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G.O.S.S Chapter 363: Kyoka Suigetsu!

Previously, Roja reached the peak of the sixth stage, but he couldn’t upgrade Sen Maboroshi to the next level. But after he entered this world, although there was no danger, the bottleneck of the sixth stage opened, and he can now reach the next stage directly.


With a slight tremble, Sen Maboroshi and Roja’s soul seemed to get stronger while the sword was covered with a faint light.

The process was as fast as before.

“The seventh stage…”

Roja stretched out his hand and grabbed Sen Maboroshi. Compared to when he first got the sword, it was now full of luster as if it was reborn.

Roja knew that the change in Sen Maboroshi was according to his will. After the upgraded, his will became stronger within the sword.

Previously, releasing three abilities, Roja would only last for three minutes. On one hand, his Reiatsu wasn’t enough, on the other hand, Sen Maboroshi can’t handle the three powers for too long.

If the Reiatsu isn’t enough, he can always recharge using his devour ability. But there is no solution to the other problem. If he maintained it for too long, Sen Maboroshi would be damaged, and it would take time for it to heal.

After the upgrade, it’s still unclear whether Sen Maboroshi can handle four abilities simultaneously. However, using three abilities was easier, and if he has enough Reiatsu, he can use it without limit.

Reaching the seventh stage allowed him to choose another ability.

“Ryujin Jakka, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, Daiguren Hyorinmaru, Hakka no Togami… I have enough abilities in the elemental system and the Metamorphosis system. I have the devour ability for reiatsu and I have one in the control system, I still need one in the illusion system apart from the one I have…”

After Roja thought for a while, he decided to choose the most powerful illusion ability…

Kyoka Suigetsu!

Just by looking at the Shikai, it’s possible to hypnotize the five senses of the one who saw it… The hypnosis is a little inappropriate, dominate is a more fitting word.

Fully dominate the five senses of the one who sees his sword.

It is said to be an ability under the illusion system, but if you think more about it, you can call it one of the control abilities.

“No bad.”

Roja was satisfied by this ability, after all, this was one of the abilities he wanted.

There was illusion in this world. Although Roja wasn’t afraid of ordinary ones, if he encounters Tsukyomi or other strong Genjutsus, Roja wasn’t sure if he could use his soul power to resist them.

But now, with Kyoka Suigetsu, any illusion can be put out without much effort.

With three abilities released, he may have the power to fight against the Sixth path, but if he could release four, he could dominate him.


“Sure enough…”

After releasing four abilities, it was directly shattered. Even though Sen Maboroshi could handle three releases easier now, it still can’t handle four at once.

Roja could feel that this feat can’t be carried by the current Sen Maboroshi, but anyway he still can use three abilities at the same time now.

Using two was balanced, and using three was somewhat stable, but four would break the balance, and the abilities would directly collapse.

“With only three abilities, if I encounter the sixth path, I would put a fight but can’t win. I need to work hard toward the eighth stage.”

Roja muttered.

In his view, even three abilities can’t compare to Zanka no Tachi.

The ultra high temperature of 15 million degrees wasn’t just an ability in the elemental system, but one close to the force of the origin of all things that can burn anything to ashes.

Even Sen Maboroshi needs to reach the eighth stage so he can use it, you can see its power just from this.

“If I reach the eighth stage, I will be able to use Zanka no Tachi, can the sixth path handle that?”

Thinking of this, Roja’s eyes showed eagerness. He took a deep breath and calmed down and returned to the cave.

He wasn’t planning to leave this world in a short while. He wants to try to reach Kaguya’s level of power.

Now is about the beginning of the third Ninja war. There are still more than ten years before the fourth war. That is a bit long. Roja didn’t want to let Hancock wait for so long, he will just settle here and pick her up.

“Speaking of this… In this world, in this world even without becoming the Sixth path, two powers can stand before him.”

Roja sat down and made Sen Maboroshi stay in mid-air.

“One of them is Hachimon Tonkou…”

Thinking about the Hachimon Tonkou, Roja blinked and shook his head slightly. This move can only momentarily strengthen the user. After using it, the body will wither. And although he can preserve and not die, he won’t have any physical power after using it.

In addition to the Hachimon Tonkou, there is the natural energy that can be used by the Sixth path.

When Roja arrived in this world, he could perceive this energy, but he had no time to study it.

Sen Maboroshi seems to desire this power for himself.

“Natural energy…”

Roja slightly closed his eyes, he calmed down, and his senses were used fully.

Quickly after that, he saw the strange energy in this world. This energy filled the world as if it was everywhere. It seemed to be the origin of this world.

Roja thought about something and released a high pressure to drive the natural energy at him.

He actually succeeded, and natural energy started to gather toward Roja, but Roja didn’t rush and tried slowly.

Natural energy could turn the user into stone if not careful, and he didn’t want that. It was hard, but it was worth it.

One piece’s world, Roja practiced until he reached the peak he could reach in that world, his body couldn’t reach the power of Kaido’s body.

And if you want to keep your body at its peak without any decline, it would be difficult if you’re not improving.

But now, Roja found that absorbing natural energy enhanced his physic.

Now he can use this energy to get as strong as Kaido or maybe stronger.

“Sure enough, staying in this world is the correct decision.”