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G.O.S.S Chapter 351: True Fear!

In the center of the Fishman Island, countless Fishman were lined up. They weren’t as disciplined as the Marines as they were somewhat scattered.

They had quite the powerful momentum, as most of them were evil. Their appearance was enough to scare children.

The Fishman Island home two kind of species, one is Fishman, the other is Mermaids. And you can barely see any mermaids in their lines.

At this time, the ruler of the Fishman Island, Hody Jones stood in front of this army and gave his speech.

“The weak Neptune and his royal family wanted to live in peace with the humans. He isn’t worthy to be a ruler of the Fishman Island. The revolution of the Fishman has been completed, and the royal family got replaced!”

“It is stupid to live in peace with mankind! We are ten times stronger than those weak humans. What qualification do they have to live as equals to us!”

Although Fishman don’t like wars, and most of them love peace, there is a minority that wanted to rule and the others weren’t as strong as this minority.

“We Fishman are the strongest, and we should rule the world! The rule of the weak Neptune is over! I will lead the Fishman to be the rulers of the world!”

Hody Jones shook his arms, and countless Fishman raised their weapon and shouted. The entire Island shook with their shouts while the mermaids were nervous and uneasy.

After Hody put his hands down, he gestured for a few Fishman.

“Bring them!”

Under his orders, a group of Fishman brought a few people with pale faces, and a few human pirates that seemed to lose their souls were brought up and kneeled down.

“See? These are the human pirates that came to the Fishman island not long ago, and they were defeated by us, Fishman!”

Hody grinned and waved his hand at the Humans.


Countless water drops like sharp arrow fell down on the Human pirates. Blood spilled over the ground, and the human pirates fell to the ground.

The blood didn’t make the Fishman fear. Instead, they were excited and bloodthirsty.

“Like these Trashes, we’ll let the Humans know what Fear is!”

Almost as soon as the Fishman were about to shout again, a sound not light yet not loud suddenly came from somewhere.

“Oh? What gives you, a bunch of seafood, the courage to call yourselves better than humans?!”


A light flashed in Hody’s eyes as he looked at the direction of the sound.

At the end of an empty street, Roja’s figure looked plain as he walked slowly toward them.


When Hody saw Roja, he suddenly wrinkled his brows as he said coldly: “How did this human come to the Fishman Island?!”

No one answered as they obviously didn’t know.

Hody glanced at the people around him. When he saw no one answering him, his face sank as he said: “Forget it, it doesn’t matter how he came, kill him!”


One of the Fishman around Hody smiled slyly as he raised his weapon at Roja.

But before he could rush toward him, his figure suddenly stopped, and he turned into Ice sculpture!

The audience was amazed.

When Hody saw this, his face changed, and he couldn’t help but ask: “Who are you?!”

“A Human.”

Roja said faintly.

Hody showed a bit of anger at this response as he shouted: “Destroy that guy!”

The Fishman saw their companion frozen and were all fearful, but under Hody’s orders, they rushed at Roja with their weapons.

Roja strolled as he gave a few glimpses to the Fishman as he was watching a bunch of seafood and said: “You want to destroy Humanity? Who gave you the courage to even think of that?”

When his voice fell, Roja swept his arm, and the Fishman were once again frozen, and this time even the street was filled with Ice.

The audience was in utter dismay, even those vicious Fishman showed fear and couldn’t help retreat while their hands trembled with their weapons.

Only Hody could barely keep himself calm as he shouted: “Don’t panic, he is just a human!”

While shouting, he took a bunch of pills and stuffed them into his mouth and felt an endless power in his body and his face showed arrogance.

“You lowly human, you dare to enter the Fishman Island!”

When Hody stepped down from his place, all the Fishman tried to take this opportunity to kill Roja directly.

However, Roja only looked at him with pity as he said: “You are like a frog in the bottom of a well, you don’t know what power is. Let me show you what true fear is!”

As his voice fell, Roja raised his foot and stepped on the ground with a bit of strength.


The entire Island trembled, the earth turned into Ice in a moment and spread all over the place.

Seeing this scene, Hody was shocked, and as the Ice spread, his body started turning into Ice!

Hody finally showed a bit of fear in his eyes. He couldn’t help but want to retreat but he couldn’t. He could barely step away, while half of his leg broke directly. No blood gashed out as obviously his blood froze.

Roja looked at Hody indifferently.

He deliberately made Hody’s leg break and didn’t kill him directly to make him know what true fear is.

Hody’s body was turning into Ice little by little while his eyes were full of fear. Especially as he looked around him to see the entire street collapsed and the Ice continued to spread.

It was just him lifting his leg and stepping on the ground, only this made more than ten street freeze with some of them collapse.


Roja saw the fear in Hody’s eyes. But the latter screamed and suddenly raised his hands toward the sky.


The Huge bubble around the Island was smashed but what was shocking that the Water didn’t rush toward the Island at all.

Almost at the moment, the Sea around the Island was turned into Ice and wrapped the entire Island.

“This… This is Impossible… This is impossible!!”

Hody roared as he couldn’t believe what is happening.

His contempt for Mankind was totally shattered by this scene. He couldn’t believe this scene. He eventually despaired as he completely turned into an Ice Sculpture.

After indifferently looking at Hody Jones being frozen, Roja looked up and saw the Ice around the Island. He undid the Bankai and touched the back of his head and said.

“Ah, It seems… I just did a bit too much.”