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G.O.S.S Chapter 368: Reiatsu!

Roja walked forward like there is nothing, Kurenai bit her teeth and kept up with Roja. If he dies, she will die as well, she didn’t want to think of such things anymore.

Anyway, her life isn’t hers anymore.

But, following Roja for a long time, they still didn’t see any Kumo Ninja which was a little strange.

Didn’t he say that there are over one hundred Kumo Ninjas?

Could he be lying to her?

She couldn’t help shake her head. Roja lying to her had no meaning, but she didn’t how far were the Kumo ninjas no. She didn’t even feel a single Ninja in front yet.

Just as she felt more and more strange, her eyes looked at the surrounding as she felt something wrong. It seemed like someone did pass from here.

“Really, someone passed from here!”

Kurenai couldn’t help breathe a sigh of relief as her eyes were full of disbelief. From the start to now, they walked a few hundred Kilometers. Did Roja perceive the Kumo Ninjas from a few Kilometers away?

This kind of perception was too strong.

Kurenai followed Roja and continued to move forward. After a while, she found that there should be a large number of Ninjas ahead. She was on the scout team, so she was somewhat good at tracking.

They were too close right now. She couldn’t guarantee that the Kumo Ninjas won’t discover her and Roja, while Roja seemed not to care as he moved forward. Kurenai’s face changed as she said: “Are you… A Kumo Ninja?”


Roja glanced at her and said.

This Guy!

Kurenai was about to fall down from his answer. If you’re not a Kumo Ninja, why are you going toward hundred of them like nothing, are you that confident!

Even if Roja was strong, there is a team of a hundred people in front of him, if he gets surrounded, it would be difficult to get out.

“Are you scared?”

Roja suddenly smiled and looked at Kurenai.

Kurenai bit her teeth and answered.


She hardened her heart and caught up with Roja, anyways, her life isn’t her own and if Roja dies, she will as well.

The forest was silent, the hundred Ninjas walked without making the slightest sound. They were obviously elites.

At least 12 Ninjas were patrolling around so they could react to any danger.

The leader seemed to notice something as he shouted.

“Be careful, we’re not far from Konoha’s camp. The battle will start at any time… If Konoha’s forces leave the camp and encircle us, the mission will be a success.”

“Be vigilant. If there is any movement from Konoha’s Ninja, report it immediately.”


Several perceptual Ninjas responded.

If they encountered a large group, they would retreat, if the number is close to theirs, they will fight it out, and if it was a small group, they will defeat them and continue ahead.

If it was the first case, then I would be bad for them, but the camp would be empty. They already made plans to attack in this case.

This isn’t a big battlefield, it’s just the start of the third war, and the real battle has yet to start.

At this time, a perceptive Ninja suddenly looked strangely as he said: “Someone is in front of us!”

“Be on alert.”

The Ninjas stopped on their tracks while they were fully vigilant. The leader immediately asked: “How many are there?”

“It seems… Only two.”

The perceptive Ninja was afraid that he was wrong, so he tried harder to see how many people before he reported.


The Kumo ninjas heard this and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, they stopped because there are two people ahead!

The perceptive Ninja continued to say: “They are heading toward us.”

The leader nodded and lowered his voice: “It seems like they still haven’t found us out yet. Be prepared and don’t let them escape, it’s best if they were captured alive.”

When Roja and Kurenai were gradually approaching the Kumo Ninjas, the Kumo Ninjas suddenly came out.

Wouch! Wouch!

In a blink of an eye, more than dozen Ninjas directly surrounded Roja and Kurenai.

“They’re here…”

Kurenai saw this, and although she was prepared beforehand, cold sweat filled her forehead as too many Ninjas had encircled them.

She couldn’t help but look at Roja.


Roja looked at this scene and sighed. He didn’t want to make trouble, but he still didn’t want to take another route.

“Can you let us pass?”

The Kumo leader was preparing to threaten Roja, so they give up resistance, but he didn’t expect Roja to speak suddenly.

His chin almost fell to the ground.

Was this guy… an idiot?

“Get them!”

The Kumo leader’s mouth twitched as he gave the command directly. Hearing this, the ninjas attacked Roja and Kurenai. They didn’t use Ninjutsu because they tried to capture them alive.

Kurenai knew she won’t be able to escape and could only try to resist.

But at this time, Roja shook his head while his eyes swept over the Kumo ninjas with indifference as if looking at ants.


Without waiting for the Kumo Ninjas, a horrific pressure broke down on the Ninjas.

The Ninjas couldn’t resist at all, this was Roja’s Haoshoku!


The current power of Roja’s reiastu, even if not fully used, was enough to make the ground crack and the plants to fall.

“This is…”

The commander looked at the Ninjas who were like bloody corpses, and his heart trembled, he could barely breathe before he fell down to the ground.

The pressure not only was on the Ninjas here, it even fell down on the other ninjas in the distance which made them all collapse.

Pang! Pang!

The crowd fell to the ground one by one, there was only one person who wasn’t affected by this. It was Kurenai, who was so shocked that she didn’t know what to say.

Everything around her and Roja seemed broken. The nearest trees were cracked and collapsing.

Hundred of Ninjas in an instant were crushed and fell to the ground.

Only the leader could keep his conscious, but he was in a miserable state while looking at Roja with disbelief.

What is this?!

Is it his presence?!

Fear crept into his heart, even if it was a Kumo Ninja, it was impossible to rely on momentum alone to defeat so many.

“Is this the Kumo’s hidden elite Ninja? No bad.”

Roja at this time looked at the elite Jonin in front of him faintly.


The Jonin seemed to be struck by lightning as if he seen the most horrible picture in the world and finally couldn’t take it anymore and lost consciousness.


The Reiatsu released by Roja disappeared without a trace.

The air seemed to return to its former lightness as if nothing happened.

Under Roja’s legs, cracks like a spider web spread in every direction reaching the Trees in the forest and the Kumo Ninjas on the ground. It was not a dream.

Just… What happened?!

Kurenai looked at this with a dull face. Although the forest was silent, her mind seemed to be full of explosions.

If Roja’s previous power made her awed, then his current display made her mind short-circuits from shock.

Without moving, he immediately defeated more than a hundred Ninja of the Kumo along with a special Jonin.

What kind of power is this!!

I’m afraid that even the Hokage can’t do this!


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