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G.O.S.S Chapter 353: Killing Intent!

The World government and the Celestial Dragons mastered many weapons, they may not be as strong as the Ancient weapons, but they weren’t that far behind.

Roja was never interested in Pluto. As for Poseidon, because he had contact with it, he wanted to know what it is.

This time, because Shirahoshi didn’t have any defense against Roja, Roja easily inspected her soul.

Under careful inspection, Roja found that Shirahoshi’s soul wasn’t that different from normal, she just had a strange ability that resided inside her soul.

It was just like Roja’s integration with Sen Maboroshi.

Of course, compared to Sen Maboroshi, Shirahoshi’s power was far from being as powerful as Roja’s.

Roja opened his eyes and took back his eyes and nodded at her slightly: “So this is the mystery behind Poseidon… Shirahoshi, I will ask you a question.”


Shirahoshi’s watery eyes looked at Roja with curiosity.

Roja paused a little then said: “You have the power of one of the three Ancient Weapons, the power of Poseidon. Do you want this power? If you don’t, I can remove it from you.”

Shirahoshi was stunned then revealed her surprise as she asked: “Really?”

“Well, I probably can do it.”

Roja nodded and at the same time, he said in his heart, this is Shirahoshi, pure, kind, and timid. She wasn’t eager for power and didn’t want the power of Poseidon.

And besides, she wasn’t suitable for the power of Poseidon, and this identity may threaten her for the rest of her life.

Shirahoshi nodded without hesitation.

Seeing Shirahoshi nod, Roja carefully looked at her and nodded while reaching his hand and pressed on her forehead again.


This time, Roja used the power of Sen Maboroshi and tried to devour the power of Poseidon forcibly.

Because Roja was protecting Shirahoshi, she was hardly affected by this.

The power of Poseidon was constantly struggling as it tried to resist Roja’s power.


Roja felt the resistance and snorted. He used more power and forcibly devoured it then took back his Reiatsu.

After Devouring the power of Poseidon, Roja could feel Sen Maboroshi getting stronger. Although he expected it, he still had a smile on his face.

Because lately, improving his power was quite hard.

“Roja-sama, are you okay?”

Shirahoshi saw Roja retract his hand and blinked.

“It’s alright.”

Roja slightly closed his eyes and opened them again. He nodded at Shirahoshi and smiled: “How do you feel?”

“Nothing changed, but I seem a little bit sleepy.”

After that, Shirahoshi felt tired and couldn’t help but yawn then she suddenly fell in front of Roja and went to sleep.

This was expected.

Right now, Shirahoshi was too cute that words can’t describe her.

Roja picked Shirahoshi that fell on his shoulders and looked at her as he smiled at her gently: “Be happy, Mermaid Princess. This is what you wanted the most.”

After telling Neptune that Shirahoshi no longer has the power of Poseidon, Roja left the Fishman Island and returned to the Headquarters. He was prepared to send Fuujitora to go and deal with the Fishman Island matters.

But as he returned, he heard new that enraged him.


“Hancock’s identity… How did it leak out?” Roja’s expression was full of wrath, and the cup in his hands shattered.

Fujitora stood in front of Roja and explained briefly.

The cause was Hancock’s sister, Sandersonia, who had her cursed mark seen while she was in a battle with some of the Celestial Dragon’s minions and couldn’t cover it in time which made the news spread throughout the world quickly.

Soon, someone came to the conclusion that the three sisters had that mark.

Then, the Celestial Dragon realized that Hancock and her sisters were Slaves that were released by Fisher Tiger a decade ago.

The next thing, the Celestial Dragon roared in Mary Geoise to bring Hancock back to them.

“So this is why they sent the Cp0 to Amazon Lily?”

Roja said calmly.

Although there seemed to be no anger in his voice, the atmosphere around them repressed as if they were in hell.

The relationship between Roja and Hancock wasn’t a secret in the Headquarters, because he often went to Amazon Lily without covering anything.

Although Hancock identity as a pirate empress wasn’t glorious, she was the world’s most beautiful women. This was regarded as a romance between the two and everyone smiled when they talked about it.

So when the Marine received the order to bring Hancock back.

Aokiji was in a leave as he wanted a vacation.

As for Kisaru, he said that he was ill and couldn’t go to the sea for some time.

What a joke!

Although they didn’t know what kind of relationship Roja and Hancock had, he didn’t want to step on a mine.

The Admirals didn’t do it, and the Elders weren’t stupid. They certainly knew that there is a problem, but they still chose to attack Amazon Lily and sent the Cp0.

Fujitora took a deep breath and said: “You have to think about it. Although Amazon Lily’s people weren’t pirates for a long time, they still had a dark history after all… If the new of you intervening got out, your reputation may…”

Roja wanted to deal with the Celestial Dragon, and Fujitora knew this. This was the same as being the enemy with the world government. Roja’s reputation made the world government unable to take any action on him.

And this was something that the world government deliberately did. Once Roja made the first move, the world government would directly use this against him, and his reputation would be greatly damaged.

By then, they would have a reason to attack Roja.

But after Roja heard Fujitora words, he looked at him deeply and suddenly stepped forward. The black and White outfit of a Shinigami appeared, and Roja suddenly flew up.

“For eight hundred years… They have been sitting on their position for too long, so they forgot what fear means.”


A figure crossed the sky and went toward the sea.

At this moment, countless eyes looked at the figure in the sky with amazement as the Killing Intent coming out from him was suffocating. Someone is definitively going to die.