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G.O.S.S Chapter 371: Chakra!

Although she was confused, Kurenai just told Roja the method to practice chakra. This wasn’t some secret, as you can know this almost anywhere in the world.

After that, she looked at Roja with a thoughtful look and finally couldn’t help ask.

“Why… Why did you ask?”

“To practice.”

Roja glanced at her and said one sentence, and then he sat down preparing to start practicing.

Kurenai looked at Roja with a silly look. An incredible thought passed on her mind.

Could it be that Roja can’t use Chakra at all?!

How can that be?!

Roja was clearly a powerful Genjutsu user and also had the Ice bloodlimit… Thinking to here, Kurenai’s expression changed.

She recalled before that when Roja used his power, she didn’t feel any chakra fluctuation!

He so called powerful Genjutsu, and blood limit is only a misunderstanding on her part. When she saw these abilities, she just judged them to be ninjutsu. She never thought that Roja wasn’t a Ninja.


Kurenai looked at Roja in a somewhat incredible way. The shock in her heart was even bigger than when she saw how powerful he was.

“Are you saying… Can’t you use Chakra? Aren’t you a ninja?”

“When did I say that I was a ninja?”

Roja looked at her strangely then ignored her. He closed his eyes and started refining Chakra according to what Kurenai told him.


Roja’s words were like thunder in Kurenai’s ears. She was endlessly confused, and the shock in her heart continued to grow.

Without Chakra he used bloodlimit, without chakra he used Genjutsu, his body is too powerful… She couldn’t think of an answer.

At this time, Roja started refining chakra.

Since he wasn’t from this world, he started to wonder whether he can use chakra or not, but his doubt disappeared when Chakra appeared in his body.

It was at this time that Kurenai felt Chakra fluctuation from Roja for the first time.

“Is this Chakra? It feels somewhat different from Reiatsu, but there are some similarities.”

Roja concentrated Chakra on his palm then muttered. After that, he dispersed the chakra and returned to his practice again.

He continued to refine Chakra for half a day.

Roja’s physic was stronger than most people in this world. If he compared his body with Kurenai’s, his cells were ten times stronger than hers.

Chakra was energy extracted from the cells of the body. If the body is stronger, the process of refining chakra will be faster.

At first, Roja started really slow, but he steadily improved.

He reached the Genin’s level of Chakra than Chunin’s, then Jonins and finally he passed a threshold that countless people couldn’t cross in their lifetime and gained the chakra of an Elite Jonin.

Such an incredible speed in chakra practice would let the Senju who had strong bodies and incredible chakra reserve cry.

Even though he just started practicing Chakra, his control over it was excellent.

If he didn’t have good chakra control, he would only be at a level of Chunin with Jonin Chakra reserve just like Naruto.

The average Ninja needed to practice climbing trees and walking on water to better their chakra control.

But this wasn’t necessary for Roja.

Roja’s soul will is the most powerful in this world, even if someone can compare to him, it would be the sixth path and Kaguya.

A strong soul meant a strong mental power and a strong mental power meant great control.

He remembered the hand seals the Ninja that attacked him used and the chakra paths used when using the ninjutsu. So Roja raised his hand and started printing.

Kurenai watched as Roja’s chakra fluctuation grew from nothing to becoming stronger than hers in just half a day and she could only use one word to describe him.


At this moment, seeing Roja slowly printing, Kurenai felt strange in her heart. She believed the fact that Roja didn’t know how to use Chakra before.

“Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!”

A gust of wind suddenly blew out.


The wind moved toward the river making a huge splash of water.


Kurenai looked at this with a blank face.

The first time using ninjutsu, not only did he succeed, it even had such a great power… I must really be dreaming right now, I think I should wake up soon.

Roja didn’t care about Kurenai’s behavior as he looked at the ninjutsu he released with a smile.

Although the power wasn’t that good, it was quite fun.

Is this the game played by the ninjas?

“Fire Release: Phoenix Fire.”

Roja once again printed and this time he was obviously more skilled than the previous attempt. The fire release was a success as several flames fell into the river.

It’s just a C Class Ninjutsu, but when displayed by Roja, it reached B class. Kurenai was already numb from shock.

“It’s weak.”

Roja commented on the power of the Ninjutsu and grinned. He had Ryujin Jakka. This kind of fire was unsightly. If it was the Uchiha’s Amaterasu, he would be more interested.

Next, Roja continued to display the other ninjutsu he seen which were of the earth, lightning and water releases which all succeeded in one try. Roja’s earth and lightning was weaker than the other three attributes.

“Although I don’t have chakra papers to test my chakra nature, it seems like it has the fire, water, and wind… I thought I would have the five natures…”

Roja said full of sorrow, but it’s not surprising. He had these attribute in his zanpakuto already that’s why he had them when using chakra.

As for Wind… It’s not surprising because Ice release is the fusion of water and wind.

Roja wanted to get the truth-seeking jade with his own power, so he needed to practice Thunder, earth, yin, and Yang.

But Chakra nature change wasn’t easy, even Kurenai didn’t know the method to do so.

Roja wasn’t surprised by this as he started to think… Should he go to the Konoha camp or Kumo camp to get these jutsus…

“So… Do I choose Kumo or Konoha?”