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G.O.S.S Chapter 369: News!

“Let’s go.”

Roja took back his gaze and said to Kurenai that was still shocked. After speaking casually, he started moving forward again.

Kurenai took a deep breath to calm her heart, and she was still agitated. Such a scene was too shocking.

After moving away, Kurenai finally calmed down a little and couldn’t help asking Roja even though she knew he would answer casually: “How did you do that?”

“Reiatsu (spiritual pressure)”

Roja faintly said.


What is that?

Kurenai was confused. After shaking her head, she refrained from asking further. She concluded that it was a strong wide area Genjutsu.

If this kind of power was brought to the battlefield… She didn’t dare to think about it.

Inside the Kumo’s camp, the Fourth Raikage was still an elite Jonin and was commanding the frontlines.


In the table in the command tent was smashed.

“All lost?”

The fourth stood up and looked angrily as he said: “The elite troop of more than hundred Ninja lost, did they lose in a fight?”

The man was sweating bullets as his eyes were full of fear. He trembled and said: “We don’t know, we already sent people to investigate.”


Looking at the trembling man in front of him, the fourth took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

We lost contact with more than a hundred people in an instant. How could Konoha have such power? He asked himself. Even if he attacked personally, even if he had confidence in leaving without injury, he wouldn’t be able to destroy all of them.

Half a day later, the Kumo scouts found the troops that were defeated by Roja. Most of them were unconscious. After applying some treatment, some of them woke up.

When they were asked about what happened, all of them were full of fear as they said that a mysterious Ninja defeated them in a moment with some strange power.

After learning of the news, everyone was shocked even the third Raikage Kumogakure.

“Investigate that person.”

Even though he was able to fight with the Hachibi, knowing that more than a hundred ninjas were killed by a single person in an instant made him nervous.

Because with that kind of power, that person could easily change the entire power scales of the war.

And if he was a Konoha’s Ninja, then he would’ve killed the troop of captured them, but he didn’t which made them wonder about his identity.

Under the orders of the third Raikage, a large number of scout were send out to investigate the attacker’s identity.

“A person with that kind of power… Is he an exiled Ninja? No.”

The Raikage showed a terrified look on his face when he received the information about Roja might be a Kiri Ninja.

But, Roja used some kind of Genjutsu to defeat his troops which most likely Kiri didn’t have.

The Raikage could only think of the Uchiha family who might have this kind of Genjutsu.

The Kumo’s leaders were all confused by this, but what they knew is that this person appearing in the frontlines isn’t a good thing.

Konoha won’t be indifferent about the Kumo’s movement in collecting information about Roja. When they were doing so, some information already leaked to Konoha.

Konoha learned about the Kumo Ninjas defeat in front on that mysterious Ninja.

When they passed by that place, even Shikaku couldn’t keep calm toward what he saw.

This overturned all of his previous guesses.

Obviously, Roja had nothing to do with the Kumos, and in addition to Ice release, Roja had some kind of terrible Genjutsu. His strength was unfathomable!

Kurenai’s father was a good Genjutsu user himself, and when he learned about this, he was even more shocked than anyone else.

Because he was good with Genjutsu, he was very clear about the difficulty of defeating that many in an instant.

“This is really a slap in the face of the Kumos.”

Shikaku took a deep breath with a bitter smile on his face. “It seems that the situation isn’t something we can easily handle. I need to report back to the Hokage.”

When the news was passed to Konoha, everyone there was shaken.

While Kumo and Konoha tried to collect information about Roja, the latter was still wandering around the forest with Kurenai before finally stopping.

“Nature’s energy here should be the most concentrated in the area.”

Roja stopped at a small river, and after using his Haki to see the concentration of Nature’s energy, he planned to stay here temporarily even though he was somewhat dissatisfied.

Kurenai had no idea why did they stop and went to prepare a meal. Now she in addition to fearing Roja was curious about him.

Who was he?

This question was something she really wanted to understand.