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G.O.S.S Chapter 366: Escape!

This world is good, he can pick a random Loli whenever he wants. Although she was a Loli currently, this girl would be a beauty in the future.

But, Roja has already seen many beautiful women in One Piece, and his lover is Hancock whose charm was known all over the seas. Naturally, the charm of this little girl won’t affect him.

After eating, Roja returned to the cave and repeated the process of absorption.

Although Roja was strong, Konoha had thousands of Ninjas.

Kurenai’s father was one of the elite Ninjas in Konoha.

If he were under encirclement, even the five Kages wouldn’t be able to escape in one piece let alone him. (Kurenai’s thoughts)

“What is the origin of this guy…”

Kurenai stayed at the entrance of the cave watching Roja. There was nothing abnormal about Roja, and she was full of doubts.

Konoha’s camp, the commander’s tent.

“Is that guy a Kiri Ninja?”

Shikaku revealed a bit of seriousness as he said: “There is no one else in the forest, but something isn’t right. Is there a conspiracy? Is it against the Kumo or us?”

There are more people in the tent, they were the other members of this generations Ino-Shika-Cho team.

“Listening to the report, that guy admitted that he isn’t from Kiri.” Choza sat on the chair as he said to Shikaku.

“The words of the enemy aren’t credible.”

Shikaku sighed as he said: “There is also that possibility, but that kind of power is bound to the Ice Bloodlimit. I can only think of the Kiri when mentioning this power. Even if he isn’t one of them, they are closely related. Perhaps he is an exiled Ninja?”

Inoichi looked calm as he said coldly: “There is such a guy looking from the side, it is a bit scary… I feel that we can’t just leave such a hidden danger while fighting with Kumo.”


Shikaku nodded, and his eyes flashed: “It’s about time we deal with it.”

Just as the three of them discussed, suddenly someone rushed into the tent.

“Shinku, don’t worry, things may not be so bad” Shikaku looked at him with calm eyes.

The person who walked in was Kurenai’s father.

He took a deep breath and said: “Relax, I won’t lose myself to anger. This is a battlefield… What you need to do, I will listen to your command.”


Shikaku nodded, after all, Shinku a veteran, and this was a battlefield. The death of relatives is not uncommon. Not to mention Kurenai was currently caught, not necessarily dead.

“So let’s make a plan.”

The sky is getting darker, and Roja was inside the cave in the same place, he seemed like an old man who was asleep.

Kurenai was staring at Roja all the time. Even though Roja seemed asleep, she didn’t dare act rashly. Roja was too strong she didn’t want to alert him.

It’s not much to endure a day, not to mention Roja was so strong that even her father may not be able to deal with him.

But, she was determined to escape. After all, she wasn’t afraid of death. What is there to be scared about? This is the life of a Ninja.

Since Roja didn’t bind her, he must have plans to prevent her escape. She didn’t think that Roja would be an idiot without a brain.

It’s almost impossible to escape directly.

On the evening, she made a bold decision; she wanted to start her escape plan.

Although Roja’s body was strong that she didn’t have a chance to deal with him, there was no need to kill him if she wanted to escape.

At midnight, Kurenai was silent without retreating, she held her breath and touched Roja inside the cave.

Roja was still sitting there as if sleeping and didn’t move.

Kurenai raised her small hand and printed slowly. After she finished, she took a deep breath.

“Genjutsu: Flower petal escape!”

The Genjutsu she used will trap the victim inside a cherry blossom and make them fall asleep.


Kurenai confirmed that her Genjutsu was already taking effect before sighing in relief.

“Because his body is very strong, he isn’t afraid of a surprise attack, even if I try I can’t kill him, but he still can be trapped in Genjutsu.”


Kurenai jumped out of the cave and started running.

She didn’t know how long she ran before she looked behind and she still didn’t see Roja after her. She was finally relieved.

She jumped on a tree and started running.

But before long, the tree branch she was stepping on broke which made her fall down directly.


Kurenai turned in the air by instinct trying to land smoothly.

But as she was about to land, she felt that there is a flower under her and suddenly the whole world changed. She wasn’t in the forest anymore but beside the cave.


Kurenai couldn’t believe what just happened. She was scared as she fell to the ground.

I ran for an entire night, but I’m still here?!

Kurenai was full of cold sweat as the sun started to rise.

Roja yawned and stood up while stretching his body. He glanced at Kurenai who was full of sweat and said: “It’s time to prepare breakfast, oh right, there will be punished for trying to escape.”

“You, You…”

Kurenai looked at Roja as if he was a demon. She trembled as she asked: “What did you do? Aren’t you under my Genjutsu?!”

“What? Genjutsu? When did you start thinking that I was under your Genjutsu?”

Roja said to her with a smile.

When Kurenai saw this innocent smile, she thought that this person is a terrible demon.


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