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G.O.S.S Chapter 356: Ice and Fire release!


The world government’s building which was halved by Roja slammed down, and countless officials screamed and ran wildly in the distance.

At this moment, few roars sounded from the collapsing building, and six figures shot out and stood in front of Roja.

“You! To actually dare to destroy the world government building…”

The five elders got out full of rage as they looked at the building and one of them couldn’t help yelling at Roja.

The other four stood next to the other one as they had ugly looks on their faces.

In addition to the Five Elders, the sixth man was the world government’s commander in chief coldly looking at Roja.

“Are you out finally? I thought you still wanted to hide there.”

Roja sneered and said: “Is it comfortable to be the dogs of the Celestial Dragons?”


Hearing Roja’s voice, the elders were angered even more, and one of them released his killing intent as his figure suddenly flashed.

Roja snorted, his Kenbunshoku was already at the last stage, he could predict the future and didn’t show any expression as he waved his sword back.


When the elders appeared again, he happened to be in the position of Roja’s sword, he didn’t hesitate to use his ability again, and he disappeared again.

“Paramecia Fruit from the space system… You gained a teleport ability?”

Roja snorted and slammed his sword on the ground below him at the four elders as well as the Kong.

“Take this!”

The five of them yelled in unison as each of them used his ability to block this strike.

Roja didn’t just use a normal sword attack, he also used the Ice in his attack. The elders could block the attack, but the cold force still made them shiver.

“You think, you alone can control everything?!”

The elder holding a sword rushed at Roja and at the same time he waved his sword. A giant sword energy attack fell on Roja. He was at the level of a Grand sword master.

Next, another elder suddenly had his clothes shattered, and light appeared on his body he turned into a demon like Magellan. He clenched his hands and swept a black energy ball at Roja.

Zoan fruit, demon form!


The sword and black energy suddenly fell making an earth-shattering explosion, the entire island seemed to collapse.

The strength of the elders wasn’t the same, but the weakest one could compete with an admiral. The one using Teleport is even more difficult to deal with.

This lineup is even more terrifying than the Yonko!

Some official directly died from this attack while others were desperately trying to flee with their faces full of sorrow and fear.

And at this moment, a voice sounded from the ruins coldly.

“Do you only have this much of power?”


A Cold force suddenly spread out, and the land cracked and was filled with Ice.

The ice continued to spread until turning Mary Geoise into an Ice Field.

Roja took a step out while holding Sen Maboroshi, and a horrible momentum slammed into the five Elders and Kong.

“He is completely unscathed?!”

Seeing Roja completely fine even after their attacks, the Five Elders took a deep cold breath.

Although they saw Roja’s power in the war, they didn’t Roja and didn’t realize how powerful he was.

“Attack together!”

One of the elders said, and they all started to work together. Even the elder who had the teleport fruit and was hiding before was trying to attack Roja.

Boom! Boom!

How strong are the Admiral and the Yonko?

Almost at this moment, the Island shook, and dark clouds gathered on the sky. From the middle of the Island, the earth collapsed.

Numerous Celestial Dragons who were escorted by the Cp member and were regarded as the Gods were watching this scene.

After a loud roar, the elders looked at the center of the ruins nervously.

Inside the ruins, two sword strikes were shot in a cross shape making the dust disappear. Roja’s figure emerged again while wearing the Shinigami attire with no sign of any damage on him.

“It seems like you are really trying hard and using all of your strength.”

Roja’s eyes were cold and filled with arrogance. He suddenly stopped using Daiguren Hyorinmaru and Hakka no Togami and held Sen Maboroshi with both hands.


After a moment, Sen Maboroshi seemed to melt and split from the middle and turned into two identical swords, one in Roja’s right hand and the other on his left.

He held the swords in a cross shape and said.

“Everything in the world, turn to ashes, Ryujin Jakka!”


The sword on his left hand suddenly changed into a golden red color and endless fire emerged beside Roja.

Then he said again.

“Bankai: Hakka No Togami!”

Cold waves suddenly swept from his right side and in an instant, his right side was filled with Ice while his left was full of fire.

This is the power Roja thought about after the War, using Fire and Ice at the same time was tiring even though he completed it.

On his left was hell, and on his right was a field filled with Ice, Roja stood at the center like a god controlling everything.


“Cross Slash!”


The flame sword slashed vertically as it seemed to cut the sky on its way while the Ice sword slashed horizontally while turning everything in its path to Ice.

When the Five Elders saw this scene, they were awed, in the face of this attack they felt that they won’t be able to stop it.

“Block it!”

The elder with the teleport directly disappeared, and the other four joined force with Kong and used all of their power trying to resist this attack.

Can Roja’s attack be blocked that easily?

In the center of the cross shape, Fire and Ice seemed to merge and form a power that was even more terrifying than the last one.


Under this attack, The four elder along with Kong were defeated!

The elders’ bodies suddenly felt the coldness, and after a little bit, they broke under the heat. Their bodies couldn’t withstand the power of extreme cold and Heat. Their skin cracked, and blood constantly flowed.

One move, with just one move, four elders and Kong were defeated.

This scene made the Officials escaping look dull, they felt their mind screaming, and their eyes were about to fall to the ground.