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G.O.S.S Chapter 364: Scout Squad!

The difficulty of controlling nature energy was high, but because Roja’s soul was strong, he can control it better than most people.

Uchiha Madara could easily control it and so could Roja.

When Roja determined that he could easily control the natural energy, he no longer stayed cautious and started absorbing it.

The energy started to converge toward Roja, and Roja’s body slowly started to transform.

Suddenly, Sen Maboroshi jolted and started absorbing the energy independently, and its speed overshadowed Roja’s almost robbing all the energy for itself. The ratio was 1 to 9.


Roja didn’t expect Sen Maboroshi would be able to absorb the nature energy. He could tell that Sen Maboroshi was getting stronger the more it absorbed.

This was surprising to Roja, he didn’t know a way to upgrade Sen Maboroshi to the eighth stage within ten years or so, but now he found a way.

“At this speed, even if I don’t fight, before the fourth Ninja war, I would be able to reach the eighth stage.”

“If I make more improvement in this period, it may reach it faster.”

Roja’s face showed excitement.

Gradually, half a day passed. Roja stooped the absorption process and walked out of the cave with a touch of helplessness… He was hungry…

He wasn’t Kaido, he didn’t have the ability to keep his body alive without eating. In the past, when he was with Hancock, he didn’t have to consider this as someone would get food for him.

After coming to this world, he was alone, and he had to find his own food.

After a while, Roja used Haki to look for food and finally he found a few hawks.


Raising his hand, the hawk slowly fell from the sky toward Roja.

“This may be worth it to conquer this world.”

Roja reached out his hand and grabbed the fallen hawk.

“All thing in the world, turn to ashes.”

Roja’s mouth twitched slightly, it was a bad idea to use Ryujin Jakka to cook as everything burned in an instant.

Just when Roja had a headache, his eyes flashed, and his mouth rose into a faint smile.

A Shinobi squad from Konoha was approaching the forest.

“Come on, be careful.”

The leader was a jonin, he was the one who spoke to the three behind to slow down.

This was a scout team.

Since the past few days, there was a strange movement in the forest. After hearing this, Shikaku’s father suspected that Kumo ninjas were doing something here, so he sent someone to investigate.

The four people stayed somewhat apart so if something happens, some of them could retreat and report.

In this squad, one person saw Roja before. She was the one adept at Genjutsu, so she at the rear of the squad.

“I will go and see, you should be careful and pay attention to concealment.”

The Jonin spoke as he started moving.

But before he went far, he saw a cave a beside that cave a person was standing there.


The Jonin’s pupil shrunk as he was shocked. Almost subconsciously he attacked Roja.

Roja fearlessly faced the Shuriken.

“Is the style of the ninja’s to attack directly without talking?!”

Roja shook his head as the Ninja in this world are different from pirates. Everyone believed himself to be the strongest there.

Most the villains in one piece died because of their mouths as they explained their own abilities before attacking. In Naruto’s world, the enemy would be judged little by little, so they can make a strategy.

Seeing that caught the shurikens easily, the Jonin backed away.

“This guy… What a strong body! A quick reaction! Is he one of the Kumo ninjas?”

This was the frontline of the war between Konoha and Kumo. These Ninjas were good with thunder, and most of them had a very quick reaction.


At this moment, the leader rushed toward the squad. They had a perceptual Ninja, so as soon the leader returned, he exclaimed.

“I don’t feel Chakra fluctuations… There are no people in the cave, just one person.”

“Only one person?!”

Scouts generally didn’t fight, they would only scout and go back to make a report.

The leader of the scouts was originally going to retreat. But when he heard that there is only one person, his eyes flashed a bit.

“That guy is mostly one of the Kumo scouts…”

Although Roja didn’t wear Kumo’s head protector and didn’t dress like one, that normal. Scouts go out to gather Intel, so they often disguise themselves.


The scout’s team decided to surround Roja.

Even if they were scouts, Roja was just one person, and they had four on their side, whether killing Roja or catching him alive would be worth it.


The leader immediately threw a Kunai, and his hands quickly printed.

“Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!”

“Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire!”

Almost immediately after the attack, Kurenai reached the scene and saw Roja.

“It’s him?!”


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