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G.O.S.S Chapter 362: Ice Release?!

His body was tougher than steel, which was a common thing in one piece’s world, but in Naruto’s world, it was enough to make the ninjas horrified.

“Be careful!”

“This guy is special!”

A few of the Kumo ninjas rushed back and forth and started printing hand seals.

Since the shurikens are ineffective against Roja, they could only use Ninjutsu.

“Lightning release: Thunderbolt!”

A few of them were shocked, but they didn’t hesitate to attack, they were elites. They printed quickly and attacked Roja. The thunderbolt moved toward Roja who was still playing with the shuriken he caught.

As he saw they were still attacking, he looked at them coldly.

“You want to continue?”

Roja swept the Kumo ninjas a cold glance and lifted his foot.


In the blink of an eye, a white wave burst out from Roja’s foot and spread in all direction, everything it touches turned into Ice.

The thunderbolt touched the White mist like thing and directly disappeared.

Wouch! Wouch!

More than dozen Kumo ninjas stiffened for a moment before they turned into an Ice sculpture.

The only one who wasn’t frozen was Kurenai who had a shocked expression on her face.


She clearly didn’t see Roja do any hand seals, but he suddenly released such powerful ninjutsu. The scene was too shocking for her.

She knew that the Kumo ninjas after her were Chunin and Jonins. Even if she wasn’t injured, she wouldn’t be able to do anything like this.

Kurenai standing on the Ice was surrounded by the frozen Kumo ninjas. All she felt at that time was a coldness and her body trembling slightly.

Originally she thought that Roja was an ordinary man, she didn’t expect him to be so powerful.

Kurenai’s forehead was full of cold sweat as she gazed at Roja with fear and couldn’t help retreat. Although it’s useless with the power he showed, he could kill her in a second, she still couldn’t help step back.

After playing with the shuriken, Roja glanced at her and didn’t pay her any attention as he turned toward the forest and disappeared.

Seeing this, Kurenai stopped retreating, but her back still felt cold, she didn’t dare move. After a long time from when Roja’s disappeared, she took a deep breath and calmed herself.

She thought he would kill her, she didn’t expect him just to leave.

Looking around at the frozen land in front of her and the frozen ninjas, she still looked at them in disbelief.

At Konoha’s camp, here is the frontline of the war between Konoha and Kumo. Here the commander of the of the camp, Nara Shikaku’s father was at a tent in the center of the camp while a Konoha ninja was reporting to him about the Kumo.

The commander’s eyes flashed and said: “That’s a very piece of important information, good work!”

From the team that was sent out, only one person returned, so Shikaku’s father guessed what happened. After all, inquiring about confidential information comes with high risk.

“Nara-sama, there is still to the report…”

Kurenai hesitated a little before she organized her thoughts before telling the entire story.

The commander wasn’t impatient hearing her story until the part where she mentioned the mysterious person and how he took care of the Kumo Ninjas.

He couldn’t help but ask in a deep voice: “Are you telling the truth?!”

“Yes, you can send someone to check it out…” Kurenai took a deep breath and answered seriously.

The commander’s brows knitted as he went back and forth inside the tent.

He kept on thinking about this, from the report, the guy should be from the Kirigakure (Village hidden by the mist), and he shouldn’t be a nameless Shinobi too.

How come someone from there came to the frontlines of the war between Konoha and Kumo?

Kirigakure may be a small village, but their seven swordsmen are a power to be taken into consideration.

Now on this battlefield, someone as strong as these seven made an appearance.

The more he thought about it, the more he was confused. Finally, he waved toward Kurenai so she may retreat. After she left, she started to think about this carefully.

That person should have a bloodlimit, and he may also be one of the elites of the Kiri, he is a certain threat.

At this time, Roja was referred to as the invisible elite of Kiri.

Roja found a cave in the forest and settled there briefly.

He knew this was Naruto’s world. So he was no longer vigilant.

Of course, Naruto’s world is dangerous. It was okay during the third war, but on the fourth war, all the Kage’s were defeated, and everything was in chaos, the Infinite Tsukuyomi and such are too dangerous.

“I don’t know how powerful I’m by the standards of this world…”

Roja felt that if it’s not Madara or Hashirama, then the others are like ants.

“Genin, Chunin, Jonin, Kage, Super-Kage, and Sixth path…”

“Hashirama should be at the level of a super-Kage, Madara after the Edo Tensei should be between the super-Kage and sixth path with some of the powers of the sixth path.”

Roja guessed that with his current power, he shouldn’t be able to fight the sixth path, but he should be at least as strong as Hashirama or stronger, maybe at the level of Madara after the Edo Tensei.

When Roja thought about the final boss of this world, Kaguya, his eyes flashed.


Even if he became a Shinigami, his life wouldn’t be infinite, maybe he can pass a millennium, but he would still be aging even if it was extremely slow, like Yamamoto, but he isn’t an immortal.

Kaido’s body compared to Kaguya’s is too weak. And immortality is the power Roja was seeking.

“A very challenging world…”

Roja wasn’t this fired up in a long time, his soul seems to be gradually changing as he was about to reach the seventh stage.