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G.O.S.S Chapter 350: Quiet!!

“You… What are you?”

Bander Decken looked at this shocking scene, and his heart started beating like crazy and his pupil shrunk.

Shirahoshi stopped crying and stared at this scene in a daze.

“The person who killed you.”

Roja’s voice came from behind the Ice. He indifferently looked at Vender Decken and waved his sword. The Void seemed to tremble as the water swayed.


The attack spread over the water until it reached Vander Decken.

Nothing happened for a moment, but in the next second, the water split in two.

Under Roja’s sword, Vander Decken couldn’t react at all. He was cut in half with fear still apparent in his eyes.

“Vander Decken!”

The Fishmen on both sides were scared and looked at this scene stunned.

This sword didn’t just create an abyss on the sides but also one toward the bottom of the sea.

“Is… Is this a joke!”

“What kind of power is this?!”


Before they even escaped, Roja took a step forward into the abyss he created. He arrived beside Shirahoshi and swept his sword lightly.


Coldness spread from the sword turning the Sea on the sides into Ice preventing it from turning back to normal. A few Fishmen turned into Ice without any resistance.

Another Ice canyon was created on the bottom of the sea.

“He caused several losses for the headquarters; he even managed to deal with a vice admiral…” Roja shook his head with an unpleasant look.

After shaking his head, Roja looked at Shirahoshi behind the Ice.

How can Shirahoshi be used by them now, the change in the plot seems a little too big. He estimated that Luffy and the others are coating their ship right now.

Shirahoshi stared at Roja that killed Vander Decken. She was scared and fainted directly.


Roja looked at her with black lines on his head.

Is this really happening? She actually fainted?!

Roja had a headache, he wanted to ask Shirahoshi about what happened and all. So he broke the ice and entered the water.

Although it’s about 10,000 meters underwater, the pressure wasn’t much with his physical strength.

“Wake up.”

Roja moved in front of Shirahoshi and put a finger on her forehead. Of course, this seemed weird due to Shirahoshi large body. Even one hand was bigger than Roja.

Roja’s finger pressed between her eyebrows as he pushed a little bit of Reiatsu into her, but he encountered strong resistance from her.


Roja’s finger shook a little and was repelled from her forehead. He was shocked as he couldn’t get what just happened.

Her soul seems to be stronger than Whitebeard, Kaido and the others.


Shirahoshi was one of the ancient weapons, she can communicate with the giant sea kings, perhaps her soul power is special.

Thinking about this, Roja directly moved his palm and pressed again on her forehead. This time he didn’t try to simulate her soul but just gently injected some of his Reiatsu.

This time, Shirahoshi woke up.

“Oh, Waaa!”

Just as she woke up, Shirahoshi saw Roja close to her, and she was scared and fainted again.

Roja’s mouth twitched as he had more black lines on his head.

Roja injected a little bit of Reiatsu again.

Shirahoshi one again woke up, this time it was slightly better. This time she wasn’t scared into fainting again, but she looked at Roja confused with a silly look on her face.

When she slowly remembered what happened.

“Don’t… Don’t come over!!! Are you going to take my life? I… I won’t be afraid! I… Wu Wu!!”

Shirahoshi started crying as he tears blended with the sea water.

Roja felt his headache get stronger, he felt even if it was Hancock he knew how to handle her, but Shirahoshi didn’t even let him talk.

“Don’t cry, I want to ask you something… Can you stop crying? Stop crying!”

But no matter how Roja tried to comfort her, she still cried.

Finally, Roja couldn’t bear it any longer.

“Don’t cry! Be quiet!”

Shirahoshi was scared and didn’t dare cry again.

She finally stopped.

Roja finally sighed, although he felt a little guilty seeing her teary eyes…

After taking a deep breath, Roja spoke slowly.

“Firstly, I’m not here to kill you. Secondly, can you tell me what happened in the Fishman Island?”


Shirahoshi blinked and looked at Roja weakly. She was scared, but When Roja didn’t do anything for a long time, she finally calmed down.

After she looked at Roja, she couldn’t help say carefully: “That… That… Are you really a human who want to kill me?!”

Roja: “…”

Because he was at the bottom of the sea, he couldn’t move freely even though he had the ice power. After soothing Shirahoshi for a while, he learned of the thing happened in the Fishman Island.

Hody Jones, hate humanity and joined forces with Vander Decken, who broke into the Ryugu Palace and captured Neptune and the others. He took control of the entire Island.

If Vander Decken revealed Shirahoshi’s power and Hody learns that Neptune could threaten him with her, he would immediately kill Neptune.

After Hody took control of the Fishman Island, the first thing he did was raise an army so he could invade the world.

After understanding the situation, Roja couldn’t help but laugh.

Invade the world and rule it, who gave the Fishman such courage?!