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G.O.S.S. Chapter 348: Attack!

On Shabondy Shoto’s shore, a ship was docked with no Pirate flag above it, that ship was Luffy’s ship.

“Now, the name Straw hat Pirates ceased to exist. The term pirate won’t be used again. As for your adventurer’s group name, you can choose whatever you want.”

Roja stood in front of Luffy and the others as he said.

Luffy wanted to say something but stopped. Although there was a rumor that Ace died, he had his Vivre card, and he knew that Ace was alive.

“For what you did for Ace… Thank you…”

Roja looked at Luffy and said: “Don’t thank me. I didn’t do it for you but for your Grandfather… But the name Fire Fist Ace no longer exists.”

Robin stood in her place and quietly looked at Roja and whispered: “What are you going to do next?”

Roja with his own hands defeated Whitebeard, Shanks, Kaido. This was already known all over the world, and even if they were in Impel Down, they still heard of it.

Roja looked at Robin calmly and said awkwardly.

“Destroy the pirates and then deal with some unsightly beings,” Roja responded lightly.

After hearing this, Robin grinned and with a smile said to Roja: “I wish you success.”

“You’re saying as if will fail…”

Roja rolled his eyes at Robin.

This action made Robin smile even brighter. Although he had so much power, Roja was still the same Roja.

After grinned at him Robin looked at him seriously and said: “You have to be careful. I suspect that the Ancient weapon Pluto is in the hand of the World Government from the beginning, and there is also the king… Anyway, their power is not simple at all.”


Roja shook his head and smiled: “If it was that easy it wouldn’t be interesting at all, would it?”

Robin and Luffy didn’t feel any pressure at all, but Zoro and Sanji felt a little bit of pressure, while Usopp and the others didn’t dare even make a sound when they were breathing.

Not until Roja turned around and left did they let a breath of relief.

“He is really scary. If he didn’t let us out, we would stay all of our lives in that prison!”

“Hehehe, He won’t do that.”

Robin looked at Roja’s back and smiled then said: “If he said he would let us out, he would do it. Even Ace was released by him… Luffy I really envy you.”

Luffy stood in his pace and gently took Ace’s Vivre card which pointed at a direction.

“Would you like to visit Ace?”

“No need.”

Luffy shook his head and smiled: “Ace has his own adventure. Let’s see who will reach the one Piece first!”



Both Usopp and Chopper showed excitement as they started their adventure again.

After taking a few steps, Roja didn’t leave the island but went all the way to a certain place.

“What would you like to do Rayleigh-san?”

Rayleigh looked at Roja and smiled: “There is no need for me to go to prison as I no longer have any value.”


Rayleigh looked at Roja again: “Do you know the origin of the world Government? And do you know what happened in the void century…”

“That doesn’t matter…”

Looking at the distant sea, Roja shook his head and said: “Even if the kings of the 20 countries established the World government, they are currently corrupted, and this is qualified for them to disappear.”

Rayleigh picked up a little wine flask and took a sip, then laughed and looked at Roja seriously: “What are you going to do? Even if you kill them, do you guarantee that the new ones won’t be corrupt as well? The history may repeat itself.”

“Repeat my ass.”

Roja’s words almost caused Rayleigh to spew his drink out.

It’s hard to imagine that this person was the one to make an end to the pirate’s era and was preparing to deal with the nobles of the world.

Cough! Cough!

Rayleigh coughed a few times and looked at Roja awkwardly.

Roja said leisurely: “I’m not so great. I’m no saint. I only do what I want to do. As for the future… I will let it when that comes, aren’t you the same?”

Roja didn’t have any idea of ruling the world or anything like that.

Rayleigh shook his head and laughed: “You’re a bit like Roger.”

“Am I?”

Roja turned around and left.

While walking, his Den Den Mushi rang, he took it out and picked up.

“Roja’s talking.”

“Reporting to Admiral Roja, the Pirates in the new world were dealt with under the leadership of Admiral Aokiji, and Fujitora and some of the pirates removed their flags and hid amongst civilians. We are working to uncover them.”

Roja nodded and said: “Well, that would take time.”

“In addition to this, many newcomers joined the Marine’s ranks, and adviser Fujitora recommended one to be directly an Adviser and proposed the codename Rokugyo for him.”

Roja’s eyes flashed a little as he casually said: “Let this matter be handled by Sengoku.”

Roja’s reputation in the Marines was beyond Sengoku right now.

Kisaru had no desire for power and Aokiji was completely on Roja’s side. Roja’s power in the Marine was already of a Fleet Admiral.

Well no a Fleet admiral, maybe better than that.


The Marine on responded and continued his report.

“The pirates in the first half of the GrandLine were cleared smoothly under the leadership of vice admirals. The six new supernovas were annihilated, and other pirates were also caught.

“Oh, Nice job.”

Roja nodded slightly.

Hearing Roja’s praise, the Marine felt the glory and became a little bit excited.

“We are inspecting the four seas, and a steady stream of recruits began joining the Marine. We raised the standards of joining, and there are still many people joining. As for the pirates on the four seas, it would be just a matter of time to clean them completely.”

Roja asked: “What about the expenses?”

“The pirates in the new world as well as the wealth of the Yonko were taken by the Marine and were used for the expenses. So we currently don’t have any problem in that area.”

Roja asked again: “Is there anything else?”

“The report ends here.”

“Good then.”

Roja nodded and hung up.

However, as he just hung up, it rang again, and Roja’s brows picked up slightly.


As soon as he picked up, he heard a scream from the other side, and he frowned and couldn’t help but ask: “Hey? What happened?”

“Ah, reporting…. We have encountered a large Sea kings attacks, more than one, we request Support…”


The sound suddenly stopped.

Roja hung the Den Den Mushi again, and suddenly it rang again. After answering, Roja heard an anxious voice reporting to him.

“Reporting, The fleet let by Vice-admiral Yamakaji on the way back to the Headquarters was attacked by a super large group of Sea kings, and all communications are lost.”

“Are they on the calm belt?”

“No… They are near Shabondy Shoto!”