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G.O.S.S Chapter 354: Kill!

Amazon Lily, which was peaceful usually, had smoke rising all over the place.

After Hancock’s identity was revealed to the world, the forces on the island were divided into two. One was supporting Hancock, and the other felt that Hancock wasn’t worthy of being the Empress.

In the dispute between the two factions the Cp0 appeared which made the two faction stop and chose to defend first.

“Stop with the unnecessary struggle. When you escaped from the Mary Geoise, you are nothing more than a running slave!”

One of the Cp0 members wore a mask, and his tone seemed a bit old while fighting Hancock.

The Cp9 members being part of the Cp0 didn’t happen yet, so the ones attacking now are the previous generation of the Cp0.


Hancock made a kick which was blocked the Cp0’s weapon.

Hancock bit her teeth and said: “Go away! No one can defeat me here.”

The Cp0 snorted: “As a slave, you dare run away, no one in this world can save you, just give up.”

Hancock took a deep breath and looked coldly at them, then continued her attacks.

The Cp0’s leader was strong, he was as strong as an Admiral. Fortunately, after training with Roja, Hancock was stronger than she was previously and could hold an Admiral for a while.

But you can’t say the same for the others.

Hancock’s sisters teamed up with the warriors and fought with the other members of the Cp0.

In this way, the Island will fall sooner or later.

“You are not bad, but do you think your subordinates are like you?”

The Cp0’s leader couldn’t win against Hancock, and because of her charm he had a hard time keeping his mind clear, so he began to speak trying to distract her.

As soon as the leader spoke, Hancock heard a scream and looked back to see her Sister defeated already.


The leader of the Cp0 took the opportunity and attacked Hancock who retreated back after avoiding this attack with difficulty.

“You think you can defeat this Empress’s people!”

“You should care about yourself first!”

“Get out of my way!!”

At this time, the Baba appeared and saved Sandersonia and balancing the situation for a while.

They will go down sooner or later at this rate.

The only person who could save the island at this time is Roja.

But, will Roja come?

Nyon-ba wasn’t sure, because if Roja helped he would be betraying the World Government. And the world government wouldn’t stay still if he did. They would take the opportunity to suppress Roja’s prestige and regain control over the Marine.

The battle still continued, and the situation wasn’t in Amazon Lily’s favor.

The Cp0’s leader didn’t allow Hancock to go help the warriors so he could defeat her at the end.

Hancock was able to hold the leader, but the other members weren’t weak, so she was in an unfavorable situation.


Seeing Hancock about to lose, the Cp0’s leader said jokingly: “Who thought that the number one beauty was a runaway slave.”

He was taunting with eyes full of contempt.

The Cp0 member beside him was the same. He looked down on Hancock and despised her.

At this time, Hancock looked behind them awkwardly and stepped back a few steps.

The two looked at her strangely, but the next moment, both of their faces changed as they looked behind.

In the distance, a figure could be seen flying toward them full of killing intent, as the figure moved, the sea below it was turning into ice.

Roja was here.

At this moment, all the people of the Amazon lily looked at this with shock filling their eyes.

The few Cp0 members close to the island edge looked at each other and could see the fear in each other faces.

One of them took a deep breath and shouted at Roja: “Ghost Sword! Why are you here?”

“To kill.”

Roja’s face was cold, he suddenly landed on the island. His hand flashed, and a few members of the Cp0 turned into Ice and then collapsed.

Cp0 people looked at this and took a deep breath in fear.

They knew the Inside story, and they came here to trap Roja, but they didn’t expect Roja to really not care about his identity. For Hancock, he dared to completely destroy the World Government face and kill the Cp0 in public.

A member of the Cp0 with cold sweat running on his forehead couldn’t help yell at Roja with guilt: “Do you know what you are doing?”

Roja indifferently said and waved his sword. Ripples in the air spread and the earth cracked, the Cp members saw this sword strike, and before he knew it, he collapsed.

The Cp0 in front of Roja were like ants.

“Ghost sword! You are an Admiral, you dare to defy the world government and the Celestial Dragons for a slave?”

The leader of the Cp0 saw Roja killing the Cp0’s members, and cold sweat dripped from his forehead as he gritted his teeth.

“You are wrong.”

“I’m not the one defying you, but you are the one defying me.”

Roja looked at him coldly and said: “Another thing, Hancock isn’t a slave, and no one should dare to offend her.”

Roja didn’t know whether this scene was being broadcasted to the elders or not, but he was indifferent. His voice was filled with anger as he waved his sword.


The leader of the Cp0’s eyes shrunk as he couldn’t avoid the sword falling on his head. He died under this sword strike, and blood filled the ground.