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G.O.S.S Chapter 352: Processing!

In the Ryugu Palace inside the Fishman Island, after the group of Hody Jones was defeated, Neptune and the others were released while looking a bit awkward.

“Thank you for your assistance!”

Neptune gave Roja his thanks. As the king of the Fishman Island, he knew of Roja’s identity. If not for his help, the Fishman Island would probably be in huge trouble.

Roja shook his head and smiled. He said with a slight sneer: “As the king of the Fishman Island, being caught and almost getting killed is really…”


Neptune was stunned.

The ministers around him were stunned.

“Well, let’s talk about the key points… Shirahoshi is Poseidon, one of the Three Ancient weapons. How will you deal with that?”

Roja looked at Neptune and the others as he said.

The Sea kings are very powerful. Those Giant ones can easily destroy an Island. Their destructive power isn’t in anyway inferior to Whitebeard. Adding their large numbers, Destroying the world isn’t impossible.

When Pluto is able to Destroy the Islands, the Sea-kings controlled by Poseidon could do the same easily. The power of Uranus is almost unknown.

“This is…”

Neptune was awkward and didn’t know what to do.

The news of Shirahoshi being Poseidon was hidden. But now the entire island knew that and sooner or later the whole world would also know. They couldn’t deal with a single Hody Jones, let alone deal with the major forces in the world.

It was too difficult to keep Shirahoshi, but it’s impossible to give her away. Shirahoshi was his daughter, how can he hand over his daughter?

“What do you suggest…”

One of the ministers saw Neptune couldn’t make a decision, could only carefully looked at Roja and asked.

Roja looked up and said: “The location of the Fishman Island is quite good. It’s not far from Shabondy Shoto, and it’s close to the Marine Headquarters.”

“Shirahoshi is Poseidon, and I can’t just sit idly when such power is on the loose. The previous Incident made me quite mad. If this power falls in the wrong hands…”

Roja’s face showed a sneer. Although he wasn’t afraid of the Sea Kings, if the Sea Kings attacked someplace he wasn’t near, it would be bad.

Since the news about Shirahoshi won’t be contained, it’s impossible to let Shirahoshi without any protection. Only he can settle this problem.

When they heard Roja’s words, Neptune sighed in relief as he was afraid that Roja would ignore this. If he did it would be a huge problem. Since Roja was willing to deal with it, it’s much better. Even if he gave harsh conditions, as long as the Fishman Island isn’t destroyed, he is willing to take anything.

“It’s not impossible for Fishman and Human to coexist. After a while moves the Fishman Island above the sea. I will station Marines nearby and won’t interfere with anything you do, but if another accident happens, the Marines will contain them, any problems?”

“No problem, no problem!”

Neptune nodded again and again. He thought Roja would make some harsh demands, but was he willing to not interfere with the management rights of the Island, he also gave them the right to coexist which surprised him.

And the last thing he said seemed to implement that they will interfere with the rule of the Fishman Island, but in fact, it’s a way of protection to them.

As for the relocation of the Island, Neptune had long suggested this but because some events, it couldn’t be implemented. Now If the Marines will be stationed and protect them, there is no problem.

Who dares to challenge the Authority of the Marine today?

Although Neptune was detained for many days, he knew what happened during these days. The whole world is trying to annihilate pirates.

“No problem…”

Roja nodded, and the serious expression disappeared, and a smile appeared in his face as he looked at the scenery outside and said: “The scenery good in the Fishman Island.”

Neptune relaxed and smiled: “I have already made preparations for the banquet. Since you are interested, why not take a look at the Ryugu Palace.”

“No, I will go myself. There is still a lot of things you need to take care of, don’t expect me to help you now too.”

Roja looked at Neptune and through he should give this to Fujitora to deal with. Not to mention the matter of the Fishman Island just stabilized, and he was less interested in it.”

After talking a bit, Roja walked out and wandered outside the Palace, while Neptune and the others didn’t dare to oppose Roja’s opinion and also Roja didn’t need any kind of protection.

After a few rounds in the Island, A fairy like building appeared in front of Roja which was the garden of Ryugu Palace.

Of course, Roja came here not to look at the beautiful Scene but to look for Shirahoshi. He was still curious about the power of the Ancient weapon called Poseidon because it seemed to be related to Soul power.


Shirahoshi who was quietly staying in the garden looked happy while picking shells and making a tower with them. She didn’t come out of her room for a long time and then was forced by Vander Decken as soon as he went out.

When She saw Roja, a bit of joy appeared on her face. He Rescued her from Vander Decken and helped rescue her father and the others from Hody, so she didn’t fear Roja anymore.

“Aren’t you afraid of me this time?”

Roja smiled.

Shirahoshi held her chin and smiled at Roja cheerfully: “Well, Roja-sama is a nice person.”


He inexplicable got the Nice person Card. Roja’s mouth twitched.

“I am not a nice person.”

Roja corrected her and jumped forward in front of Shirahoshi and said: “Don’t move.”

When Shirahoshi heard Roja’s words, she didn’t move. Roja stretched his hand and gently pressed it between her eyebrows, once again he tried perceiving the power of Poseidon.