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G.O.S.S Chapter 359: The New Era (One Piece Arc End)

Just in the next moment, the look of disappointment in Roja’s face changed into one of indifference.

“Forget it.”

As Roja shook his head, a horrible momentum rose up, and suddenly the world seemed to sway.

The Dragon seemed to feel the threat and made a breath attack to stop him from moving.

However, Roja stood in his place indifferently. The swords returned to their original color and merged together returning to one sword again.


The sword seemed to be filled with destruction as a fissure in space suddenly formed.

At this moment, Roja waved his sword.

“Getsuga… Hakai!”

He was using Ryujin Jakka with Getsuga Tensho which made destructive power rush from the sword.


The power of this attack wasn’t three releases, it’s like it, but it’s difficult to describe… You could only know what it is from its name, Hakai!

The Attack collided with the Dragon breath, in an instant the breath disappearing without resistance and the attack slammed on the Dragons body.


The scales of the dragon, under this attack, were destroyed as the destructive power rushed into its body. After a slight pose, the dragon’s body exploded.


A loud sound and a huge smoke mushroom rose to the sky. The white Dragon ceased to exist after this attack.

Looking at this, all the people watching this including the elders felt dull. They couldn’t feel anything anymore.


Even the elders who were at the top of the world couldn’t help feel fear and wanted to retreat instinctively.

Roja’s figure floated in the sky as he glanced at the elders indifferently. Fist he turned back Sen Maboroshi to normal then said.

“Bankai… Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!”

And after that, he said: “Bankai… Hakka No Togami!”

And finally: “Bankai… Daiguren Hyorinmaru!”

When Roja’s voice fell, an extreme cold field spread all over the place.

Three Bankais, Extreme cold field!

The elders stopped in their places as if time froze, a horrified look appeared on their eyes as they couldn’t move anymore.

Roja raised his hand, and the figures of the elders suddenly collapsed into the ice.

The elders… All of them died!

Many people looked at this with shock and numbness.

Today, the 21 of March year 1521 (Author’s estimation)

On this day, the world government that ruled for over 800 years was completely destroyed. The Celestial Dragon’s met their end and the new Era started.

On April 2, 1521, the new world government was established.

The new world government had Cobra as its president, and Fujitora became the fleet Admiral while Dragon was now the head of the intelligence agency of the world government.

No one raised any objection to Roja’s command and Roja didn’t hold a position any longer. But everyone in the world knew that he is the master of the world.

Is there a god in this world?

If there is, then it would be Ghost Sword Roja!

The year 1522, any ruler of an island could participate in the world government conference.

On the same year, Luffy reached Raftel and completed his dream while Ace on the same year reached Raftel after Luffy.

Above the clouds, a temple was built on a sky island. Some people passed by the temple and saluted respectfully as the existence leaving there was something revered by them and worshipped.

In a courtyard inside the temple, Roja was wearing a loose white robe standing with his hands behind his back as he looked deeply at the sky.

“What are you thinking?”

Hancock came from behind Roja wearing a Cheongsam.

Roja looked at her and said: “I was thinking… about when I should leave.”

As he said that, Roja couldn’t help reach out and touch Hancock’s pretty face revealing a gentle smile.

Hancock let Roja caress her a little and leaned against him as she shyly whispered: “Mm.”

Hancock knew what Roja meant by leaving.

As she traveled with Roja around the world, Roja told her many things.

Compared to being curious about what he told her, what’s important to her was being by his side.

“Listen to me… Oy!”

Looking at the beautiful woman in his hand, Roja’s heart couldn’t help but be swayed as he screamed at Hancock.

“When that time comes, you could consider it, but for now, we have things to do.”

“Are you coming or not?”

Hancock blushed as she said seductively. Only in front of Roja would she behave like this, she was completely different from the overbearing.


Roja nodded seriously.

The power Sen Maboroshi originated from the Hyogokyu which have unlimited possibilities for evolution, but it also had the desire to consume the user.

When Roja was eager for strength, this wasn’t reflected, but he reached the peak of the world, his power rising anymore was meaningless to him which made the desire to consume resurface.

It was eager to continue to grow.

But it was integrated with Roja’s souls which could be said that eagerness came from Roja’s soul itself.

Roja knew that he might have to go to the Bleach world to get stronger…

This road is dangerous.

Roja knew from his memories that this world power was far away from being comparable to Bleach’s world. His power wasn’t enough to cross directly to such a world. He may have to go to another world on his way to rest.

Therefore, he tried to raise his power to the limit in this world before he set off.

Although it is extremely slow to improve further, Roja knew he had to reach the seventh stage before he crosses to another world.

In addition, he was studying the space building ability to develop it more.