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G.O.S.S Chapter 370: Space and Chakra!

At night, while the stars covered the sky and the moon enlightening the area, Roja was still closing his eyes and sitting on a tree while Kurenai was resting under that tree.

Suddenly, Roja opened his eyes and stood up. His eyes looked deeply at the sky looking at the stars, and finally, his gaze landed on the moon.


Hogomoro and his brother, Hamura created the moon using Chibaku Tensei of the six paths to seal Kaguya there.

A moon is an important place in this world, it sealed Kaguya and allowed Hogomoro’s descendants to continue on living.

“Indra and Ashura… The ultimate power of this world is certainly connected to Kaguya. By the time of the fourth war, Kaguya will be released.”

Roja was full of disdain when thinking about these two. One reincarnated as Madara, and the other reincarnated as Hashirama. Madara even got tricked into opening the seal on Kaguya.

These two were enough to rival Roja’s current power, maybe even stronger than him.

But getting that kind of power isn’t easy.

Roja knew that Indra and Ashura were about to reincarnate again, and with his power, he could seize their power, but it didn’t make sense.

Look at Sasuke, compared to Madara, the gap in strength was too wide.

Seizing a power that isn’t their own would make it hard to display the original power.

Even so getting that power would require getting the Uchiha’s eyes and then getting Hashirama’s genes. He needs to awaken the Mangekyu then the Eternal Mangekyu, before getting the power of Indra. That if he was successful. The process was simply too troublesome.

For Roja, it’s better to use his thoughts in developing his space ability then spending so much time in getting the power if these reincarnators. He may get even stronger on his own.

Shaking his head, Roja eventually put these thoughts behind.

He can get everything he wants if he found something, and that is the Chakra fruit.

Kaguya ate the Chakra fruit to became the ancestor of Chakra. In that case, there should be more fruits on the tree, and if he obtained one, he could have equal power to Kaguya instead of using such a sickening method such as transplanting eyes.

“Space… Right.”

Thinking about the power of space, Roja blinked and took out Sen Maboroshi. Suddenly a bubble appeared in front of Roja, and only he can see it.

The scene was strange. As if this bubble was hidden inside Sen Maboroshi.

This power was developed after Sen Maboroshi absorbed Chakra for the past few days. He can now open a small space that belongs only to him.

And, as Sen Maboroshi continues absorbing Nature’s energy, space will get bigger. Now it was a fist’s size, but it may get as big as a small world.

Roja looked at the space which allowed him to store items inside at will.

What is the strongest power?

That is the power of creation and destruction… That power belonged to God.

Roja didn’t come from these worlds, he was never confined to the surface of power. He tried to open a space for himself a long time ago, but he never succeeded. But now after Sen Maboroshi absorbed Nature’s energy, he could do that. How can he not be surprised?

Kaguya had six major spaces, and Roja’s small space may not be able to grow as big as Kaguya’s becoming a real world.

“Nature’s energy isn’t the purest source of power… No, it should be a dilution of the source energy of the world.”

Roja perceived the Nature’s Chakra. At this moment, he suddenly felt that it was compressed to the extreme which may be the energy of origin.

“Now that it think about it, Chakra is very useful.” After observing the Nature’s Chakra for a while, Roja suddenly touched his chin.

Chakra was the most basic power of a ninja.

In general, Chakra was different from each person with different natures. And the more Natures, the more change in the chakra.

And the fusion of the five elements along with the Yin and Yang, one can form the truth-seeking ball.

In Naruto’s world, no one was better at using Yin and Yan and the other five than Hagomoro.

Others can’t do this, but he may be able to do it.

Roja’s eyes were shining. He didn’t want to do anything like transplanting eyes or DNA. It feels disgusting just thinking about it. But if it’s his effort, then it’s completely different.

“Chakra isn’t as strong as Reiatsu, but it’s still somewhat strong. If the two were to develop and merge together…”

In the end, Roja was from a completely different world. His thoughts weren’t something anyone could think of. Finally calming down, Roja decided to try and cultivate Chakra.

The next day, next to the small river, Kurenai was making breakfast.

After eating, Roja froze the rest of the breakfast and threw it into the river.

“Come here.”

Roja walked under a tree and gestured for Kurenai get near him.

Kurenai didn’t know what Roja was thinking, but she still went along.

“Do you know the way to practice Chakra? Tell me about it.” Roja directly asked her.

However, this sentence made Kurenai blank out.

Chakra practice method was the most basic thing for Ninja, why would Roja ask her that?