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G.O.S.S Chapter 367: Kumo’s Forces!

“Kyoka Suigetsu’s power is really convenient, it will help me avoid problems.”

When Kurenai went to prepare breakfast, Roja took out Sen Maboroshi while talking to himself. Kurenai didn’t know that Roja not only made be his chief but also tried his new ability on her.

After all, he just got it, and he wasn’t skilled in it yet.

As long as Kyoka Suigetsu was released, he can control Kurenai’s five senses. It was the same as being completely under his control.

In other words, if Roja wanted, he could make it so that Kurenai wouldn’t even know that she was preparing breakfast while she was already doing it.

After a while, Kurenai prepared breakfast and came back. She didn’t look at Roja, and she didn’t understand what happened last night.

After eating breakfast, Roja left the Forest with Kurenai.

“Where are we going?”

After Kurenai followed Roja for a while, she couldn’t help ask.

Hearing her question, Roja shrugged and said.

“I don’t know.”


Kurenai almost vomited blood while looking at Roja with black lines over her head.

Roja didn’t pay any attention to Kurenai’s reaction. He didn’t know where to go… He was looking for a place full of Nature energy.

Absorbing Nature energy to transform his body was a slow process.

What Roja wants was to integrate the energy with every cell in his body to form a body as strong or maybe stronger than Kaido’s.

The more energy in the air, the faster the process of absorption would be.

Roja was releasing his Kenbunshoku Haki to the limit while absorbing Nature energy and looking for a place with more concentration.

After for a while, the place he was in held more energy than the last one, he continued on his track while Kurenai followed behind silently.

She felt that Roja’s behavior was eccentric. When a Ninja moves, he will find a way to cover his , but Roja didn’t care at all.

She even wanted to leave some traces for the Konoha ninjas to find them.

But after following Roja for a while, she found that it wasn’t necessary at all as Roja had no intention of covering his traces.

She was even more confused by this.

Of course, she didn’t know that Roja didn’t do that on purpose, but he did it because he wasn’t even a ninja.

Because Roja didn’t hide his whereabouts, Konoha’s rescue team found their tracks and quickly followed behind.

“The target has entered the forest ahead!”

“The Forest from the north…”

Shikaku’s face changed.

He received this morning the information about the Kumo ninjas going into the northern part of the forest. There was at least a hundred person, and they were led by the Kumo elites.

Going there will be bad for them.

The canyon behind the forest was empty and would be useless for a fight only if it was a large group.

So the forest environment was an advantage for them. The Ninjas of Kumo wants to destroy Konoha’s forces slowly.

Of course, Shikaku didn’t wait and gave the order to fight.

What he didn’t expect was that the dangerous figure would actually enter that same forest.

“The situation isn’t good.”

Shikaku took a deep breath, he wanted to understand what’s happening before going to fight.

In the northern forest, Roja and Kurenai were moving forward until Roja stopped and looked in front of him. His eyes flashed slightly.

“What happened?”

Kurenai was a ninja, after all, she didn’t understand Roja’s behavior, but she was still vigilant.

They were gradually moving away from Konoha’s camp, and it would be normal if they encounter a Kumo Ninja.

Roja was very strong, even if dozen people appear, they won’t pose a threat to him, but what if it was hundred, can he still face them?!

Maybe when they encounter a large force, Roja will escape and she would have a chance to escape as well.

“Someone’s ahead.”

Roja replied faintly.

When Kurenai heard Roja’s voice, she became nervous. She didn’t doubt Roja’s words. She could only ask: “Are they Kumo Ninjas? How many are there?”

“There are almost a hundred and Eighty.”

Roja replied casually, his Kenbunshoku Haki could see to a distance further than the Byakugan. These Ninjas were a few Kilometers ahead.

Roja was still moving forward following the Nature energy concentration.

He could tell that the energy in the place of the Kumo Ninjas was more concentrated than here, so he said:

“Let’s go.”

Kurenai was ready to turn back, but the next moment she was stunned because Roja didn’t actually turn back at all, he was still going forward.

“What? Are you going toward the Kumo Ninjas?”

“Yes, is there a problem?”

Roja looked at Kurenai strangely.

Kurenai opened her mouth and didn’t know what to say. In the end, she almost said “Are you crazy? Do you want to kill us both?!”

“Why can’t I just pass through them?”

Roja looked at her strangely again.

Kurenai: “…”

She felt that every she would say would be useless in front of Roja.