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G.O.S.S Chapter 360: Settled!

A few years later, Roja was sitting in front of a table made of white clouds. A girl stood beside him as she poured a cup of tea for him.

Hancock didn’t like any man other than Roja, So all the attendant in this place were women.

“You can go.”


After Roja faintly commanded, the girl with two wings on her back went out leaving Roja in deep thoughts.

Roja didn’t reach out to grab the cup but just held his hand toward his mouth, and the cup suddenly appeared in his hand.

This simple feat showed Roja’s mastery over the space element.

In the past few years, Roja upgraded Sen Maboroshi to the limit of the sixth stage, and he was close to the seventh stage.

He was just a step away from reaching that level.

Because Roja can’t encounter any worthy opponent in this world, so without battles, his improvement speed was too slow.

So this bottleneck would take him a decade or so to pass but that was a bit too long, and Roja couldn’t wait for that much.

As for his space ability, Roja developed it in two directions, one space transfer, and the other is the space system’s attack abilities. Naturally, space Transfer wasn’t necessary, but he wanted it. The small feat of moving the cup to his hand was space Transfer.

As for the attacks, Roja used the same principle with void thorns and made it so with a slash he can send an attack that opens the void and invisible to the naked eye.

The name of this attack was space cut.

Although it required Roja to go all out, and the crack wasn’t that big, but it was extremely powerful.

“It’s almost time to leave.”

After finishing the cup of tea, Roja stood up and muttered.

The reason why Roja didn’t leave until now was that the emptiness of the void was too dangerous. He wasn’t afraid himself, but he didn’t want Hancock to be in danger with him.

And he couldn’t leave Hancock here alone, so after he developed his space ability, he can move between spaces without any danger.

But the problem he requires accurate spatial coordinates.

This means that he still needs to arrive at the other world before he can come back to One piece’s world and take Hancock with him.

This is the safest way Roja thought of. Although he was sure, he can take Hancock with him safely, but if he encounters a problem he had the power to protect himself but not Hancock.

After coming to a decision, Roja walked into the hall and pushed the door open. In the room, Hancock was still lying in bed which was made of clouds and was very comfortable.

Her eyes were closed with an expression filled with happiness, her sleeping posture wasn’t elegant at all, and she wasn’t wearing clothes. Even though Roja saw this many times already, he couldn’t help but appreciate her body every time he sees her.

“Good Morning!”

Roja smiled and sat down.

Roja noticed the movement and gradually woke up. She got up without a cover and stretched her body which made her full chest appear in front of Roja’s eyes.

With a sly look, Hancock looked at Roja lovingly and greeted him. Even though they lived together for several years, she didn’t feel troubled at all. Instead, she felt happy and satisfied.

Roja looked at Hancock sleepy face as she was tidying her messy hair
After a little intimacy with her, Roja looked at her seriously and said.

“Hancock, I think it’s time for me to go.”


When she heard Roja, Hancock was stunned. Although they have talked about this topic before countless times, hearing this she felt lost.

Roja looked at her and smiled: “If you don’t want me to go, I won’t.”

Hancock didn’t answer only after a while, as she bit her teeth, she looked at Roja and said: “Don’t worry, you will pick me up when you arrive there anyway, it won’t be too long.”

Hancock wasn’t afraid of the shot time separation, Roja didn’t dare take her through the void, and she didn’t feel well knowing that Roja would go to an unknown world.

Although she knew he was strong and she trusted him, the unknown often gives people fear.


Roja looked at Hancock directly in her eyes and nodded seriously. He said solemnly: “Don’t worry, if you encounter any danger here, I can come back anytime. If there is no danger, you just wait for a little bit, and I will come back to take you back.”

Roja didn’t hide his ability from Hancock, and so she knew that Roja left a space mark in this world so he can come back anytime.

So she pressed any other thought in her mind and nodded at Roja and took the initiative to hug him.

Roja looked at her gently and pushed her on the bed.

Roja and Hancock didn’t have children even after a few years. On the other hand, Roja didn’t want a child to be born into a mortal one, so when they become Shinigami, they can have children while being immortal.

Inside the temple, Roja took a deep breath and held Sen Maboroshi and made a space tear. He squeezed himself into the tear in the space.

The scenery changed from the beautiful temple to a horrible world full of chaos.

In this space, even if someone like Kaido came here, he would be torn into pieces in an instant.

Roja couldn’t resist the power in the void, and even if uses his bankais he won’t be able to do it as well.

However, it wasn’t impossible to move, he had the space ability, and he could use it to trick the chaotic energy and help him avoid drifting in a crack.

Expanding his power of space, Roja’s body was covered in a white light which made his body sway with the chaotic energy.

“It’s probably in that direction.”

Roja thought about the direction Sen Mabaroshi told him the direction.

He was like a boat inside of countless whirlpools. It seemed he would be swallowed any time, but he somehow passed them.

He didn’t know how long it took until he felt his power was running low, he shook his head as he only walked about a tenth of the distance toward his destination.

“I have to stop and rest.”

Roja was ready to find a place and rest, he waved Sen Maboroshi and tried hard to break the space and enter some world to rest.

After perceiving the place he would rest at, Roja’s figure squeezed into the world.