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G.O.S.S Chapter 358: Disappointment!

The void trembled and roared continuously sounded.

Hancock nervously watched the center of the collision while biting her teeth as she resisted the idea of rushing over because she knew it would be useless.

The elders and the other injured people supported each other to retreat while each of them looked at Roja’s place coldly.


Another earth-shattering explosion sounded as the breath of the white dragon disappeared. The islands ground has been completely ruined.

The left side was shrouded with red golden flames while the other side was extremely cold as if it was frozen for thousands of years.

In the center of this, Roja stood holding his swords while looking at the dragon in the sky, his breath was slightly rapid, but he didn’t have any injury on his body.


He snorted with a cold face. Is this Pluto? If it is, then it should be destroyed as it was the trump card of the world government.


Roja stepped up and flew and waved his swords.

“Nitoryu… Extreme Destruction!”

This attack filled with destructive power as it headed toward the dragon.

The two forces wrapped around each other as they moved forward.


The Dragon roared as it felt the threat. It flew high as it tried to avoid the attack but it still failed to avoid it.


Under this attack, the Dragon roared in pain as it wanted revenge against Roja.

Its scales were hard, but they were still destroyed by this attack which made it extremely angry.


It rushed at Roja with its claws wanting to tear Roja apart.

Roja already knew this as he saw it with his haki. He avoided its claws, and at the same time he flashed on its head and slashed.

“Void Thorns!”


The Dragons scales were hard, it could even resist the attack from Fire and Ice separately, but it couldn’t stop Roja’s void thorns.

But at this time, the elders sneered.


“Do you think you can deal with it so easily?”

Almost at the same time as they spoke, the sword piercing the Dragon was repelled and Roja had to retreat.

That wound didn’t seem to affect it at all as it healed directly.

Seeing this, Roja’s eyes flashed. This powerful defense and regeneration seemed to be on par with Kaido.


The Dragon roared as it used its breath again. After avoiding it, Roja confronted the Dragon’s claws that rushed at him.

The Dragon’s body was huge, but it was extremely fast.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The battle between a Dragon and a human caused the earth to tremble with every blow.

At this moment, not far from Mary Geoise, Roja’s cousin, Monkey.D.Dragon was moving toward the island. But he looked from afar with his cadres from the revolutionary army behind him.

“What kind of battle is this…”

Someone swallowed and felt his heart shaking after every collision.


“Leader is that Pluto, one of the three Ancient weapons?!”

Hearing this, Dragon looked at them and shook his head: “No, I don’t know… But its power is definitively comparable to them… And Roja confronting it is totally far from being a normal human.”

Listening to Dragon, the people were shocked as they looked toward the island.

Indeed, Its extremely powerful and Roja, the Human, was fighting it to a standstill, what a monster!

Not just the revolutionary army, the things in Mary Geoise spread all over the world. It’s impossible to have a live broadcast, but the power from the collision could be felt from far away.

The war of the best only ended an era of 22 years of piracy, but this time, an era of 800 years would come to an end in Roja’s hands.

The battle of the world, a battle to determine the future of the entire world, this is what people called it later.

In this battle, whether the world government continues to rule over the world or a person turn to god overlooking everything in his way.

Boom! Boom!

The roaring continued making people’s hearts turn cold.

Roja’s held each sword in hand and was fighting with the White Dragon in the sky while the earth below them continued to crack.

The scales of the dragon were very strong, even Roja’s blades could only be repelled.

Even attacking with void thorns wouldn’t be able to kill the Dragon.

The elders looked at this scene with a sneer. It’s impossible for a human to defeat this dragon. It stood at the peak, it was like a god, they respect the Celestial Dragons because of this power that was in their hands.

“No matter how strong you are, no human can beat it.”

In the view of the elders, Roja can’t kill this dragon, and even if he wanted to escape, the Dragon was also fast and wouldn’t allow that.

At this time, Roja who was fighting with the dragon finally spoke in disappointment: “Is it completely controlled? It seems like I won’t be able to turn it into my mount.”

Roja’s voice made all the people fall down.

Is he joking?

Especially the elders who didn’t expect Roja to say such a thing.

“Is he crazy?!”

“At a time like this, he still wants to conquer the dragon and make it his mount?!”

Countless people were stunned as they didn’t know what to say anymore.