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G.O.S.S Chapter 361: Chase!

In the sky, above a certain forest, a crack in the air appeared, and a figure took a step out of the crack before it disappeared.


Roja breathed a sigh in relief and went down to the ground.

Seeing water and trees, Roja felt relieved as he could take a break in this place then go back to the void to continue on his way.

After walking for a few steps, Roja suddenly stopped as he felt something strange and said to himself: “This world… This is weird, there seems to be some kind of energy in the air.”

Just as he said curiously, he released his Kenbunshoku Haki to look for a living being, and as he did, he caught a sign of movement not far away from his place.

“There are people?”

Roja’s eyes flashed a little, he didn’t know what kind of world is this.

Roja could feel that these people are coming toward his direction and he didn’t avoid them. His eyes flashed with a strange color as he said: “Huh? They are…”

In the forest, a thirteen-year-old girl dressed in a Ninja uniform while wearing the head protector of Konoha was moving quickly.

She seemed desperate while there were several wounds on her arm and blood dripped as she moved.

Behind her, a dozen of Kumo Ninjas were chasing after her.

“Quickly catch her! This must not be leaked!”

A Kumo ninja said as he said with a face full of killing intent.

Wouch! Wouch!

Several shurikens flew toward the girls back. When they were about to hit her, the girl avoided them, and the shurikens were directly embedded in the tree in front of her.

But, even though she avoided them, the shurikens were accompanied by explosive tags.

“Not good!”

The girl’s pupil shrunk and she didn’t hesitate to go down from the tree to avoid the explosion and tried to escape on the ground.

But at this time, a few Ninjas were in front of her blocking her way.

“Damn! Am I surrounded?”

The girl’s heart went cold, the other Kumo ninjas were already behind her.


The girl bit her teeth and tried to flee.

However, because of the slight hesitation, the ninjas after her closed the distance.

“Earth release: The art of movement!”

A ninja suddenly made hand seals and pressed his hand on the ground. The ground suddenly started to sway preventing the girl from escaping quickly.

She was still being chased by the Kumo Ninjas, and the distance between them shrunk.

At this time, she saw a person in front of her, she hesitated at the beginning, but it seemed he was just an ordinary man without any chakra fluctuations passing by.

Looking at the Kumo ninjas after her, the girl turned toward the ‘ordinary man’ who just happened to pass by with remorse.

If I didn’t hesitate, I would’ve been fine.

Why is there an ordinary man passing by here?!

However, in the end, she was inexperienced, she just graduated from the academy. If someone else was in her place, he wouldn’t hesitate to escape directly.

“Ninja… That head protector…”

“It turns out I’m in Naruto’s world?”

Roja stood not far away looking at the girl being chased by the Kumo ninjas. It seems like he came into a place he was most familiar with.

He really didn’t expect that the world he went into to rest would be Naruto’s.

“So, what time is it now? Second world war? Third world war?”

Roja thought as he looked at the girl with Konoha’s head protector. She was familiar. He could remember her from the depth of his memories.


If he remembered correctly, this should be the thirteen years old Kurenai.

So the time now should be about the third world war.

Just when Roja was thinking, the group of Kumo ninjas surrounded Kurenai, but they didn’t attack immediately as they wanted her alive.

At the same time, they saw Roja, they couldn’t ignore him as they didn’t want any witness on this to remain.

“He doesn’t have any chakra… He is an ordinary person.”

A perceptive Ninja from Kumogakure looked at Roja with a frown.

Originally, Roja seemed an ordinary man, but he was just too calm.

“Don’t let him live.”

The captain of the Kumo ninjas said.

Even if he is an ordinary man, he witnessed their doing, and if he reported to Konoha about this, it would cause trouble.


After getting the order, several Shuriken flew at Roja. Seeing this, Kurenai thought that the next moment would be tragic.

Roja suddenly appeared, he got himself in this because of her, she could only smile bitterly at Roja as she would face the same fate soon.

Facing these shurikens, Roja didn’t try to evade, but instead, he stupidly stretched his hand to catch the shuriken.

The ninjas saw this and coldly sneered while they were about to turn around and ignore Roja as he was already a dead man.

But in the next moment, something happened that made them horrified.


Roja’s hand grasped the shuriken.

Of course, this wasn’t that surprising in this world, what made them horrified was the shuriken smashed on his body that made a collision sound of metal hitting metal and sparks flew away after the collision.

Especially one of the shurikens hit Roja’s eyelid, but his eyelid didn’t move at all as if they hit an iron wall.


Is this a joke?!

“This… Is he still human?!”

The Kumo ninjas were stunned, and their chins almost hit the ground from shock.

So many shurikens were hit, and they couldn’t pierce his body at all. Is he made of steel?