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G.O.S.S Chapter 357: Pluto?

The Elders and Kong all thought hard about how to deal with Roja’s power that killed Kaido and Whitebeard, but they failed.

Just now, Roja didn’t even use that power, and they still couldn’t resist.

At this time


The fifth elder that used Teleport to escape saw how difficult dealing with Roja was, so he quietly went to sneak attack Hancock outside Mary Geoise.

Roja saw this using his Kenbunshoku Haki, he already captured his action in advance.

“Courting death!”

Roja ’s eyes flashed coldly, his killing intent shot to the sky as he waved his sword.


The elder that had just teleported beside Hancock, before he could attack, Roja sword already attacked him. He didn’t hesitate to give up on attacking Hancock and disappeared again.

After appearing again, he was beside Roja wanted to sneak attack him.

“You really thought I can’t know what you’re doing?!”

Roja’s eyes were full of killing intent as his right hand clenched Sen Maboroshi. The sword trembled as if it became illusionary.

Roja waved his sword back.


The elder disappeared again.

But this time, Roja sneered and directly slashed with Sen Maboroshi to one direction and suddenly pierced the void.


A scream was heard from the void, and the figure of the elder appeared again and fell directly to the ground, and his chest was pierced by the sword and blood spewed out of his wound.

“This is impossible!!”

His ability was Teleport, it’s similar to the door fruit but stronger.

The door door fruit open space anywhere allowing people to enter a different space and his ability didn’t allow him to carry others, but he can freely Teleport between that space and the real one.

With this ability, unless someone used Kenbunshoku to the Extreme and predicted the future, he can avoid his sneak attack, or someone who isn’t afraid of sneak attack, no one could counter this ability.

Roja’s Kenbunshoku Haki was at its extreme, and he could predict the future. Attacking Roja would be difficult, but he never thought that Roja could attack him while he was in the void.

“Nothing is impossible.”

Roja looked down at the elder and said indifferently: “You’re not the only one with space type ability.”

Since he got the Space build, Roja has been trying to develop it.

So far, he could only form space power around his sword with the help of his knowledge about them.

Void thorns.

This technique is just a prototype, as long as it develops even further, he could not only cover his sword with space power, but he could even create one.


The Elder stared at Roja and coughed blood. He was pierced by Roja in the void, and although Roja didn’t use Fire or Ice, the damage he received was not light.

He felt something in the void and avoided slightly if he didn’t avoid that sword would’ve hit his heart directly!

This is the end.

The five elders and Kong were defeated by Roja using just a few moves.

Roja held the flame sword in his left as if he was holding a sun and on the other hand, the sword glowed with a silver light as he attacked again, no one could resist this power.


Roja took a step forward, and the sword directly went to pierce the elder. He dared to attack Hancock, so he has to die.

The elder saw this and wanted to rush into the void, but even if he escaped, Roja used Void thorns on his sword, so there is no way to avoid this attack.

Roja stabbed the void with his sword.


The Elder fell down with blood on his forehead and unwilling eyes.

“It’s your turn.”

Roja looked at the other four elders coldly.

They didn’t die before, and Roja knew that. This time the elder tried to resist, but at this moment, they looked at the sky at the same time with joy.

“Do you think that you can overthrow the world government?!”

“Don’t be so happy yet!”

The four elder looked at Roja again and yelled.


As soon as they spoke, a sound spread all over the island, and the earth seemed to scream.

A huge head suddenly appeared from behind the clouds, and a huge black shadow appeared.


The world’s government official looked at the huge black shadow, and their faces changed.

Hancock looked at Roja that crushed the elders easily with a relaxed look, but when the huge shadow appeared her face changed.

“This is…”

Feeling the power of the Black Shadow, Hancock couldn’t help feeling nervous.

“Is this your last trick?”

Roja looked up at the huge shadow in the air. Its body was full of strange demonic pattern.

The world does have dragons; even Vega punk can artificially create one. It appeared before in the history.

But Roja knew, the atmosphere around this Dragon wasn’t like anything else.

This is probably the same as the Zou elephant, it survived for thousands of years, and perhaps it’s one of the legendary three ancient weapons.


An earth-shattering roar came from above. The Dragon seemed to have the power to destroy the world. It directly opened its mouth and breathed flames toward Roja.

The sky seemed to fall as the dragon moved. The power contained in these flames could probably destroy everything in this world.


Hancock looked at this scene and couldn’t help yell Roja’s name nervously.

In the face of this devastating blow, Roja wasn’t afraid, he crossed his sword and attacked the Dragon’s breath.


The Earth shook in all direction, and the few building that remained standing in Mary Geoise were destroyed by the collision of these two attacks.

The dark clouds dispersed and the entire island seemed to tremble, and the huge waves formed all over the sea.