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G.O.S.S Chapter 355: Elders, Get out!

The battle in Amazon lily gradually subsided.

Hancock’s sisters and the warriors looked at Roja with gratitude from a distance.

The Eyes of Nyon-ba were shining, but she was a bit nervous. She knew that Roja coming here means that he just betrayed the World government.

Will he decide to dominate the world!

Is it personal power or is it military power that ruled the world for 800 years!

Under the watch of countless people, Roja looked at Hancock with a soft smile and reached out his hand over her slightly messy hair.

“I will find someone to take care of this. Are you coming with me or are you waiting here?”

“I’m going with you!”

Hancock responded softly while looking at Roja, she felt blessed as if this was the happiest moment in her life.

“Let’s go.”

Roja smiled, took her hand and walked in the distance. Without needing a boat, both of them walked on the frozen sea.

Behind them, the people on Amazon Lily looked at this with relief. Not until they were quite a distance away did someone react.

“Hime-sama! Roja-sama! Where are you going?!” someone couldn’t help shout but Roja and Hancock were already far away.

“No need to shout!”

Nyon-ba walked with her snake stick as she said: “They went to challenge the world government that didn’t shake for the last 800 years.”

At the Center of the world, Mary Geoise which is the place where the World government resided for 800 years and even in the most chaotic eras, it has never been shaken. Inside a building, the five Elders gathered around a table.

“He started.”

“Good! This time, the Marine won’t have that many people siding with it.”

“Although we will still have difficulty commanding the Marines, it would be difficult for him to command them to attack us now.”

The faces of the elders were cold.

One of them held a video Den Den Mushi and stood up while saying: “Take this image to the Marines and order the removal of his Admiral rank!”

“I’m with that!”

“Yes, it’s time to do it!”

All of them were coldly talking as they wanted to regain control over the Marine and destroying Roja who interfered with their rule.

After the order was issued, one of the elders with a sword in his hand said: “Although we can remove him from his position, his power is too strong, and it’s a threat, how is the preparation for that?”

“The Celestial Dragons already agreed as Roja is their enemy.”

“That’s good.”

The order from the elders quickly reached the Headquarters, but the speed of executing the order was too slow, slower then they imagined. They encountered resistance from Garp, Aokiji, and Fujitora.

Even after some time, the order still didn’t get through.

And while the elders were waiting for the report, in the distance, two figures were walking side by side on the air. Where ever they passed the sea below them turned into Ice.

The sky began to dim, and the temperature started to get lower and lower.

After some time, when Mary Geoise was in their sight, Roja said.

“Wait for me here.”


Hancock nodded slightly and smiled at him.

Roja looked at Mary Geoise, and his eyes changed from the previous soft look to a cold one. As if the spring turned to winter, the temperature dropped to a terrifying degree.

“Five elders, Get out!”

The sound spread all over Mary Geoise like thunder, and as the sound fell, a horrible pressure spread all over the place. Countless windows shattered with the sound wave.

For eight hundred years, Mary Geoise was peaceful, and now because of Roja’s words, it turned into a mess as if God’s wrath fell on them.

The face of the five elders suddenly changed, Roja arrived faster than they thought.

They haven’t made a move yet, and Roja was here!

“Yes… Marine Admiral Ghost sword!”

“What is he doing?”

Countless officers were horrified!

People came out, and those who were loyal to the Five elders looked at Roja coldly and shouted.

“Ghost Sword! What arrogance, how dare you come and shout for the Five elders to…”


Before he finished his sentence, Roja glanced at him, and a horrible pressure fell on him. He slammed to the ground, and his body broke apart taking his life away!

Seeing this, the official of the world government were scared, and their faces paled.

Roja dared to kill in Mary Geoise!

A high ranked official showed unprecedented anger as he stood and shouted at Roja.

“You!! Do you know where you are? How dare you…”


Like before, not waiting for him to finish his sentence, a horrible coldness spread and the official turned into an ice sculpture, then broke down and scattered in the wind.

“Who else?”

Roja’s gaze swept across the world government officials making them stunned. They felt a chill in their backs as they didn’t dare look at Roja.

They have no doubt that if they talk, they will die without knowing how.

Roja looked at them from above, he suddenly looked at the building of the world government and waved his sword.

“I want to see until when you want to hide!”


The sword went straight toward the world government’s building.


Under the gaze of countless people, the building that stood straight for eight hundred years was cut in halves by Roja.

Some weak officials were so scared that they fell to the ground, and their faces full of fear.

“This is… The day for the end of that eight hundred years reign!”