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G.O.S.S Chapter 347: End Of The War!

If Whitebeard at his peak had a battle power of 100, then Roja using one Bankai have a power of 90, and when he releases 2 Bankais, then he would have a power of 110.

As for using three at the same time, his power would be 150!

Such a gap for the people with power less than 100 is already too much. Crushing them would be too easy for Roja.

Just strolling he defeated them all.

“Is this a dream?”

Some Marines stood in their places as they couldn’t believe what just happened.

Tashigi, Ain, Hina, and others looked at Roja at this moment; they felt familiar with him yet strange as if the distance between them just turned endless in an instant.


Smoker also stood in his place in awe. He didn’t even know what to do while he held his weapon.

Whether they were pirates, Marines, or the people watching all of this, they all were silent.

The Dark cloud suddenly dissipated.

The Sun shone on the battlefield again.

“Admiral Ghost Sword…”

“Ghost Sword!”

“Admiral Ghost Sword!”

The Marines woke up from their daze, and all the suppressed emotions burst out at this moment. They were excited as they yelled and shouted all at the same time.

“Justice Will Win!”

“Justice Will Win!”

They shouted madly. The shouts resounded all over the world, and the countless people that were afraid of pirates were excited.

The most powerful pirates in the world were all defeated. The era will completely change, and the pirate’s era will come to an end!

The Sun was sending its rays over the battlefield dazzling the onlookers.

The Pirates’ hands were shaking while they held their weapon, you could hear the sound of weapons falling to the ground one after the other as the pirates lost their will to fight.

They no longer dared to fight the Marines. They were afraid.

Even if they were members of one of the Yonko’s crew, seeing Roja’s godlike power, they were fearful and could no longer suppress their emotions.

What was that power?!

What kind of power was that?!

At this moment, the pirates no longer had any thought of continuing the fight, even Marko and the others knew that Whitebeard was determined to Die but didn’t expect the war would end in such a way.

Blackbeard was also dead.


Sengoku, Garp, Aokiji and the other looked at Roja, even Garp was the most familiar with Roja at this moment could help but feel he didn’t know Roja at all.

The power Roja displayed couldn’t be described with the word ‘powerful’ anymore. They felt that he was completely above this world. He was like a god!

Even Whitebeard at his peak and Kaido at his peak couldn’t resist Roja’s power, Who in the world could defeat him now?

If there was something, then it would be the ancient weapon from the legend.

Roja stood in his place and glanced at Kaido’s crew and at Shanks and his crew.

“All pirates are arrested, if you try to resist, then you will die!”

Roja’s voice was light, but as he spoke, the voice resounded in the souls of those present.


Almost all Marine said at the same time, they lifted their weapons and proceeded with executing the orders. The Marines seemed even more powerful than before at this moment.

No one raised any objection on Roja’s orders.

From this moment on until the end of the war, Roja didn’t make another move. He just stood quietly and looked at the sky.

No one knew what he was thinking.

The Five elders decided that if Roja dared to release Ace publicly and acted against the Marines, they would directly remove him from his position and arrest him.

But, when they saw the scene on the battlefield, all of them were silent.

After a long time, one of them said slowly: “This power… Shouldn’t continue to exist.”

Another one faintly said: “Who can go against him?”

“We need to abandon the original plan.”

“It’s already impossible. With his reputation in the Marine, I’m afraid that it’s possible for the Marines to declare independence from the world government.”

Seeing Roja giving his order and all the marines do as he said, the faces of the elders were ugly.

They once again fell in silence.

After a while, one of them said: “We are not his opponents… Look for the Celestial Dragon. If he really wants to rebel, then we can only use our last power.”


The elders didn’t object. No one knew that they quietly visited the headquarters before returning to Mary Geoise.

The 22nd year after the start of the pirate’s era was also the year known for the fall of that same era. After the war ended, countless people rushed to the Marine to join. The Marines started an operation to annihilate pirates all over the world.

Under the leadership of Aokiji and the others, the Marine took the lead and completely cleaned the first half of the Grand line, and then stepped on the four seas.

The world was big, but under the Marines power, little by little the Era of pirates come to an end.