Sen Maboroshi in his hand again.

Everything ended in just a minute.